Albert Bagman

Albert Bagman from Baltimore, Maryland in the USA is a solo melancholic rock project.

Albert Bagman - melancholic rock from the USA

Albert Bagman

Slowly drifting out of the speakers comes a puff of smoke that gradually permeates through the room as Albert Bagman surreptitiously brings together eight bar blues with grunge rock to pervade the soul.

As with all solo creators I can only marvel at the patience as each instrument is laid down one over the other allowing the audience an insight into the minds eye. The extrapolation of which leaves the head reeling from the declensions that arrive. What most drew me to the music of Albert Bagman is the way in which an idea that initially seeps out of the speakers is brought to life as the tracks develop, becoming ever more complex billows of oil-fuelled cloud.

About a year into the concept of Albert Bagman after time as part of a band it will be interesting to hear how the music develops, as early full instrumentation when being met with a request for live performance resulted in electronics appearing in the thought process.

I leave you with a machine backed number followed-by a full instrumental track. Some quandary Albert Bagman faces as both are of considerable interest.

As of yet, there is no website, or social media page – I can a link to bandcamp. I am led to believe a new label may surface called Hebegebee Records – keep your eyes out for more information on this as it evolves.

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David Bierman Overdrive

David Bierman Overdrive from Detroit, Michigan, in the USA is the alt-indie quartet of David Bierman (Vocals / Guitar), Jim Faulkner (Drums), David Feeny (Pedal Steel /Organ), Stephen Palmer (Guitar) and Kevin Perri (Bass).

David Bierman Overdrive - alt-indie from the USA

David Bierman Overdrive

Reminding of the effervescent and confident challenges of The Tom Robinson BandDavid Bierman Overdrive brings together a schema of experienced musicians and rather than sounding like a jaded last hand offer sparkling bright champagne bubbles to skitter around the room with your partner.

Setting consternation to a rock-a-billy footstep, I can just tell that only two bands into full review mode for the year after the New Year Ninety of yesterday that 2015 is set to be a blinder.

David Bierman Overdrive have a well deserved confidence that doesn’t veer into arrogance as they bring grass-blues and UK new-wave together in an engagement with the second decade of the 21st Century.

A  blend of flat chords gives David Bierman Overdrive the footing to make a point of difference as the slackly tied skins of the drums echo across the room as conversely a gnarly bass bends over itself such is the tautness as the keys play in muted sympathy giving a third dimension to the sounds, whilst the vocal establishes the theme with a vituperation that gives the material the connection with the audience.


Standard Skies – David Bierman Overdrive is available on iTunes.*

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Blue Snaggletooth

Blue Snaggletooth from Ann Arbor, Michigan, in the USA is the heavy metal quartet of Chris Taylor (Guitar / Vocals), Casey O’Ryan (Guitar), Joe Kupiec (Bass) and Mike Popovich (Drums).

Blue Snaggletooth - Heavy Metal from the USA

Blue Snaggletooth

After the New Year Ninety Chart yesterday Blue Snaggletooth mark the first return to normal programming for 2015 and guess what – forget your hang-over – turn up the volume and bang your head in time as the quartet bring the first drops of perspiration to the walls for the new year.

When I listen to rock this dirty I am minded of a chap I went to school with back in the ’70s – who at every opportunity would don his torn jeans jacket emblazoned with pin buttons. As I was and remain a punk rocker who never managed at the time to get beyond three chords (to be fair I still struggle sometimes) but in Blue Snaggletooth I can understand precisely why he sank his soul into Heavy Metal. Four decades on I find myself in-tune with ‘Piggy’ Randall.

The gritty determinism and eviscerations tear into the body with a purposeful intent and the audience can’t help but be caught up in the combinations. Percussion rings around the room like a compère introducing the elements of Blue Snaggletooth, whilst performing its own magic. The guitars dramatise the music whilst a growling bass brings it all back to earth and the vocal demands the instrumentation raises its game and the resulting out-put leaves the audience with ringing ears, aching neck and a smiling face.

The only consternation that exists is the slow drip feed of material. It was in 2009 that the band formed – two years until the first LP – Dimension Thule – a further three years to the next Beyond Thule – one can only help that this formula is broken else it will be 2018 until we hear anything new.


Beyond Thule – Blue Snaggletooth is available on iTunes.*

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Mister Tang

Mister Tang from Portland, Oregon in the USA is the garage rock trio of Stone Laurila (Drums / Vocals), Jeff Schultz (Guitar / Vocals) and Cody Railey (Bass).

Mister Tang - garage rock from the USA

Mister Tang

Cast aside formalities, Mister Tang create music that is straight from the hip. Not seeking to provide technicalities, the trio is able to provide the listener with an earthy realism that gives the sounds an immediate connection. During the couple of years of their existence they have naturally gained a confidence and more defined sound in which they excel, though haven’t lost the initial zest as distorted fuzz recoils around the room.

Mister Tang have honed their craft through live performance growing an expanding loyal fan-base and their music which transcends national boundaries deserves of even broader recognition. The tightness of the tracks gives the music a thumping concentration that buffers its way into the brain.

An early EP has been followed by two singles, the last back in April (all of which are available on bandcamp). I look forward to hearing more of Mister Tang and hope they are considering putting out a full-length for those of us not in the vicinity.

social media page

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The Torn Images

Emerging from Fountain Valley, California in the USA, is the alt-rock of The Torn Images, centred around Briand Arabaca.

The Torn Images - alt-rock from the USA

The Torn Images

Grungy garage meets blues rock allowing The Torn Images to provide music which has finesse whilst retaining a base firmly rooted in reality. The instrumentation forms a shorn backdrop to which the vocal adds the points of reference and I am reminded of the aural relation to a Lautrec.

The resulting out-put holds the attention of the audience as the activity of keys, guitars and percussion builds graceful, though subsumed, architecture which allows the mind to find much to explore as the vocal sits forwards in fine detail. The Torn Images have the ability to switch sentiment and mood, allowing the sounds to vary expression that carries the listener on the journey.

The Torn Images have much to offer the world of music and the ability to transfer complex compositional ideas to intoxicating delivery and it will be interesting to find out how things pan-out. I certainly wish them well and recommend spending time in their company.

website (be aware music starts immediately)

Reviver – The Torn Images is available on iTunes.*

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