Small Life Form – It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm – Single Review

The US experimental-drone project Small Life Form released the single It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm on the 11th.

Small Life Form - It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm - artwork

Small Life Form – It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm – artwork

If you have been a regular reader over the years you will have noticed various entries through Silber Records and Small Life Form is another of those entries. As with RemoraSmall Life Form is one of Brian Mitchell the owner of Silber Medias’ personal musical projects.

Running for over twelve and a half minutes It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm is a track to turn out the lights, close the eyes and languish within. One is minded of watching a rusty spot rotting away the steel surrounding as the buzzing of a thousand wasps drills into the ears. The fusion of exposed wires invites the listener to create their own capricious sound effects through volume, bass and treble. If you have access to delay and echo through your sound system, play with those functions too.

It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm is perhaps the antithesis of the rising popularity of using mobile phones and MP3s to listen to music through reedy delivery, no matter which accompanying speakers are attached and I recommend purchasing the FLAC version from the bandcamp download where the clarity of delivery allows you optimal experience.


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Irata – March By Tens – Video

Irata is an alt-rock band from the USA.

Irata - Sweet Loris - artwork

Irata – Sweet Loris – artwork

From the LP Sweet Loris (available on bandcamp) – March By Tens, the fifth of the seven tracks is drenched in psychedelia as Irata deliver yet another song that seems to be far shorter than it is in reality as the approaching four and three quarter minutes zips past in a maze of blurry haze.

Irata are a band who cover much ground in their output, from frenetic metal to even tempered progressive rock, but there is always an underlaying punchiness to their, normally, fairly lengthy tracks which allows them to indulge time without ever becoming self-indulgent ensuring the listener remains engrossed in the material and March By Tens is of no exception.


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no:carrier – Casting The First Stone – Video

It was in 2013 that the German / US electro-noire duo no:carrier were introduced and last featured over a year ago.

no:carrier - Between The Chairs - artwork

no:carrier – Between The Chairs – artwork

A live performance of the opening track of the fourteen from the LP Between The Chairs demonstrates their ability to bring fresh life to their established tracks.

Between the Chairs – No:Carrier is available on iTunes.*

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Sunny Gang

Nate Hitchcock (Vocals), Chris Bacchus (Guitar / Vocals), Joe Sap (Bass / Vocals) and Marshal (Drums) form the new-wave outfit Sunny Gang from Newark in the USA.

Sunny Gang - new-wave from the USA

Sunny Gang

Before you reach for the play button – stand up and shift the furniture out of the way –  Sunny Gang hurtle into the room with an infectious abandon that will find you with flailing limbs. It was a year ago that Joe dropped me an email, which sadly has lain dormant until now, my apologies Joe and to you for not getting to this sooner.

On the positive side since the introduction Sunny Gang, in their two subsequent songs, have been able to been able to find a sound that has even more global reference. Not loosing the hip-hop roots the music has nonetheless become more inclusive with emphasis placed more on the texture of the song than the music sitting as backdrop to vocal and resultingly become more ferocious.

Percussion and bass form the raging spine of the work around which vocal and guitar can explore the minutiae allowing Sunny Gang to deliver a blistering attack whilst still maintaining their structure and allow the listener to concentrate only on not loosing their own footing, knowing that the tracks will not disappoint.

How could I not suggest taking time to get to know a band with such an ironic name?


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Epsilona – Trance – Audio

The US alt-indie quartet released the LP – Thinkers at the end of last month.

Epsilona - photo credit @goodthompson

Epsilona – photo credit @goodthompson

With an eclectic mix of styles, from indie rock, through funky soul, to psychedelia there is a recognisable thread to the output of Epsilona who feature spiralling guitars and smooth-groove finishing touches.

The penultimate of the six tracks on Thinker is Trance which is a melodic approach to psychedelia that theoretically should be at odds with itself, but Epsilona are able to pull off the feat to deliver a number that melts easily into the ears. High pitching guitars are swirled around the room in echoing tableaux vivants with calmly generated changes of pace whilst percussion and bass keep to the background and the scarcely opined vocal too remains subdued.

website (be aware music starts immediately)

Thinkers – EP – Epsilona is available on iTunes.*

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