Estrons – Glasgow Kisses – Single Review

The Wales based rockers Estrons released the single Glasgow Kisses on the 10th.

Estrons - Photo by Steve Glashier

Estrons – Photo by Steve Glashier

With the bitter-sweet scent of curdled milk dividing between curds and whey turning to cottage cheese in Glasgow KissEstrons deliver a feisty track that bursts through the speakers in clumping slugs of coagulate that gives the song a stop start impression in which the listener becomes immersed as the punching pulses surge in and out of the ears.

It is always a pleasure to return to the quartet who are always best heard with plenty of space in which to thrash as the music flies through the room in moody temper.

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Sŵnami – Dihoeni – Audio

Sŵnami is a Welsh indie-dance outfit.



Their latest track, Dihoeni, is released tomorrow. Given the summer that is being enjoyed over here with mild temperatures and plenty of rain the warming breeze of the single makes a welcome entrance in to the room casting a rare shaft of sunlight.

Sŵnami are not attempting to break the mould in their given style of music, though do deliver a sound which has an alluring vibrancy that holds attention.


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Adwaith – Lipstick Coch – Audio

The Welsh alt-rock trio Adwaith are due to release an LP imminently.



In advance of the album a AA side single is due for release on the 25th of August.

Singing in both Welsh and English Adwaith transpose experiences of daily life facing both overt and and casual sexism with powerful rebuttal through their quietly laid compositions, which don’t seek to drive division, rather recognition of cohesion, laid to melodic laid-back tracks which weave their way in to the audience like an intravenous injection.

By way of an introduction Lipstick Coch.

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Blind Beggar – Say It Like You Mean It – Single Review

The Welsh melancholic-rock band Blind Beggar recently revealed their latest track.

Blind Beggar - Say It Like You Mean It

Blind Beggar – Say It Like You Mean It

Regularly featured over the past year Say It Like You Mean It marks their first full studio recording.

It would be doing a disservice not to remark and give credit to Blind Beggar for their approach – as when stepping in to the Studio rather than reaching for every bell and whistle they could cram in to the track – Say It Like You Mean It is arguably their most stripped back song allowing the drifting sadness to wrest fluid from the tear ducts through the strength of its own writing structure, with the deep layering and emotional pull driven through the simple richness of all the elements.

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Rainbow Maniac – Going Out On My Own – Video

Rainbow Maniac is a Welsh rock’n’roll quartet.

Rainbow Maniac - photo by Eric Aydin-Barberini

Rainbow Maniac – photo by Eric Aydin-Barberini

With a sound that minds of ’60s brit-blues Rainbow Maniac fill the room with multi-layered, vaguely psychedelic, weaves of guitars that flow through high tempo bass and percussion from which the superlative vocal rounds out the output.

By way of an introduction to a band I aim to get back to later in the year – Going Out On My Own, which is the first of the four tracks on Rmep1 EP.


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