Radkey – Hunger Pain – Audio

Radkey is an alt-rock trio from the USA.



From the LP Dark Black Makeup – the seventh of the thirteen tracks – Hunger Pain is a decent place to introduce their work as the rich baritone vocal soars around the room accompanied by a bright bass that punches out of the speakers. The guitar plays on the off-beat giving the track an infectious lilt whilst the percussion delivers clan cut expressions.


Dark Black Makeup – Radkey is available on iTunes.*

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The Easies – Daydream All Night – Audio

The US alt-indie project The Easies was introduced a couple of months ago.

The Easies - Daydream All Night

The Easies

It must be something to do with the weather, or some such excuse, that once again I am late with a track that was sent to me a while back – Daydream All Night.

The appropriately named Day Dream All Night peers from under the bed-covers before rubbing its eyes and drifting off back for another four minutes and eleven seconds of snoozing. Melting into the brain the audience finds themselves drifting into warming stupor as the unhurried softness of synthetics and reverbing guitar play around the head to the accompaniment of a soothing vocal.

On surfacing from the reverie the mind feels as though it has undergone a deep relaxation and Daydream All Night is a track to add to the ‘Life is pressing down’ playlist, where it will massage away many of those knots of day to day existence.

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herMajesty – Mariana (I’ll Find You) – Audio

The US alt-indie quintet herMajesty release the EP My Body Your Mind on the 6th of January.



herMajesty offer a quietly ridden sophistication that ebbs slowly into the room with the first of the five tracks Mariana (I’ll Find You). A hauntingly enticing just over four and a quarter minutes of luxuriant melody and subtle texture that the listener just wants to linger longer.

There is much going on in Mariana (I’ll Find You) yet it plays calmly on the ears as herMajesty coax a gently evolving soufflé of instrumentation and vocal to surround the audience in a soft cloak.

herMajesty is a band I do intend to come back to with a fuller article next year as they are a quintet with much to add to the world of music.


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C. Scott And The Beltones – Comments On The War – Audio

C. Scott And The Beltones is the lo-fi-meanderings of Christopher S. Bell from the USA.

C. Scott And The Beltones

C. Scott And The Beltones

Languishing in my in-box for the past month has been news of the release of the release of the fifteen track LP  – Floored And Bored (available on bandcamp). My apologies to one and all for the delay in getting to the message.

The middle of the album seems a decent place to introduce the music of C. Scott And The Beltones with the self-imploding Comments On The War which trundles around the room like a toy train being pulled on a very long piece of string, colliding into the furniture and continually toppling over, but still making progress.

Not something to put on whilst trying to woo a potential partner at a sophisticated dinner-date, but most certainly to play while eating a fried breakfast to settle the effects of a night on the town.

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Anything After – Something I Said – Audio

The US lo-fi-gaze duo Anything After are due to release the LP Whose Eyes Are In My Head imminently.

Anything After

Anything After

Don’t settle too comfortably before hitting play as Something I Said will rattle round the room in a blur of fuzzy pops and whistles as Anything After take lo-fi literally. There is something immensely glorious about the duo who would probably be able to add distortion to the sound of a floating feather.

Anything After aim to challenge the listener as they take a cheese-grater to luscious echoing shoegaze and then bend the timing leaving the audience either rubbing their ears in pain or absolute pleasure and the fact that I am suggesting spending time with the duo confirms I sit in the latter camp.

I look forward to hearing more of Anything After and wait with anticipation for Whose Eyes Are In My Head.

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