The Judith Lights – Blue Movie – Audio

The Judith Lights is a US synth-rock quartet.

The Judith Lights - Photo by Drew Weidenmann

The Judith Lights – Photo by Drew Weidenmann

The luxuriant retrospective soundtrack takes the listener back to the early ’80s as the neon-lit electronica and percussion dances through the room carried on the wings of elongated guitar and moody vocal creating a space in which the audience is invited to sway in introspective thought.

Their most recent reveal being the ten track LP Avenue (available on bandcamp) which came out earlier in the month.

The Judith Lights is a quartet I look forward to hearing more from in short order and by way of an introduction the closing song on the album – Blue Movie. Though this may not be more than a dream as Anwar Montasir has now left New York and is in Oregon.


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Ava Rae Heatley – Grin And Bear It – Single Review

Ava Rae Heatley is a keys-rock creator from the USA.

Ava Rae Heatley

Ava Rae Heatley

Deft work on the key-board and an evocative vocal enables Ava Rae Heatley to deliver music of emotional fluidity, with each song revealing a new flowering – the latest being Grin And Bear It.

Frequently adding additional players to provide the framework for the compositions Grin And Bear It conjoins the supporting feature of percussion and lightly feathered guitar to the country-folk fused track which angles across the room akin to bouncing laser lights as the lyric pivots through a quizzical contemplation of life, whilst pianoforte slips in and out of a harmonic layering to the spikey vocal.


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Caleb Clardy – Magic – Audio

The US acoustic-rock creator Caleb Clardy released the LP Invincible Things yesterday.

Caleb Clardy

Caleb Clardy

An intriguing, roughly forty two minutes, dozen track album which brings much in to the mix. Each of the twelve songs captures a different refraction of the facets on the diamond that is rock’n’roll and stretches from deep southern blues, via americana and on to rockabilly taking many detours along the way, yet the listener at no point feels either confused or short changed, as each song offers a completely engrossing moment of reflection which leads to an enthusiastic anticipation of the song to follow.

The seventh song is the colorado-folk fused Magic.


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Mosquito Cabaret – River King – Single Review

The US romanî-folk quintet Mosquito Cabaret released the single River King on the 11th.

Mosquito Cabaret - River King

Mosquito Cabaret

Swirling in to earshot River King (available on bandcamp) immediately grabs the listener by the wrist and launches them in to a ring of pulsing beat in a track that is best heard in company with others with interlocking arms, clapping hands and stomping legs revolving around the room.

Whilst rock’n’roll has a timeless resonance, romanî can often surpass the earthy abandonment with its default mode of inclusiveness and once again Mosquito Cabaret deliver a track of immense delight in which to loose any sense of self-consciousness and just dance because there is no other option.

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Ginger Root – Two Step – Single Review

The US hushed-rock project Ginger Root released the single Two Step on the 8th.

Ginger Root

Ginger Root

Akin to the flavours in the name of the musical entity Two Step (available on bandcamp) calmly and elegantly slips through the speakers prior to filling the room with a warm texturing which builds in intensity prior to quietly slipping back in to its dinner-jacket and departing with as little fuss as it arrived.

Ginger Root creates music which is easily ingested and potentially ignored as listless, though so to do would be remiss as – underpinning the compositions are subtle and immensely satisfying layers. To sort of maintain the food analogy: There is the immediately presentationally attractive ‘fast-food’ radio play music which on second bite in reality tastes as bland as the first bite – then there is 족발 (Jokbal) with its infusion of ginger root.


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