Martin Del Carpio – The Motel Room Song – Audio

Martin Del Carpio from the USA released the dark-folk single The Motel Room Song last week.

Martin Del Carpio - The Motel Room Song

Martin Del Carpio

Martin Del Carpio has featured on the site numerous times over the past few years always with a melancholic-electronica backdrop and The Motel Room Song marks a step change in instrumentation with acoustic guitar featuring prominently, where there is distinct similarity is the down-temp introspective nature of the track, which is available on bandcamp.

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Distractor – Falling Down The Stairs – Audio

Distractor is a new-wave outfit from the USA.



Three songs surfaced recently in which Distractor combine grungy instrumentation with expanding synthetics giving the material a retro-modernist feel in which the listener can allow their limbs to flex and relax without skipping a beat.

Falling Down The Stairs is of most furious construct and self-evidently my pick of the three. Highlighted by a vocal display that heads back to Magazine and how could I not be smitten?

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Cosmics – Bad Habits – Audio

The US alt-rock quartet Cosmics released their début LP Turn On earlier in the month.



A core of Rock ‘n’ Roll is dipped into psychedelia allowing Cosmics to deliver music that is best heard with on a smokey dance-floor allowing the listener to slowly gyrate whilst intoxicating themselves on the sweet scent which blows-back through the room.

Guitars sways betwixt glittery ’60s Paco Rabanne inspired plastic disc reflections of light and Mary Quant soft weave floating fabric whilst bass and percussion form the hemlines around which everything rests allowing the mesmeric vocal to drift through the ears in dreamy waves.

My selection from the ten track album (available on bandcamp) is the second Bad Habits.


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Soul DriVer – Little Teapot – Audio

Soul DriVer is a new US apocalypse-rock project.

Soul DriVer

Soul DriVer

Recently formed and still finalising line-up – the project by Joe Wooten is nonetheless already revealing new tracks, the most recent of which is Little Teapot.

Immediately on hitting play one senses the four horse riders galloping in to the room with scythes slashing.

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david and the apocalypse – Obscene – Audio

david and the apocalypse is a US electro-glitch project.

david and the apocalypse

david and the apocalypse

After the release of the LP The Experiment (available on bandcamp) last month a new track surfaced last week.

Obscene imagines similar journey of sound in a just over two minute collision of electronics, instrumentation and vocal which sparks through the room like a loosely connected electricity cable.

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