Twin Peaks – In The Meadow – Audio

The US indie-rock band Twin Peaks released their latest single of the series Sweet ’17 Singles on the 6th.

Twin Peaks - photo by Carolina Faruolo

Twin Peaks – photo by Carolina Faruolo

With an ever greater touring schedule Twin Peaks realised they would be short on time to get in to the studio and record, so earlier in the year decided they would put out a two track single each month as a means to showcase new songs the last of which is In The Meadow / We Will Not Make It (Not Without You).

In The Meadow finds the band in a more trippy mood than much of their other material with a luscious palette of backwashed reverb and echo drifting through the room.

In the Meadow / We Will Not Make It (Not Without You) – Single – Twin Peaks is available on iTunes.*

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The Corrupting Sea – Keeping Time In Hibernation – Audio

The US futurist project The Corrupting Sea released the EP Looking To The Stars on the 6th.

The Corrupting Sea

The Corrupting Sea

As part of the five in five series though Silber Media, demanding of musicians to encompass five different ideas within a five minute time frame you would be correct to assume the challenge is an ongoing endeavour.

The Corrupting Sea picked up the gauntlet and in Looking To The Stars (available on bandcamp) has been able to encapsulate from a rocket launch to encircling a distant galaxy with in the parameters.

The middle track is fifty nine seconds of  Keeping Time In Hibernation.

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Hastings 3000 – Invasive Species: The Second Wave – Video

It was back in 2013 that the US alt-rock project Hastings 3000 last featured.

Hastings 3000 - Invasive Species - artwork

Hastings 3000 – Invasive Species – artwork

Earlier this month the eleven track LP Invasive Species (available on bandcamp) was released.

The bulk of the album is the signature sound of a trippy blend of fuzzy guitar, punctilious percussion and scathing lyric being constant hallmark over the years.

The penultimate song Invasive Species: The Second Wave having written of the typically fuzz of the guitar, is an acoustic led composition.

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The Pistol Mystics – Deep Water – Audio

The US new-wave quartet The Pistol Mystics release the EP Ammunition on the 1st of January 2018.

The Pistol Mystics

The Pistol Mystics

A four track release (available on bandcamp) that launches in to the room akin to a trapped bear freeing itself with combinations of 60s’ rock infused bluesy guitars roaring through the speakers, while snarling percussion charges through the ears with a snarling bass delivering the power to the compositions, with a deftly controlled vocal delivering the invective.

The Pistol Mystics have, in their début EP, been able to deliver songs of compressed rage, which are kept on a tight leash and the listener minds themselves of early Eddie And The Hotrods and I look forward to hearing more by the quartet.


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Jahnathan Nerette – Equal Opportunity – Audio

Jahnathan Nerette is a US alt-hop creator.

Jahnathan Nerette

Jahnathan Nerette

The eponymous LP was released recently which showcases a spread of moods some music of protestation, others of party mood,  with compositions ranging from rock derivations, to deep-soul, yet all with a hint of Caribbean flourish and urban rap contained within.

The middle of the bakers dozen tracks is Equal Opportunity.


Jahnathan Nerette – Jahnathan Nerette is available on iTunes.*

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