Hooded Fang – Nene Of The Light – Audio

On the 15th of May the Canadian gaze-rock quartet Hooded Fang will be releasing the LP Dynasty House.

Hooded Fang - Nene Of The Light

Hooded Fang

From time to time the means by which you approach the pronunciation of the word regulates how you hear the music and if you are of approach to Dynasty as the enunciation ‘Dinerstee’ rather than the enunciation of ‘Dinnersti’ will perhaps elucidate how you interpret Nene Of Light – perhaps even more circumnavigated in my own instance as the the river Nene flowing through Cambridgeshire in England is not many miles away at its nearest point – affords me an even greater peculiarity and for that explanation alone explains precisely why musical experience is a singular one and that which one person revels within another rebels against.

Nene Of The Light I enjoy, for the elongation of consonant, as the music extends the soundscape like warm butter coating boiled potatoes, which others may find a consternation.

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Das Mörtal – Midnight Rendez-Vous – Audio

The Canadian synthwave project Das Mörtal releases the LP Always Loved on the 9th of June.

Das Mörtal

Das Mörtal

The first of the ten tracks on the album – Midnight Rendez-Vous – is a just under three and two third minutes track that wraps up the listener in a downy dreamy softness in which the mind becomes hypnotised by the looping synths.

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Always Loved – Das Mörtal is available on iTunes.*

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glaswegians – orwellian – Audio

glaswegians is a modern-classics multi-instrumentalist from Canada.



The latest EP severance (available on bandcamp) came out earlier this month. Although only consisting of four movements, the release lasts for roughly sixty seven minutes, so before contemplating hitting play – do ensure you have plenty of time.

Featuring a list of instruments, too long to go through individually, though includes: percussion; brass, reed, bellows and pipe – wind; strummed and bowed – string; keys and even a frying pan – the music has a continuity and fluidity that holds the attention as although seemingly a plethora of the abstract the compositions have a mesmerising organic flow. Each movement is centred around a different theme, which although disparate, when heard in completeness makes for a cohesive whole.

The seventeen and just over two thirds minutes opener – orwellian – seems a sensible place to start.

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Bad Pop – Same House – Audio

Within the past twenty four hours the Canadian new-wave trio Bad Pop release a new AA side single…

Bad Pop - Same House

Bad Pop

… my pick of which is Same House. Akin to whittling a twig with a pen-knife the three and two thirds minutes song, through each bar, releases a new vigour of sweet smelling scent that intoxicates the mind as assuredly as smoking a crack-pipe and the listener immediately finds themselves hustling for the repeat button like a befuddled addict.

Same House / Masculism – Single – Bad Pop is available on iTunes.*

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Fast Romantics – Everybody’s Trying To Steal Your Heart – Audio

The Canadian synth-rock sextet Fast Romantics will release the LP American Love on the 28th of April.

Fast Romantics

Fast Romantics

From the forthcoming album, Everybody’s Trying To Steal Your Heart, the first of the dozen tracks, is a composition which encapsulates their mix of societal protest commentary and desire for inclusiveness as they are uncompromising in their sadness of the realities of life, though deliver an uplifting anthem imploring cohesive unity by those not inside the cliques of self-serving bureaucratic structures which fail to accommodate or meet the needs of the governed.


American Love – Fast Romantics is available on iTunes.*

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