The Yetis

The Yetis is the garage rock quartet of Christian Luengen (lead guitar / Vocals), Nick Gillespie (Rhythm Guitar / Vocals), Stefan Luengen (Bass) and Collins Horbowyj (Drums) from Allentown in The USA.

The Yetis - Garage rock from The USA

The Yetis

I had to check my geography on listening to The Yetis and I was pleased to see that I hadn’t lost the plot and Pennsylvania really is where I thought it was – a land locked North Eastern State of The USA, not balmy California beaches of the South West. By that you will know there is a summery cheerfulness to the out-put.

I personally enjoy surfy garage rock for many reasons, not least being the extended drawing out of vowels which is typical of the genre and The Yetis are deft exponents, which gives the music an immediate sense of calm fluidity. Although having been around a while with an extensive back-catalogue of music that isn’t all beaches and sunshine, the members are still students and bereft of funding, so releases are scarce. There are a few tracks they have recorded themselves to take a listen to, however,  I do hope that when there are a few more pennies in the pockets they don’t move away from the current recorded sound that has such warmth to it because of its very low production cost.

I look forward to hearing much more of The Yetis and wish them every success in the topsy turvy world of being  musicians.

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Cloud Caverns

Cloud Caverns is an acoustic alt-rock band centred around Brandon Peterson and Dan Bouza based in New York in The USA.

Cloud Caverns - Photo by Keith Kevin Stein

Cloud Caverns – Cloud Caverns – Photo by Keith Kevin Stein

An interesting collection of tracks meets the ears on listening to Cloud Caverns, as although there is a recognizable under-current they deploy a variety of featured instruments with additional players on compositions and this inherently changes the range of sounds from the straight folk rock to the experimental and it is this variety of styles which makes the out-fit such an enticing proposition.

This is material which needs to be allowed to float around the head to achieve maximum value and I would strongly suggest taking some time out to allow space for a lengthy wallow inside the music that is Cloud Caverns. With thirteen additional players and nine additional instruments being brought in, on their recent twelve track release Gypsy Loft, which follows on from a five track EP, Blind Willow a year earlier, I would envisage live performance to be somewhat problematical, so expect to get to know the band through recordings, even if a next door neighbour.

The eclectic range of sounds are well worth savouring and I look forward to hearing more in the future.

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Secret Broadcast

Secret Broadcast is the indie rock band made up of Matt Lightstone (Vocals / Guitar), Keith Heppler (Drums), Curt Harding (Bass / Vocals) and J.C. Sandoval (live) (Guitar / Vocals) from Calgary in Canada.

Secret Broadcast - indie rock from Canada

Secret Broadcast – photo credit Seattle Music Photography

Melody and energy emerge from the speakers on hitting play as Secret Broadcast harness their sounds to deliver well spaced and harmonised music that needs to be heard by a wider audience without delay. There is something almost timeless about the music which contains both an earthy connection and finesse as the out-fit provide music that is smartly delivered.

Secret Broadcast have the ability to create music which is both engaging, yet easy to listen to, giving them a potential audience across many genres and this they have achieved by concentrating on taking the time to develop the tracks with extensive use of melody, which builds in intensity as the songs progress. If would have been tempting to blare out the music, but by taking the volumes down a notch, they have been able to inject the compositions with emotional context, with which the listener is easily able to identify.

Their recently released thirteen track LP Filthy Souls (which is available on iTunes*) is well worth getting hold of.


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Lavola is Julian Cires ( Vocals / Guitar), Emily Dwyer (Violin / Vocals), Paul DeFilippis (Bass) and Matt Cabrera (Drums) an alt-rock band from Orlando in The USA.

Lavola - Alt-rock from The USA


The addition of the Violin provides Lavola the room to explore, a range of new sounds and effects, giving them a distinct sound and style. The music soaks the room in mist, whilst a despairing lyric sears through the music like a burning lighter to flesh.

With the opportunities to hand Lavola take advantage of the variances to allow the instruments to scope out the landscape of tracks. Affording them the chance to explore compositions which provide an illustrative accompaniment to the story-line, without it ever reeling out of control.

Undoubtedly skilled composers and musicians, there is an almost symphonic artistry to some of the pieces, yet it remains immediately accessible to fans of alt-rock and it is of little surprise that they are well received on the touring circuit, with audiences becoming committed followers.

Sadly, as with all the strongest and most creative music, the mainstream rarely give it the airplay it undoubtedly deserves, which is a great pity as Lavola deserve a far wider audience.

A recent release, the eight track This Book Is My Cowardice (which is available on iTunes*) is a great starting point to get to know the Lavola.

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Candy Claws

Candy Claws is a dream pop project from Fort Collins in the USA made up of Kay BertholfKaren McCormick and Ryan Hover.

Candy Claws - Dream Pop from the USA

Candy Claws

No matter where you turn the dial the music will fill the head with it’s fuzzy immersiveness. The journey that is Candy Claws takes the listener on a mysterious journey into the recesses of the minds of the trio. Allow yourself plenty of time to settle back in the dreamy cloak that the band delivers, an exploration you just don’t want to end.

Somehow my three year delay in responding to the introduction seems appropriate. The gauzy veils that Candy Claws delivers makes for time standing still and the more you play, the more the mind wanders into realm of kaleidoscopic psychedelia. Whilst tracks rarely last four minutes, the effect seems as-though you have been away in a world of your own for far longer, much like being in a dream state.

In addition to the recorded tracks, Candy Claws can also be caught live when the line-up extends to five players.

This is a band best absorbed in a long session and I would urge you to find some time in the diary so to do.

My apologies to the band for taking three years to get back to the introduction, but as has always been the assurance, though I may not always be quick, all introductions will be listened to, even if that is only…… eventually.


Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time – Candy Claws is available on iTunes.*

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