Dandy – White And Black Keys – Audio

Dandy is a synth-dance creator from the USA who will be releasing her début LP DandyLand in March.



From time to time I come across music I know that my co-founding partner of the original site would have particularly enjoyed, so a moment of pure indulgence for Julie who died on the 30th of September 2011 at the age of 39 –  and whilst far from standard fare of this site, I found myself smiling wistfully reminded of Julie Norbury as her eyes would have twinkled through beaming visage at the sound of White And Black Keys by Dandy.

Hold your partner close and smooch with White And Black Keys – now – even one minute delay may be too late to ever do it again.

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RVNT – Hollow – Video

It has been a couple of years since the US metal outfit RVNT last featured.

RVNT - Photo Credit - Visuals by Gabe

RVNT – Photo Credit – Visuals by Gabe

Their newest track – Hollow – is a barrage of sound that pulverises the ears in a roughly three and three quarters minutes of lamentation of a world spinning out of control on an ever more erratic axis.

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Astral Lite – New World Vultures – Audio

The US dystopian-psychedelia band Astral Lite are working towards the release of the LP New World Vultures.

Astral Light

Astral Light

A style of music is delivered by Astral Lite which suitably sums up the ’10s with its sense of hallucinogenic induced ‘feel good’ set to a dark industrial barrenness. Not an easy combination of ideas to combine, yet, as the vast swathe of the 99% exist inside the delusion well worth attempting to encapsulate. The players are fine exponents of creating compositions out of contrasting concepts and delivering music that flows through the room which in equal measure expostulates of – broken societies and befuddled compliance.

From the forthcoming album, the title track, a dark and oppressive number that threads through five and a quarter minutes of sitar laden desolation.

Before hitting play – turn up the volume, boost the sub-woofer and turn down the lights to loose yourself in a depiction of the wasteland of insanity – that is 2017.

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MODLEE – Follow Me – Audio

The Canadian trip-hop creator MODLEE revealed the LP Queendom within the past twenty four hours.



An approximately twenty five minutes album (available on bandcamp) of electro riven sounds which floats smoothly around the room wrapping the listener in gossamer threads of the finest silk.

The fifth track is Follow Me.

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Leah Lawson – All The Dogs In My City – Single Review

Leah Lawson is an alt-folk creator from the USA.

Leah Lawson

Leah Lawson

The latest track to surface – All The Dogs In My City – has a sense of isolation to it as the almost stationary sounds ease their way in to the room. Reflective of the sentiments of the composition, that ponders of a world in which many are rushing to and fro, which when viewed dispassionately seems fruitless. Whilst inwardly questioning, is everything else in fact resulting in some unfathomable self-fulfilment in the chaos and not partaking merely a form of denial of service?

The smooth undulations of guitar and softly brushed percussion barely move the sound-waves, yet, it is because of their fragility that the piece stakes its impressive presence as the doleful vocal quietly expresses bewilderment.


All the Dogs in My City – Single – Leah Lawson is available on iTunes.*

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