Mike Meagher

Mike Meagher from Groveland, Massachusetts in the USA is a self named alt-rock project.

Mike Meagher - alt-rock from the USA

Mike Meagher – alt-rock from the USA

Scampering around the room like an infestation of cockroaches Mike Meagher delivers a soundtrack which speaks of societal disapprobation. The festering tumult of darkly spaced sounds rake the linings of the timpani with malcontent, as scowling bass leads the foray whilst an ominous percussion harangues the systole and diastole to tachycardia. A blistering guitar harking of stadium rock gives the out-put wings whilst the vocal gives the music deeper resolution.

Those of longer memory will recall the correct pronunciation of Meagher.

An experienced musician – Mike Meagher, has taken time to finesse his ideas, as he has previously shirked from voice and this added dimension finds the music of far greater significance and rounder proportions. The resulting out-put would fit live venues, but as a committed solo performer, creating tracks through the labour of love, creating each constituent part, expect never to see Mike Meagher appearing anywhere near you soon.

Which doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the music at your own party. I would advise a wide dance-floor as the gathering will soon be flowing with their own air-guitars.

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The catalogue of songs is available on bandcamp.

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Fresh Snow

Fresh Snow is the new-romantic quartet of Brad Davis (Guitar/ Vocal), Andy J. Lloyd (Bass), Jon Maki (Drums) and Tim Condon (Synthesizers) from Ontario in Canada.

Fresh Snow - new-romantics from Canada

Fresh Snow

Oozing seductive sounds with a come-on finger Fresh Snow pull the listener into a body sway of intemperate sexuality as a de-robing synth tantalizes, whilst sleazy bass thrusts deep grinds as a percussion pulsates with the oily massage of the guitar to the accompaniment of floating vocal breathes seductively.

Fresh Snow delivers a sound-track of voyeurism to which the audience becomes those on whom espied as the quartet lay out the tempo for writhing bodies to intertwine. Despite taking music from gentle caresses to explosive finales within tracks, this is not music for a quickie, rather to savour for a night of elongated passion.

With three years behind them Fresh Snow are gathering a local base and deserving of a wider audience, which is perhaps only stalled by their lack of recorded material and most certainly a band to get to know now.


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EUS, Postdrome and Saåad

It has been three years since EUS (Costa Rica), Postdrome (England) and Saåad (France) last collaborated.

EUS, Postdrome and Saåad - Different Streams - artwork

EUS, Postdrome and Saåad – Different Streams – artwork

A six track LP Different Streams is scheduled for launch on the 23rd, released through the Russian label Grains Of Sands Records.

The three different elements – EUS the solo project of Jose AcuñaCharlie Floyd who makes up Postdrome along with Romain Barbot and Grégory Buffier who are Saåad, play each track together rather than a track apiece, which gives the ambient drone even more relevance for being featured on the site.

Whilst the music will take you on a journey of lost time, having had the opportunity to hear the six tracks and the bonus three, I assure you a mind warping and time bending experience well worth stepping in to, it is also the nature of musicians coming together from disparate geo-political boundaries and releasing the result through yet another, that finds this so inclusive and a project to be supported.

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Different Streams is available on bandcamp.

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Malka from New York in the USA is the nu-gaze out-fit of EJ DeCoske (Guitar / Synth / Vocal), David Ciauro (Bass / Vocal), Michael Dawson (Drums) and Darko Saric (Guitar / Synth / Vocal).

Malka - nu-gaze from the USA


Like gently blowing strands of silk Malka wend their way around the room covering the listener in a soft caress of aural intoxication. The notes dissipate before the ears can capture them as the quartet deliver their melding folds of echoing guitars and synths.

Malka create music that has a diaphanous felt which finds the audience entranced in the textures of sound. Percussion giving the only tangible evidence to the mind that the disappearing vocals and instrumentation ever existed.

A couple of years behind them, Malka offer the brain the opportunity to dwell in vaguely psychedelic journeys of discovery that are best taken in extended periods of listening as this most certainly is not music to take out on a track-day, rather, on a period of reflection.

Originally only singing in Spanish, the quartet now offer both Spanish and English lyric and their début LP the seven track forty minute The Constant State (which is available on bandcamp) is well worth adding to the playlist – ‘music in which to allow the mind to wander’.


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The Pink Flowers

The Pink Flowers is the psychedelic-garage duo of Ryan and Nolan from Toronto in Canada.

The Pink Flowers - Psychedelic garage from Canada

The Pink Flowers

Hazy waves of guitar drifts around the room as The Pink Flowers take the audience on journey of fuzzy reverb. Percussion switches between moments of quiet imperceptibility to geeing up the tracks like a jockey pushing a horse towards the finishing post as a melted vocal floats ethereally in the distance.

Newly out of the blocks The Pink Flowers only have a few songs I have had the opportunity to hear, the most recent of which they have packaged as a three track single – Joy, which I immediately put into a loop as inside the laid-back out-put lay a spread of ideas which can be caught and investigated further on repeated play.

They have laid out the ground-work for their career in the music industry, with both recorded material appearing and it looks as though live performances are about to commence. Of most importance the music they are producing holds the attention and demands a replay.

I certainly look forward to hearing more in short order and wish them well.

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