Sara Hallie Richardson – If You Asked Me – Video

Sara Hallie Richardson is a US alt-folk creator.

Sara Hallie Richardson - Phoenix - artwork

Sara Hallie Richardson – Phoenix – artwork

From the LP Pheonix an unplugged version of the third of the track eight tracks – If You Asked Me – demonstrates her vocal amplitude.

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Fine Wives

Based in Johnstown in the USA Christopher S. BellRod FisherGerald Mattis and Matt Miller form the angst-rock band Fine Wives.

Fine Wives - angst-rock from the USA

Fine Wives

Those who remain alert will be pondering the idea of Christopher S. Bell as a name known and you are quite correct from the previous article about C. Scott And The Beltones – the one and same. However no need to get out the log-tables with Fine Wives who lay their hearts on their sleeves and make it slightly easier for the listener to understand.

A lo-fi jig-saw puzzle spreads across the room in hazy discolouration, though, rather than leaving the listener to connect the pieces the players tease the edges towards each other, whilst leaving the listener to fill in the spaces.

The members do not seek to add volume, rather generate textures which fan inside one another, like bird flight feathers, allowing Fine Wives to provide music which signals dissent, without trying to lead the revolution, as they ponder of dysfunction and request the audience to reconsider their own blind-side and leaving it to them to respond, whilst like a Matron, scowling at the unrepentant.

From the LP Thin Lives (available on bandcamp) the opening of the six tracks Western Standards.

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C. Scott And The Beltones – Airwave Bum – Audio

On the 8th the US inverse-lo-fi project C. Scott And The Beltones will release the EP When Applicable.

C. Scott And The Beltones - Airwave Bum

C. Scott And The Beltones

From the five track EP, which is an agglomeration of material of conjunction from previous releases, Airwave Bum is the closer.

As with the rest of the release the music features discordant out of sync projections which has the listener double checking they are not accidentally playing three tracks at the same time. C. Scott And The Beltones has never suggested the music is easy to grapple with and When Applicable (available on bandcamp) arises – there proffers another challenge.

You will either get in to the moment or wonder why I am asking you to spend time with it and end up banging your head on the nearest lump of concrete. The fact that you remain a reader suggests to me that you too may find some pleasure in the diametric timing of the distinct ideas on Airwave Bum.

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Victory Dance – Octuplet – Audio

The US blouse-rock quintet Victory Dance released their début LP The Spectrum on the 1st.

Victory Dance

Victory Dance

Known for my pugilistic intransigence I am often asked how best to approach music journalists to gain best traction and as I always say, no point in asking me as I only write about what I like, so all I need is a link to music, the rest of the words, other than recognising if I have been greeted and waved good-bye flight over my head.

That opening paragraph is particularly pertinent as I am fully aware within minutes of writing this article, I will take another listen and scream as Victory Dance is predominately of gimmick and little substance, however the music met me at precisely the right moment and despite myself I ask you also take a marshmallow moment to get to know Octuplet – the third of the six tracks on the album.


The Spectrum – EP – Victory Dance is available on iTunes.*

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Mitski – Your Best American Girl – Audio

The US alt-rock creator Mitski Miyawaki forms the project Mitski.

Mitski - photo by Samantha Marble

Mitski – photo by Samantha Marble

The eleven track LP Puberty 2 is set for release on the 17th of June, the fifth of which – Your Best American Girl has been made available in advance.

Akin to chewing liquorice root there is a warming pleasure which fills the soul accompanied by an earthy flavour as Mitski expounds of idealism and the realities of relationships.

The track builds from a gentle hand-hold to a passionate embrace as the synths seek to retain tenderness, whilst a pummelling bass and percussion speaks of gratification and after just over three and a half minutes the track flops frustratedly into unsatisfied release as Your Best American Girl superbly articulates the vacuity of unrequited romanticism with what is ultimately a scathing commentary of the still prevalent misogyny of far too many, tacitly accepted by the swathe of mainstream media, where femininity is decried and pre-pubescent titillation is lauded.


Puberty 2 – Mitski is available on iTunes.*

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