Mother Lights – Last Dance – Audio

The US based folk-rock quartet Mother Lights released the EP Waiting for Mammoths on the 13th.

Mother Lights

Mother Lights

An immersive four track release which blends keys, bowed and strummed strings, percussion and vocal in to a weave of rich tapestry with a vaguely forlorn sense of wistful remembrance to the compositions.

With influences steeped in UK folk-revival and US folk-rock of the ’60s, Mother Lights are well positioned to create music which draws from a deep well of creativity, yet are able to transpose the songs through the decades to give the sounds a fresh lick of paint.

The penultimate track on Waiting For MammothsLast Dance – being my pick of the release.

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Waiting for Mammoths – EP – Mother Lights is available on iTunes.*

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Rival Island – Where She Was – Video

The US rock’n’roll outfit Rival Island return with yet another different soundscape in Where She Was.

Rival Island - Where She Was

Rival Island

Each time Rival Island feature they introduce a slightly different retro reference point to their material and the newest song to surface – Where She Was – is no exception with its infusion from ’50s rock’n’roll.

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Taylor Mac – Never Wanted You – Single Review

The US acoustic-rock project Taylor Mac releases the single Never Wanted You on the 17th through Russian Winter Records.

Taylor Mac - Never Wanted You - artwork

Taylor Mac – Never Wanted You – artwork

The listener finds themselves drawn, like iron to a magnet, as the stunning vocal wraps around the room.

The unhurried song, which is essentially only acoustic guitar and voice, is layered with inflection, melody and harmonies which belie the sparse framework creating an immersive composition and finds the audience wanting to hear more – though there isn’t, at this juncture any more than the one song (available on bandcamp) to discover, nor website or even social media page.

I am looking forward to coming back to Taylor Mac with enthusiastic anticipation.

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Titty Citty – Boots And Cats – Audio

The US alt-rock quartet Titty Citty are scheduled to release the LP An Oil Painting Of Bono That Resembles Stevie Wonder in January 2018.

Titty Citty

Titty Citty

Given their whimsical presentation it would be easy to dismiss their output as something to only play in short bursts as an interlude, however to do so would be to ignore what underneath it all are capable musicians who can put together songs which whilst lightening the mood are also are well written compositions with the instrumentation and synth providing a layered interplay and the percussion giving them an engaging rhythm.

Having had the opportunity to tun through the eight track album, I can attest this will be a release to add to the collection.

By way of an introduction – the third song on the LP – Boots And Cats.

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Open Hand – Hope Is Lost – Audio

The US alt-rock band Open Hand are finalising details for the potential release of the LP Wierdo next year.

Open Hand

Open Hand

A couple of songs which have previously been unreleased are making the rounds, not that necessarily either will make the final cut, though do give an idea to the conceptualisation of the album.

Loved will be released on the 24th and is available on bandcamp.

The other Hope Is Lost made itself known as the ninth of the sixteen tracks on the Blacktop Records twelfth anniversary compliation LP – ‘Don’t Give Up’ 12 Years Of D.I.Y. – also available on bandcamp.

A track of tautly strung guitars and shoeshine combinations drum-kit with the delayed vocal rounding out the indie-rock influenced song.

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