Darth Nater – The Insect Song – Audio

The US lofi-folk creator Darth Nater released the LP People Are Animals on the 24th.

Darth Nater - Photo credit - Nicole Cooke

Darth Nater – Photo credit – Nicole Cooke

An allegoric ten track album (available on bandcamp) which narrates of various homo sapiens personality traits described by wry observation of various species and phylum of other animalia, resulting in a just around thirty eight minutes reveal that has the audience threading though expressions of smiling, snarling, despondency, frowning and more with the cleverly constructed narrative that plays through the room.

My pick of the release is the fourth – The Insect Song.


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Borg Queen – We’re All Whores – Video

Borg Queen is an electro-goth creator.

Borg Queen

Borg Queen

I have noticed over the past few years that the most evocative in dark-electro seems to surface in Canada and Borg Queen continues that thread of discovery.

Despite exchanging emails since January, I have successfully been late to every response – so it is with an apology to everyone that finally – I am getting round to a performer I do enjoy and trust you will do too.

Drawing deep analogy between BDSM and the realities of everyday life for the 99%. Revealing music of whips and chains which like a dungeon mistress prowl around the room in disappointed menace of clicking stiletto-heels.

From the ten track Sex, Drugs & Shiny Brass Poles LP – the penultimate – We’re All Whores.


Sex, Drugs & Shiny Brass Poles – Borg Queen is available on iTunes.*

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Garage Sales – Simple – Audio

Garage Sales is a US alt-folk duo.

Garage Sales

Garage Sales

Earlier this month they released their eponymous five track EP (available on bandcamp).

Combining keys and guitar Garage Sales are able to travel a surprising wide soundscape from whimsical to melancholic and the alternation of the two voices adds to this breadth of output, resulting in an EP in which the audience finds much to hold attention.

The closer is Simple.

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Gilbert Cormier – Trial & Error – Single Review

The Canadian electro-harmonics Gilbert Cormier creator revealed Trial & Error within the past twenty hours.

Gilbert Cormier

Gilbert Cormier

Like an earworm – having played the one hundred and thirty four seconds of Trial & Error it will inveigle in to the brain long after it should by rights have disappeared. Akin to the ’70s 8-bit analogue arcade game Space Invaders – the flashing green pixels fixate the mind and focus. Those not of such long teeth may need to do some research on 1978 and Space Invaders – though before you do – do take a listen and the whole analogy will make more sense.

Very much performing in the underground – I am unable to offer you a website or meaningful social media page for Gilbert Cormier.

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Rare Monk – Happy Haunting – Audio

The US indie-glaze quartet Rare Monk release the LP A Future on the 7th of July.

Rare Monk

Rare Monk

A ten track album (available on bandcamp) which has a sophistication to it, though is able to steer clear from sounding as though the audience needs to be well pressed shirts to listen to, as inside the ‘music for grown-ups’ they are also able to let the frayed edges peer through the output and although it is music for the smart end of town, it doesn’t sneer at those who aren’t intending to drink over-priced cocktails.

The opening number – Happy Haunting – combines elements of trad-jazz, with indie-dance resulting in a track that the listener can engage with from a variety of perspectives.


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