Finlandia/Singapur – Aprender A Nadar – Video

Finlandia/Singapur is an emo-maths-rock trio from Ecuador.

Finlandia Singapur


With many tracks extending well over five minutes Finlandia/Singapur deliver music which has both a feeling of the extemporary to it as well as an underlying sense of anxiety which is expressed through both the collisions of instrumentation as well as the screaming vocal and this just under ten minute and a half minutes live version of Aprender A Nadar is a good starting point from which to explore their output.

Finlandia/Singapur are establishing both a local audience as well as more internationally having just returned from a tour in Peru. I look forward to hearing more of the trio.

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Jointpop – Who Shot Paradise ??? – Audio

The alt-rock band Jointpop from Trinidad and Tobago first featured back in 2009.

Jointpop - Who Shot Paradise ???


The most recent track to surface being an acoustic rendition of the, typically, acerbic Who Shot Paradise ??? performed by Gary Hector in live solo performance, this month, in Scotland.

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La Muérgana – La Muerte – Video

La Muérgana is an urban-salsa nonet from Colombia.

La Muérgana

La Muérgana

Sometimes nine players isn’t enough and more join in the fray as La Muérgana deliver their music that reflects of an update to the traditions of Salsa whilst contemplating the complex negotiations and negations of day to day life.

A live version of the – as yet – unreleased La Muerte.

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Las Novias Del Universo – El Rock Del Campeón – Video

It has been just over a year since the Argentinian alt-rock band Las Novias Del Universo last featured.

Las Novias del Universo - eponymous LP - artwork

Las Novias del Universo – eponymous LP – artwork

From their eponymous LP (available on bandcamp) the fourth of the nine tracks El Rock Del Campeón, grumbles its way around the room with a reminder of their Velvet Underground influences.

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Moxine – Melt This Love – Video

It is always a pleasure to return to the Brazilian rock band Moxine centred around Monica Agena.

Moxine - Melt This Love


A staple on the site since 2010 – Moxine, despite various line-up changes, has always remained true to the heart of rock and the latest track to surface Melt This Love describes precisely why they have remained a feature on the various sites for over half a decade.

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