Wiredrawn – Be More Lucky – Audio

Wiredrawn is the dark-rock project of Patrick Baird from Scotland.



Released within the past twenty hours a new three track single – Sometimes I Forget That I’m Not The Only Person In The World which is available on bandcamp.

My pick of the release is the morose middle track – Be More Lucky with its spoken lyric surrounded by architectural pillars of concrete that gives the track an oppressive, dystopian atmosphere which is enhanced by it suddenly cutting to silence mid-bar as-though depicting an apocalyptic event with all being cut-off – part-wa… .

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We Came From Wolves – Places Unfamiliar – Single Review

The Scottish indie-rock quartet We Came From Wolves release the single Places Unfamiliar on the 4th of November.

We Came From Wolves

We Came From Wolves

Thunderous melodic guitar streams across the room surrounded by pulsing bass and rip-roaring percussion from which the vocal spirals in a track that has an intense sense of urgency.

Something of a personal catharsis for Kyle Burgess (Vocals / Guitar) as Places Unfamiliar reflects on the channel of creativity that helps to balance the depression from which he suffers.

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Andy Craig – Where This Is Going – Audio

The Scottish alt-folk creator Andy Craig releases the LP Embers on the 4th of November.

Andy Craig

Andy Craig

Revealed within the past twenty four hours – from the release – Where This Is Going has been made available.

I have had the pleasure of threading through the just under three quarters of an hour, dozen track, album and can attest it is time you will not regret spending in his company.

Whilst there is much to enjoy, there are equally a few highlights and kindly Andy cleared for me to share the eighth track Where This Is Going and my pick of the release in a darker moment on Embers.

With a subtlety of bass line that does enough to wobble the sub-woofers, but not rattle them out of their cages in a composition that is of counterpoint between the alternating minors and majors of vocal and strumming poised by fleeced drumstick giving the piece a delicious texture akin to the sharpness of a Morello Cherry soaked in Kirsch luxuriating in a layer of cream encased in dark chocolate.


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Dama Scout – Forget It’s Good – Single Review

Dama Scout is a gaze-rock trio split between Scotland and England.

Dama Scout

Dama Scout

Freshly out of the blocks, Forget It’s Good, their first single was released a couple of hours ago and given the luscious soundscape a trio I expect to come back to frequently.

Forget It’s Good (available on bandcamp) majestically sweeps its way into the room in a haze of captivating vocal and lightly tipped guitar, prior to percussion and bass dropping in to earshot, suddenly giving the track layers of deep resonance to parry with the light. Guitar and drums loop through calmness until unexpectedly firing up like a Harley-Davidsons’ throbbing exhaust bubbling away, only to disappear as quickly.

The juxtapositions of the ideas, rather than causing lament, prick up the ears to pay even greater attention.

I wish Dama Scout every success and look forward to hearing more. Word does arrive that a few songs have already been written and are likely to be revealed in short order.


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The Echo Session – Wait And See – Single Review

The Scottish indie-gaze outfit The Echo Session release the single Wait And See on the 25th of November.

The Echo Session - Wait And See

The Echo Session

Within the past few hours – in advance of the release – Wait And See (available on bandcamp) was made available.

Akin to its predecessor single But I’m ScaredWait And See doffs more than a nod towards ’60s brit-rock as the just under three and a third minute track meanders through the room in gently rolling waves of guitar and subtle keys with accompanying sympathetic percussion and bass giving the lilting sense of movement which is all connected by the vocal.

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