The Holifields – The Legend of Willy Waterman – Video

The US psychedelic rock trio The Holifields release their début LP Hugo Holifield and the Atomic Phaser on the 23rd of February.

The Holifields - Hugo Holifield and the Atomic Phaser - artwork

The Holifields – Hugo Holifield and the Atomic Phaser – artwork

Although steeped in early psychedelic rock The Holifields have taken away some of the deeper twists and turns of the ’70s and deliver music, which whilst resonating of the past, has a more health conscious age of the ’10s feel to it  – think psychedelic-light and you will be looking for the correct kaftan to wear before hitting play with the first song to surface from the album – The Legend of Willy Waterman.

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Quinn Henry Mulligan – Okay – Video

The US sad-folk creator, Quinn Henry Mulligan, releases the LP January on the 26th.

Quinn Henry Mulligan

Quinn Henry Mulligan

A ten track album, available directly from the Quinn Henry Mulligan website, which reflects of morose memories set to the backdrop of quiet electronica which gives the compositions depth, featured acoustic guitar and a dexterous voice that is able to navigate the approximately thirty eight minutes of the LP while capturing and delivering the narration of each of the songs.

A musician I look forward to hearing more from in short order and given plans underway that won’t be far away as Quinn Henry Mulligan is intending to release a new album each month through 2018.

The closer is Okay.


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Media Stres – Pi – Audio

It was back at the tail end of 2015 that the Croatian rock band Media Stres last featured.

Media Stres - Pi

Media Stres

Having spent time developing their live presence it is good to discover Media Stres have found time to record new material.

Previously a trio now a quartet with the addition of Arian Peharda adding a second guitar, Media Stres have been able to create a richer sound as is evidenced in their most recent track, Pi, which was released on the 14th.

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Gal Gun – La Niña Winter – Audio

Gal Gun is an summer-rock quartet from the USA.

Gal Gun

Gal Gun

Apologies for the late posting of this article, as the email from the band has been hanging around in my email inbox for over a week now unfortunately.

Earlier this month Gal Gun released the eleven track LP Special Music of Emotion (which is available on bandcamp).

There is a retro surf-rock warmth of sound which slips through the room which is combined with references from garage and indie resulting in a roughly forty two minutes album that sets up the day as being one full of opportunity and feel-good factor. In these times of trials and tribulations across the world, Gal Gun serve as an antidote to the hassles of daily life.

My pick of the release is the seventh track – La Niña Winter.

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Nanaki – Farewell – Video

The Manx downtempo project Nanaki is planning a couple of LPs for this year.

Nanaki - Epilogue - artwork

Nanaki – Epilogue – artwork

The first album to be released will be Epilogue and the first track to surface from the LP is Farewell.

Farewell has a sadness to it which is in sync with the track title as the wistful melodies float through the room wrapping the listener in a gentle embrace, which finds the audience reaching out with fingers stretched to hold the composition for longer as it leaves the room.

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