Electric Light Pulp – Nearly Awake On The Analogic Universe – Audio

The Brazilian experimental-lofi project Electric Light Pulp released the LP In Reverse on the 6th.

Electric Light Pulp - Nearly Awake On The Analogic Universe

Electric Light Pulp

Introduced earlier in the year in In Reverse, Electric Light Pulp, takes the compositions to an even more experimental level with an eclectic range of ambient tracks on the six track album (available on bandcamp).

My pick of the release is the penultimate – Nearly Awake On The Analogic Universe which lasts for only just under two and a half minutes, but seems to hold time in abeyance with sounds of dial-up modems and shifting tempos that uncurl through the room.

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Luan Bates – This Weight (Part 2) – Audio

The Brazilian progressive-acoustic creator Luan Bates released his début three track single Listen Up, Mates last month.

Luan Bates

Luan Bates

Diarising of the a world as it evolves around him Luan makes commentary of the realities of his own circumstances, making for tracks of gritty realism, for which I raise a hat and ask you spend time in his company.

The middle tack is This Weight (Part 2) –  and the release is available on Bandcamp.

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Bear Me Again – Here, I’m Fine – Video

The Brazilian alt-rock quartet Bear Me Again are set to release an EP later in the month.

Bear Me Again

Bear Me Again

From the forthcoming release – Here, I’m Fine is indicative of their style of music, which combines, progressive rock and folk which which they deliver through well constructed melodies.

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One Man Dancing – Blank Page – Audio

The Argentinian indie-light project of Agus SamurOne Man Dancing is set to release the LP Memories Of A New Home in January 2017.

One Man Dancing

One Man Dancing

The first track to surface from the ten on the album – Blank Page, whilst being of slight initial texture is well worth spending the just under four and a half-minutes run time – as underpinning the veneer lays a solid cask of oak with a poignant pianoforte that is able to gnarl the speakers with its blocky dampened pedal, giving the track an unanticipated resonance and finds me looking forward to discovering more about the other nine tracks.


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Hell Oh! – Blush – Single Review

It has been approaching eighteen months since the Brazilian alt-rock quartet Hell Oh! last featured.

Hell Oh! - Blush

Hell Oh! – Blush

Their latest single – released on the 14th – Blush discovers Hell Oh! with more psychedelic tint than much of their music previously featured.

Pace is slowed and lazily drifting shimmering guitar weaves through Blush giving the track an expansive air in which phrases hang in the air to be savoured before, gradually building replacement chords replace the sonics, with the listener always left with the sense that they are listening to billowing clouds of sound that run through the just over four minute track.

Blush – Single – Hell Oh! is available on iTunes.*

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