Floral Couches – Dim Lights – Audio

The US dreamwave project Flora Couches released the LP Electric Fever on the 16th.

Floral Couches

Floral Couches

Although the nine track album (available on bandcamp) has a melancholic air the listener is not drawn in to a well of despondency rather slow-stepping with head gently laid on the shoulder of a partner in the luxurious textures of electronics, instrumentation and hazy vocal that float through the ears.

My selection from Electric Fever being the antepenultimate – Dim Lights.


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Tenderhooks – Yolena – Audio

The English alt-rock sextet Tenderhooks will be releasing the LP The North Star imminently.

Tenderhooks - UK


Within the past hour Yolena, from the forthcoming ten track album, has been revealed.

Those of longer stay and memory may be wondering if Tenderhooks have now relocated from Australia – no – this is one of those, surprisingly rare occasions given the number of bands featured since the last decade, they merely share the same band name.

Yolena is a brit-blues soaked track containing a good natured lyric that raises a smile surrounded by a foot-stomping bass that rattles the windows from which spiralling guitars pirouette through the room like a ballet dancer whilst a rolling percussion gives the song an unexpected disco-beat. While the song is a hive of activity, much like a swan paddling underwater, the audience is left with only a graceful progression that rests comfortably on the ears and even more so on the dance-floor.

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The Rare Occasions – Backwards – Single Review

The US indie-rock quartet The Rare Occasions released the single Backwards on the 18th.

The Rare Occasions

The Rare Occasions

Next time you are looking for something to add to a party playlist Backwards is a more than serious contender with its vaguely retrospective garage combing with sharply paced catchy hooks from which the listener can’t but help to move alongside.

The razor-sharp clefts in the track and pinpoint percussion are what gives Backwards its infectious tempo, the angular guitar providing the musical interest for those who are feeling less inclined to join in with the footsteps, with a slowing bridge neatly building the track in to a finale of frenzied dancing in a song that is all over within  less than three minutes.


Backwards – Single – The Rare Occasions is available on iTunes.*

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Jared Dymbort – My Echo Chamber – Audio

The US alt-rock project of Jared Dymbort released the EP Feel Things on the 18th.

Jared Dymbort - Feel Things - artwork

Jared Dymbort – Feel Things – artwork

With a different texture to material previous featured the five track EP (available on bandcamp) is less pacey which gives the music a more playful mood and although songs are all less than three minutes long, with the whole release lasting less than fourteen minutes they seem to have unlocked the key to making time time stand still as they have a spacious feel that allows much to be included in to a short space of time disporting a surprising breadth of instrumentation and layering without ever sounding overladen.

The second track is My Echo Chamber.

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Tracy Bryant – Forever Certain – Audio

The US alt-rock project Tracy Bryant releases the LP A Place For Nothing And Everything In Its Place on the 20th of October.

Tracy Bryant - photo credit Diproton

Tracy Bryant – photo credit Diproton

A different sound to music previously featured in an album (available via Burger Records) that was originally conceived as an acoustic release.

The third of the nine tracks – Forever Certain – reflects of this with a dreamy introspection that indicates of the quizzical relationship with the wider world which is the nature of the LP.

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