Faith Healer – Sterling Silver – Audio

On the 8th of September the Canadian dreamwave project Faith Healer release the LP Try ;​-​).

Faith Healer

Faith Healer

A nine track album (available on bandcamp) which straddles a wide pit with music refraining from the psychedelic to art-rock with much synthesis inside – yet the commonality of theme is the melting flow of the hypnotic vocal which flows through the ears akin to a spectral hallucination as referenced in the fourth song Sterling Silver.

For those who have been hanging around since the 2015 LP Cosmic Troubles for the follow-up long player you will discover a far more floating vocal and introduction of electronics along with far less timbre as it has been in the hands of a range compressing mainstream radio producer, though equally be delighted that the trippy nature of the sounds remains at the heart of everything.

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STACEY – It’ll Be Alright – Video

It has been just over three years since the Canadian synthwave creator STACEY last featured.

STACEY - It'll Be Alright


With, what is albeit, a more heavily ‘produced’ track the latest song It’ll Be Alright nonetheless is of similar ethereal soundtrack that surfaces in the room as though carried on the wings of a Phoenix as the electronics and vocal drift through the speakers from glowing embers.

It’ll Be Alright – STACEY is available on iTunes.*

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Partner – Play the Field – Audio

The Canadian indie-rock duo Partner release the LP In Search Of Lost Time on the 8th Of September.

Partner - In Search Of Lost Time - artwork

Partner – In Search Of Lost Time – artwork

From the album (available on bandcamp), Play The Field, the thirteenth of the nineteen tracks combines – their good humour, rock’n’roll and indie-breeze in a roughly three minutes song that makes you wish it was already the 8th of next month.


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The Look Back Now – Collections – Audio

The Canadian indie-rock quartet The Look Back Now released the EP DWEEB on the 16th.

The Look Back Now - photo credit @alxzndr

The Look Back Now – photo credit @alxzndr

A four track release (available on bandcamp) DWEEB is an EP that showcases the The Look Back Now propensity to reign back the pace of their material, which allows them to explore in greater depth the contexts of the songs, particularly through the combinations of the lead and rhythm guitars and therefore gives the music a depth of sonics and texture that finds them headroom within what is a crowded marketplace.

Collections is the second of the four.


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Fevers – It’s Coming – Video

The Canadian dreamwave quintet Fevers release the LP Apologia on the 7th.

Fevers - Apologia - artwork

Fevers – Apologia – artwork

Last featured back in 2013 it is good to catch up. Whilst there is a connection with the undertow of the music and distinctive vocal it is evident that Fevers have advanced far and are more anchored in the deeper hues of the strobe lights with which, unsurprisingly, I find greater affinity.

A roughly forty two minutes, ten track, album which unhurriedly glides, akin to an albatross on thermals, through the room in mesmeric combinations of synthetics, guitar and vocal.

The sixth composition is It’s Coming.


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