Monograms – Sleep Cycle – Single Review

The US sludge-rock band Monograms revealed their latest track Sleep Cycle on the 1st.

Monograms - Sleep Cycle


It was last year that Monograms were introduced and their latest reveal finds them in even more oppressive mood, to the extent that I am writing these words whilst sheltering under the desk (so apologies for any typographical errors as peering to look at the screen is fraught by bullets firing from a hidden machine gun that seems to have taken up a position inside the subwoofer).

Other than to advise turning everything up to maximum volume to enjoy both the high-pitch of the tweeter breaching gazey guitars and the sub-woofers with the Bren combination of bass and percussion that rattle through the room, with the mesmeric vocal unfurling through everything – before hitting play have a plan as to where you can find safe cover in a hurry.

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Sultry Sounds Of The Underground – Shred Of Dignity – Audio

The alt-rock quartet Sultry Sounds Of The Underground from the USA were introduced last year.

Sultry Sounds Of The Underground - Shred Of Dignity

Sultry Sounds Of The Underground

A change in vocalist is leading to a slight delay in the final plans for their planned LP. One song did surface recently, Shred Of Dignity, which finds them in very different shape with a more angular mathematical shape to their output.

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Stop Resisting! – Woke – Audio

The US alt-hop duo Stop Resisting! released the LP Symbiotic on the 30th of November.

Stop Resisting!

Stop Resisting!

The name of the duo gives a clue as to the nature of their material which directly confronts state sanctioned injustices and social divisions which are endemic in much of the world.

Rather than taking a grenade to the party, Stop Resisting! create music which quietly reaches out an arm to all, in a call to resistance against the system rather than the irrelevance of what the 1% direct are those at fault, in a cohesion of electronica, guitar and harmonised vocal.

The antepenultimate of the seven tracks is Woke.

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Symbiotic – Stop Resisting! is available on iTunes.*

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Inviolate – Sisyphus – Video

Inviolate, a US metal outfit, reveal a live performance video of the song Sisyphus.



For a while now I have been meaning to get an article written about Inviolate, for some reason, have never quite been able to get round to it, so as a very brief introduction – an audience eye view of the band on stage.


The Insomniac’s Dream – Inviolate is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Thames – Ecology – Audio

The US alt-rock quartet Thames released the EP The Fear on the 27th of November.



A four track EP (available on bandcamp) in which Thames showcase their ability to deliver music of varied influence, with the commonality of a quietly understated confidence in which they have a justified self-belief.

The listener is invited to pull up a duvet and settle on soft pillows in which to lay and allow the richly seamed textures of the roughly twenty minutes release thread through the mind in ambient, intricate, layers of guitars, keys, bass, percussion and harmonies of vocal.

The closing song is Ecology.

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