Universal Thee – Hamlet 3 – Video

Universal Thee is an alt-rock band from Scotland.

Universal Thee - Hamlet 3

Universal Thee

Regularly featured since their introduction in 2013, Universal Thee, are able to deliver music which is easy to engage, whilst keeping enough mystery in the compositions to retain the interest.

From the ten track LP – All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace, the seventh – Hamlet 3 is a good example of this style.

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace [Explicit] is available on Amazon.*

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The Cathode Ray – Backed Up – Video

The Cathode Ray is a Scottish alt-rock band.

The Cathode Ray - Photo by Gavin Fraser

The Cathode Ray – Photo by Gavin Fraser

With a slightly different sound to material previously featured, the opening track of the eleven on the LP Infinite Variety, Backed Up has a more psychedelic tint to it along with a slower pace, giving the composition a variety of textures which cause the synapses to send colliding sparks across the brain. Leaving the listener wrapped by the mesmeric currents of sound.

Infinite Variety – The Cathode Ray is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

The Moon Kids – All The City Girls – Audio

The Scottish psychedelic trio The Moon Kids were last featured in November of last year.

The Moon Kids - All The City Girls

The Moon Kids

Within the past few hours, two new tracks have surfaced, perhaps prefacing a new fuller release?

With a shoegaze derivative to it tinged with 60’s Mersey-Beat  – All The City Girls has a heart-warming retro-feel to it. Recognisable within the just under three and a half minutes of the number, lays their distinctive take on psychedelia, albeit more subsumed within the other ideas stretching through the music.

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The Calm Fiasco – Lose Control – Audio

The Scottish alt-rock quartet The Calm Fiasco are due to release EP The Fear on the 20th.

The Calm Fiasco

The Calm Fiasco

To surface in the past couple of hours Lose Control is a decent place to get to know The Calm Fiasco. Bren-gun percussion punctuates the walls in bullet holes as the band announce their arrival in a track that easily slinks between ’60s British-blues rock and the punctured lung of ’80s new-wave.

There is some music that just needs to be played loudly to enjoy to its fullest and Lose Control is one of those songs as the tightly strung drum-skins are eaten up by slackened guitar strings whilst a distorted vocal meanders around the head.

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Girobabies – Late Night Sketchy – Video

The Scottish alt-rock project Girobabies were introduced at the tail end of last year.

Girobabies - Late Night Sketchy


A live version of the fifth of the ten tracks on Who Took Utopia (available on bandcamp) – Late Night Sketchy reminds me exactly why they were the Editor’s Choice for Band Of the Month in December 2015.

The unhurried delivery and immense range of texture and ideas in the track holds the attention whilst an ever present back-drop of percussion ensures the thread of travel is focussed as the vocal lays like a darkening cloak of foreboding in which the listener can wallow in abject misery.

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