The Broadest Blue – Smoke – Video

The Broadest Blue is a US free-jazz project.

The Broadest Blue

The Broadest Blue

A spread of voices and instrumentation is not used to create volume rather multi-layered compositions which, like waves on the sea, have a discernible direction of travel which is suddenly broken by unseen currents allowing The Broadest Blue to leave the listener never be quite sure where the next bar will head, though equally not make the ideas so complex there are jagged edges of confusion.

From the most recent LP Kennedy (which is available on bandcamp) the seventh of the ten tracks – Smoke.


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L 1 P S – Peach – Audio

L 1 P S is  US downwave project.

L 1 P S

L 1 P S

There is a palpable sadness that encases the room on hitting play as the piped synthetics mark the entrance of deeply textured electronica and floating lyric that weaves in to the mind.

By way of an introduction Peach which is the first of the four tracks on the recent EP Headless.

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Headless – EP – L 1 P S is available on iTunes.*

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Babe Parade – Honeycomb – Single Review

On the 11th the US funk-rock outfit released the single Honeycomb.

Babe Parade

Babe Parade

I realise there is a mystery to my genre-definitions – though there is some semblance of sense to them – ‘funk something’ indicating that the music starts by snaking the lower spine and hips whilst ‘funkadelic something’ intimates of immediate bending in the ankles and knee – both with shoulders involved. All genre descriptors are based on which part of the physical body or mind is first fired and what next as the music emerges through the speakers – bear with me…

Honeycomb (available on bandcamp) immediately has the listener – in order – grinding their lower spine and hips with the rhythm riding up the vertebrae to discover shoulders swaying in free-flow prior to all joints hanging out with the dance moves ‘funk-rock’ – hit play – and you will then understand more of how this site is configured.

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douglas alan font – pastel – Single Review

The US lofi project of douglas alan font released the single pastel on the 14th.

douglas alan font

douglas alan font

In pastel (available on bandcamp) on hitting play the room is shrouded in a dark introspective tale of internal turmoil which sends shivers up and down the spine as the eviscerating duality of vocals meanders through the ears as though trapped inside leaden boots sinking in to a pool of cement – with the listener being taken through flashes of life reflection spiralling towards ever more morose thought process, whilst in contrast the backdrop of music becomes more positive of mood, prior to finally depleting in to surfacing bubbles of final breath captured by spluttering keyboard resting to a silence that lingers in the mind.

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low horizon – Scary Bears – Audio

The US lofi quartet low horizon were introduced earlier in the year.

low horizon - photo credit - drones

low horizon – photo credit – drones

In their latest three track single Scarier Than Bears (available on bandcamp) low horizon approach their song writing with the to be anticipated zany and humorous subject matter while delivering an appropriately trippy soundtrack that takes the listener on a blurry magic carpet ride.

The opening song is Scary Bears.

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