Fat Goth – Guestbook – Audio

The Scottish heavy-metal trio Fat Goth release the LP Enorme! on the 5th of May.

Fat Goth - Photo Credit Ricky Henderson

Fat Goth – Photo Credit Ricky Henderson

Well established in the Scottish rock scene it is long past due date Fat Goth had a far greater international audience and with fortune their fourth album – Enorme! (available on bandcamp) – will go some way to address the anomaly.

The first of the eight tracks – Guestbook – merely requires the listener to be in headbanging mood to fully enjoy the exemplary rock ‘n’ roll.

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Ali Chisholm – Removal Vans For Gaddafi – Audio

Ali Chisholm is a Scottish ambient-wave creator.

Ali Chisholm

Ali Chisholm

Performing under the moniker MK-Ultra and regularly revealing new material – sometimes alone other times in collaboration – the latest track (as I type on the 15th though may well not be when this is published on the 19th) is working with Leon Milk, who those of longer stay will recognise from an introduction back in 2012 of The Milk Bar.

Removal Vans For Gaddafi is a scathing commentary of global affairs revolved around by a dreamy soundtrack.

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Coast – That Old Atlantic Sky – Video

It has been over three years since the Scottish alt-rock band Coast last featured.

Coast - Windmills In The Sky - artwork

Coast – Windmills In The Sky – artwork

In the intervening period Coast have been busy, with, amongst other things a relocation from the South coast of England to the West coast of Scotland – they are also due to release the LP Windmills In The Sky later in the year.

There is a familiarity to the sound in the track, from the forthcoming album, That Old Atlantic Sky though there is also a deeper texturing within which Coast are able to extract a palpable intense emotional presence as the just over six minutes track floats from the speakers.

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Echo Arcadia – Ghosts – Video

The LP Visions Of Symmetry was released by the Scottish alt-rock band Echo Arcadia earlier in the month.

Echo Arcadia - Visions Of Symmetry - artwork

Echo Arcadia – Visions Of Symmetry – artwork

Delayed slightly in release from June of last year, the bakers dozen track Visions Of Symmetry is a welcome addition to the playlist. Echo Arcadia are able to deliver an intensity of sound which is lain across the listener akin to placing a warming blanket over a  guest who has drifted to sleep on an armchair.

Within the sixth of the compositions – Ghosts – there are unhurried gradually evolving themes which are played out through different instrumentation dropping in and out of earshot along with well judged shifts in pace and intensity and an emotive duality of voices, giving the song its hold over the listener in a gentle, yet comforting, embrace.

Visions Of Symmetry is available on Amazon.*

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Solareye – WHERE2NOW – Audio

Solareye is a protest-rap creator from Scotland.



With only two tracks around, over a year apart, the output is not prolific by any means, though when an appearance is made it is prescient.

The newest track to appear WHERE2NOW lyrically is self-explanatory and there is no need to add any commentary.

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