Callwaker from Saint Paul in the USA is the synthwave trio of Jack Kalyuzhny (Drums), Tom Pliner (Synths / Vocals) and Jeremy Kuecker (Synths / Vocals).

Callwalker - synthwave from the USA


The evolving sounds of Callwalker float mesmerically around  the room in a hive of activity. The trio manage to avoid the cliché of the genre of the ever developing loop and the addition of the drum-kit allows the band to develop the tracks around a solid pivot.

Whilst certainly invoking recollections of Tubeway Army, this is not a copy as Callwalker deploy beats for the current generation.

Although having been around for well under a year and with limited material to hear, which almost inevitably means exploring a range of spaces. What I have heard has had me smiling happily as the band already has been able to establish a signature sound of the wobbling vocal synth combination that is resultant from the influences and I look forward to listening to their development as they solidify their ideas sonically.

There is no reason this sound won’t transfer to the stage too and I wish them well with their musical journey.

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Minus World

Minus World from Bloomington in the USA is the alt-indie trio of Greg Moore (Guitar / Vocals), Jared Coyle (Bass) and Greg Simpson (Drums / Vocals / Keys).

Minus World - alt-indie from the USA

Minus World

With sounds ranging from the psychedelic tipped to acid rock Minus World deliver streams of music which entertain the listener with smartly interspersed layers of sound. The trio play intricately constructed pieces which have a gritty underbelly which affords the audience material which focuses attention.The mix of influences do not confuse as there is a recognizable style of delivery.

Minus World have been around a few years and with line-up changes the music has developed into finer pieces since their first release back in 2012. Their latest EP the five track eat sleep die that I have had the opportunity to hear, which is set for release on the 22nd finds the trio in fine fettle.  The spread of tracks enables the band to explore new avenues, whilst their more melodic approach allows the compositions the space to develop without becoming florid.

For sharper eyed readers who recollect another band from Bloomington reviewed last year – The Brown Bottle Flu – with a bassist also called Jared, you are right it is the same Jared, but a completely different sound.

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The Angeles Project

The Angeles Project is the eroto-synth songwriter Mimi R. from Los Angeles in the USA – who works closely with the producer Andrew Brassell.

The Angeles Project - eroto-synth from the USA

The Angeles Project

The Angeles Project insists you are unadorned of clothing with a partner in horizontal pose as the freedom of expression demands equilibrium of the audience. New on the scene at the end of March there is nothing to do than want to envelope yourself in the luxuriant unction extended through the speakers as a sultry vocal massages oils into intertwined bodies.

Combining synthetic production with lustrous vocal is a complexity which oft results in the anodyne, The Angeles Project is able to reposition the sounds to enveloping eroticism that folds the body in warming textures of extravaganza.

Sadly with only three songs to hear thus far – there is an unfulfilled orgasm, it stands currently as more of a doorstep kiss –  and I look forward to the triple LP we all need, as what there is available enthuses of more than a knee-trembler, more for an evening, night and breaking dawn of exploration.

I look forward to hearing more of The Angeles Project as does the owner of the thigh I currently nuzzle.


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The Good Wives

The Good Wives is Jacob BruggmanNicholas Alexander and Shane Berg from Seattle in the USA – an alt-indie band.

The Good Wives - alt-indie from the USA

The Good Wives

Combining country blues with indie rock gives The Good Wives a sound that has a zesty peppiness to it whilst simultaneously a cynical tone. Songs about shallow conquests are given piquancy by the bouncing rhythms.

The combination of electric and acoustic guitar enables The Good Wives to create music that they can inject with changes of emphasis without needing to alter format and this gives the resulting out-put a continuity of sound. The gap between their first and second EP has afforded the band the opportunity to add a heavier more rock centric flavour to the tracks, which personally, I find more engaging. Predominately a trio both in the studio and live, they do collaborate with additional musicians as need dictate and this also allows the out-fit to add a depth to the productions.

With the evident influences of mid-west folk it is only a surprise to find that The Good Wives are not based in a prairie, rather in the far north west of the country. Perhaps it is from this juxtaposition that they are able to invest the music with urban cynicism, which gives the resulting music a granular presence that brings the sounds to life. Whatever it may be, I suggest spending some time with the trio will find you in a good space.

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Animal Years

Animal Years from Brooklyn in the USA is the indie-rock quartet of Mike McFadden (Vocals / Guitar), Anthony Spinnato (Drums), Matthew Indellicati (Guitar) and Anthony Saladino (Bass).

Animal Years - indie-rock from the USA

Animal Years

Firmly rooted in Americana Animal Years has been able to dust down the derivative to provide a freshness which has a broader internationalism to it, with influences from both sides of the Atlantic being brought together in an easy flowing sound. The quartet play with confidence and ease that belies the band only having been together for just over a year.

Animal Years deliver music which has a pulsating percussion that keeps the tracks moving forward, whilst a slightly fuzzed guitar gives a warming texture and a rumbling bass completes the back-drop to a powerful vocal. Whilst the songs have a radio friendliness to them, which as you know is typically a big turn-off to me, the band has achieved this by not lessening the genuine feeling and there are enough dramatics and switches to retain interest for those, like me, who prefer their music to be a bit scruffy at the edges.

A début thirteen track LP – Sun Will Rise (Deluxe Edition) was released in May. There is no non-deluxe version and I get the feeling these guys have a sense of humour as there is an LP that came out in 2006 by another artist with the title Animal Years (Deluxe Edition). This ability to smile, while creating music (which extends to their videos) well worth spending time with, marks Animal Years as an out-fit I intend to stay with for some time to come.

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