Noah – Noticing The Space – Audio

Noah is an alt-folk creator from Scotland.



With roots set firmly in Americana – Kenneth-Noah Blair – is able to take a North Eastern Atlantic pall to the derivations and pull through the granite of Glasgow with a gritty realism and  a sound that would have been gladly chanted around the Gorbals in the days of the the Clelland Bar in the ’70s long after the doors were bolted on a Saturday night lock-in – as the vernacular blues stride across the room.

Turn up the volume and grind your heels in to the sawdust with Noticing The Space.

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UNDO – No Sense To Call – Audio

The Scottish alt-rock quartet Undo will be releasing their eponymous LP on the 24th of February.

UNDO - No Sense To Call


With a different emphasis to the music than when last reviewed back in July, in No Sense To Call, Undo deliver a track that has a dark undercurrent in which the listener gets the sense of brooding presence that captivates attention.

Tightly packed drumming and bass create the darkness while guitar creates the feeling of panicky urgency as the high notes spin in to the room whilst the dual vocals enables the voices to inflect emotional context.

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White Bær – The Tide In My Lungs – Single Review

It has been a lengthy gap since the Scottish dystopian-rock band White Bær last revealed new music.

White Bær - The Tide In My Lungs

White Bær

In the past four hours they made available their new single The Tide In My Lungs, which is available on bandcamp.

In concert of much of the music from bands previously featured with optimistic reveals –  the material has become more melancholic – as realism of societies that are becoming ever more weary and disenfranchised of their expected ‘role’ of doing as they are informed by uncaring constructs with diktats of what is best for their life and The Tide In My Lungs resolves in to contemplative sadness that settles in the room in plaintive and fraught divisiveness.

The resounding bass / percussion and lowered register vocal are set to a measured tempo from which the seraphic guitar laments of discordance, leaving the listener enraptured in the enveloping darkness of the just over four and a third minutes track.

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The Van T’s – Fun Garçon – Single Review

The fuzz-rock quartet, The Van T’s, from Scotland release the single Fun Garçon on the 25th of November.

The Van T's

The Van T’s

Echoing reverb bruises its way out of the speakers as The Van T’s deliver high octane rock ‘n’ roll with furious percussion pummelling the walls as the guitars deliver their fuzzy garage surf while bass keeps the ideas holding together from which the signature vocal flicks in and out of earshot.

Fun Garçon is a blister-pack of energising tablets that keeps the listener ever after louder volume to fully enjoy the just over four minutes of foundation testing fused rumbling rock and marking them out as a band well worth rearranging the diary for if they play live within travelling distance.

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Sweeney Straddles The Sun – Keep The Workforce Strong – Audio

The Scottish electro-dance project Sweeney Straddles The Sun releases the LP Tarantula in January 2017.

Sweeney Straddles The Sun

Sweeney Straddles The Sun

Think Kraftwerk / Devo and you are heading on the right lines, as Jason Sweeney espouses of a new world order. Angular sparks of laser strobes are compressed by recoiling springs whilst darts of synthetics suddenly launch themselves across the room as vocal bounces across the ears akin to a ’70s Space Invaders video game.

For those of us who still recall green and black computer screens there is a delightful recollection of the clarity in the output – for those used to colour screens it may seem a little binary and my thoughts are – re-calibrate and re-approach Keep The Workforce Strong as it sparks of the realities of the dystopian divisional work-places, housing, shopping habits and social hierarchy of the latter part of the ’10s and more powerful for its stark contrasts.

Tarantula is an LP that has taken a while to mature due to the realities of day to day life, where priorities have to be selected and desires put on hold.

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