Evanoff – Crowd Control – Audio

The US electro-blues trio Evanoff will be releasing the EP Dark Before Dawn next month.

Evanoff - Crowd Control


The spacey, second of the four tracks on the release, Crowd Control works on a spacious canvass as the trio take the listener on a funky rhythm in a song that was inspired by travelling with Syrian Refugees newly arrived in to Europe and is reflective of the concept of the whole EP which aims to communicate on this transitional journey of simultaneously being haunted by recent experience whilst growing in optimism for the future.

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OVEF OW – Working – EP Review

On the 16th the US grunge quartet OVEF OW will be releasing the EP Working.



Opening the four track EP is Working Girl which grinds through the room minding the listener of stilettos needing a re-heel for too much walking as a flexing analogue winds through the ears to the accompaniment of the feisty thighs of bass and smeared red lips of vocal as the lithe percussion of calves wraps around the audience all in a snarling sneer, which in essence is the whole purpose of  Ovef Ow, who are able to take a scant view to the world around whilst simultaneously smooching – well worth the cost of the release on its own (which is available on bandcamp).

Next is Psycho Crush – a far darker number that bustles through the speakers in a duality of speed giving the song a discombobulation further enhanced by a bending vocal that minds of the distortions of a parabolic mirror.

The third song is The Whistler, which is a humming wurlitzer wrestling with guitar instrumentation with the percussion acting as referee and a song that requires immediately replay.

My pick of the release is the closer Working Boy – which bleeds in to the room on the back of an extended raw chalk-board screal that grates the teeth prior to developing in to a parenthesis of oiled flexing inner thigh fed through the guitar from which the scratching vocal gnaws the neck and the listener descends in to a vestige of their own existence and the audience becomes lost in their own deepest desires as synthetics and bass whirl temptingly around the mind in ever faster and more urgent thrusts of the hips prior to reaching a climactic rictus of growling self-loathing.

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La Ciudad Bajo La Niebla – Para Volver Atrás – Video

It has been almost a year since the Argentinian haze-rock outfit La Ciudad Bajo La Niebla last featured.

La Ciudad Bajo La Niebla - Para Volver Atrás

La Ciudad Bajo La Niebla

Earlier this month they performed the LP  En el Tiempo de los Ciegos in full in live performance which was also recorded on video – From the nine track album the middle song Para Volver Atrás.

En el Tiempo de los Ciegos – La Ciudad Bajo La Niebla is available on iTunes.*

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Ruby Jubilee – We 3 Dolphins – Audio

The US collaborative existentialist-experimentalism project Ruby Jubilee release their eponymous ten track LP next month.

Ruby Jubilee

Ruby Jubilee

Slightly delayed from a release date originally scheduled for July the album, given the three tracks I have heard, will take the listener on a journey of free-flowing interaction in which the sounds and mind are unconstrained by rigidity.

With a plethora of music creating instruments, plus vocal – too many to list individually though including: Strummed strings; Bowed strings; keys; electronics; reed-woodwind; brass; Along with percussion – the latest reveal – and last before the full release – We 3 Dolphins provides some sense of what to expect as the distinctive elements thread their own furrow, yet all make for a collective cohesion due entirely to their disparities.

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Remnose – Diving Loon – Audio

Remnose is a dreamy-folk outfit from the USA.



Last week they released the five track EP What We See in Our Sleep (available on bandcamp).

The opening track, that entices the listener to hang up their boots and lay-back to allow the music to float through the room, is Diving Loon in which warping strings intersperse with an emotion laced vocal whilst a low-key keyboard flows in and out of the frame as brushed bass and percussion give the sense of motion.

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