Young Lungs

Young Lungs from Bauru in Brazil is the alternative rock quartet of Ellen da Matta (Bass), David Calleja (Guitar), Guilherme (Vocals / Guitar) and José Antônio N. Martinez (Drums).

Young Lungs - alt-rock from Brazil

Young Lungs

Spirals of dark clouds tumble around the room as Young Lungs take an acerbic look at the world around them. The quartet deliver understated somewhat melancholic themes inside guitar laden melodies. Switching between acoustic and electronic pieces as the mood of the songs suits, their music makes for an interesting discovery.

Extensive use of bass and percussion beats gives the sounds an expressive brooding presence to which the vocal adds to the sombre atmosphere, whilst guitar develops the themes of the tracks.  Only recently getting into their stride the Young Lungs début EP Seeded Player appeared earlier this year. The echoed slightly off-key vocal may not suit everyone’s ears, but rather than striking a discordant note, it suits the themes of the material well.

In keeping with the nature of the songs, the low tech recordings add distinct value to the resulting out-put and I look forward to hearing how the band progress over the coming year.


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Spread a stoner rock band from Osasco in Brazil is Cassiano Pereira (Vocals / Guitar), Pedro Karoço (Bass / Backing Vocals) and Francisco Gomes (Drums).

Spread - Stoner rock from Brazil


Another brief article by a band with few songs available to hear. Spread challenge the speakers with their blend of power rock and fuzzed guitar, whilst a resounding percussion keeps the walls bouncing and a searing bass keeps it all connected. The vocal is subsumed within the music giving the audience plenty to get their ears around in well formulated tracks.

I can envisage Spread in live performance, where the highly energetic sounds would capture the audience, developing into a moving mass of humanity and it would be that connection between audience and musicians that has the potential to make this a fire-cracker of a band. That isn’t to say that recordings are of lesser quality, but this is music best to enjoy in the company of others.

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Hollowood from São Paulo in Brazil is the alt-indie quintet of Dan Carelli (Vocals / Guitar),  Lucas Takejame (Vocals / Guitar), Renato Cruzatto (Bass / Vocals), Vitor Almeida Lopes (Keys / Synth) and Vitor Kajiro (Drums).

Hollowood - alt indie from Brazil


There is a natural uninhibited expressiveness that Hollowood deliver in their sounds. Music that is drawn from the heart and soul of the creators, is played with the carefree abandon that is only possible by a band who truly believe in what they are creating. So it is with some pleasure to introduce the quintet who through their own enthusiasm for their songs, is highly infectious.

That isn’t to say the material doesn’t have thoughtful composition, as it most certainly does, but rather than concentrate on the perfect pitch – Hollowood retain in playing – the enthusiastic nature that came about in the creative process and this makes the audience want to invest in them, for its very honesty.

A range of influences appear in the melting pot of sounds and Hollowood are able to express these thoughts in their out-put, which by the very nature of the composition process means continual change and evolution, including the very recent addition of synths to the line-up. A new LP is currently in the embryonic stage, which may see the light of day later this year.

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Sound Bullet

Sound Bullet an alt-rock band from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil comprises Guilherme  (Vocal / Guitar), Ton (Guitar / Vocals), Fred (Bass / Vocal) and Pedro (Drums).

Sound Bullet - Alt-rock from Brazil

Sound Bullet

If you suffer from tinnitus you will appreciate why Sound Bullet makes so much sense. The high pitched notes are like stabbing a toothpick into the eardrums to scratch away the constant irritation, only this time it is with music, no less painful to the timpani, but far more excoriating and satisfying. Is that the way to judge music I wonder…

Never mind my broken ears –  Sound Bullet expose nerve jangling mewls that test the upper registers of the speakers as they deliver music which harks of isolation and for the very fact of the chords selected gives it a powerful ice hewn statuesque prominence. The audience is reminded of the world supposedly connected, yet distanced by copper wires and fibre, reaching out, but never quite meeting hands in a landscape of stacked silos.

The sparkling shards of ice are tinctured with rainbows of colouration as Sound Bullet combine as a unit do deliver sounds which refract endlessly. I look forward to hearing more.


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Remove Silence

Remove Silence from São Paulo in Brazil is the progressive rock quartet of Hugo Mariutti (Guitar / Vocals), Ale Souza (Bass / Vocals), Edu Cominato (Drums / Vocals) and Fabio Ribeiro (Keyboards).

Remove Silence - progressive rock from Brazil

Remove Silence – Photograph by Duca Mendes.

Stepping somewhere into the territory of ELO, Remove Silence is able to offer majesty along with scuffed robes. As regular readers know, I have scant regard for the egocentric irrelevance of the dinosaur skeletal fossils of ’70s rock who forgot their beginnings in the tapestry of their golden fleeces. Fortunately these guys skip back to the beginnings and whilst bloated, the bloat is not unpalatable, rather the added value.

The music wafts around the room like a gentle breeze and as it circles it gains intensity, becoming a raging tornado of orchestral dimensions as Remove Silence combine heavy metal and stadium keyboards into a an impressive delivery of compositions which echo of the past, whilst firmly rooted in the here and now.

This will never sit on my natural musical trajectory, however there is plenty of bite and inventiveness to hold attention. Of particular enjoyment is when they let go from the sta-pressed suits and let the edges run and in those moments the quartet offer songs which proffer as much to the audience as they expect of them and the listener feels a sense of equilibrium.

I hope they don’t finally tilt into the abyss of the deluded as where they now sit is not just a cloying introspection, having an out stretched hand to the rapidly expanding fan-base. I fear however an A&R from a major label will spot their pension and in a year or so – it will be sad if you missed to opportunity to catch them now, rather than then…


Stupid Human Atrocity – Remove Silence is available on iTunes*.

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