Lord Willing – Loneliness Is The Hardest Drug – Audio

The US blues-rock creator Justin Long in the guise of Lord Willing will be releasing the LP Are You Happy? on the 31st of May.

Lord Willing

Lord Willing

From the forthcoming album – Loneliness Is The Hardest Drug, which was itself released as a stand alone single earlier this month, stakes a decent marker for the LP.

A just over three minutes track that is fused with R&B, Blues and thumping rock, which finds the listener stamping in time with the bulging drum kit that slices through the speakers. A well conceived piece of music which lifts even the dourest mood to a sense of well-being and rather than downing whisky to numb despondency the audience raises a glass in cheerful disposition.

The fact that Justin is an experienced musician, albeit that Lord Willing is a new project, is evidenced in the self-assured songwriting and delivery.

Word arrives of a follow-up single coming out on the 17th of March – Green Doesn’t Look Good On You which will provide a further signpost as to what to expect from Are You Happy? in May.

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Loneliness Is the Hardest Drug – Single – Lord Willing is available on iTunes.*

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Nick DeFazio – Look At What We Have Done – Audio

The US protest-folk creator Nick DeFazio released the LP Part of Something earlier in the month.

Nick Defazio

Nick Defazio

An approaching twenty eight minutes, nine track album, (available on bandcamp) which encompasses various issues of social disquiet which is delivered in quiet contemplation as acoustic guitar and vocal envelop the listener in sorrowful and quizzical compositions.

My selection is the fourth piece – Look At What We Have Done.


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Salo Sion – Magazine Cartoons – Single Review

Salo Sion is a US experimental-electronica creator.

Salo Sion

Salo Sion

Within the past eighteen hours the latest track Magazine Cartoons was made available.

Cast aside all preconceptions of musical construct before hitting play as the three and a third minutes track doesn’t extend a folding embrace, rather, an elliptical contortion.

No sooner has the track started than there is six seconds of silence prior to the sounds returning in an ensuing fragmentation akin to spliced reel cinematographic playback with deleted segments and misaligned spooling perforations.

Magazine Cartoons, a track I recommend you get to know, will either have you quickly shutting it down or remaining engrossed – I sincerely hope it will be the latter.

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THE WAIT – Ascent – Audio

THE WAIT is a newly out of the block lofi-dream duo from the USA.



Recently revealed were the only four tracks around – packaged as the EP Ascent (available on bandcamp).

THE WAIT deliver music that, counter to likely expectation by regular readers when it comes to suggested volume, needs to be turned down as quietly as your ears can muster soundwaves, with lights dimmed, to enjoy fully the weaving somnambulism that threads across the room in haunting graces and uneasy footstep, as the duo proffer material of disturbing nightmares and restful deep REM.

My selection of the tracks thus far around is the title piece of the EP – Ascent.

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Leroy Lytel – Karen – Audio

The US chanteur Leroy Lytel released the LP Whisper Sugar earlier this month.

Leroy Rytel

Leroy Rytel

An approximately forty eight minute, eleven track, album (available on bandcamp) which demands of a decent speaker set-up, cranked to maximum and kicked to ensure it is playing more forcefully with bass set to maximum and sub-woofers set as expansively as possible – you have heard this preamble often – though never without reason and to fully enjoy the baritone vocal, acoustic guitar, bowed viola and harmonica combinations it is once again not a posit of vagary.

My selection from the release is the third track – Karen, from an LP that should be in your catalogue.

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