Gordon Duthie – Dead Dreams – Audio

The indie-folk creator Gordon Duthie from Scotland released the LP Dunt Dunt Dunt Dunt on the 16th.

Gordon Duthie - Dead Dreams

Gordon Duthie

Dead Dreams, which is the second of the ten tracks on Dunt Dunt Dunt Dunt, is a reflective of life passed by living in the pursuit of living ‘the dream’. The sadness of imagination ground down by the unfilled pursuit of fiscal objectives.

The opening refrains, whilst clearly taken from the US anthem, are allegorical rather than directed as Dead Dreams is not geo-politically driven, rather focussed on the crumbling edifices of entrapment in a futile existence of opportunities in life squandered.

Dunt Dunt Dunt Dunt – Gordon Duthie is available on iTunes.*

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White Bær

From Dundee in Scotland – Dan Hedge, Nicky Johnston, Danny Sturrock and Adam Valentine got together last year to form the dreamy-rock band White Bær.

White Bær - Dreamy-rock from Scotland

White Bær

The music floats across the room in weaves of dark-blue velvet threads as White Bær wrap the audience in soft embrace. The inclusion of bowed strings gives the material a ghostly presence which captivates the mind in what are fairly lengthy compositions, not unknown to extend over five minutes. An investment of time well worth making as the quartet deliver material which the longer heard, the deeper the mind relaxes into the ambience.

Despite the relative newness of White Bær they have been able to make a decent volume of work available to wider audiences who don’t have the opportunity to see them live and well worth delving into as the mesmeric compositions are not only well written, but deftly delivered.

This is not music to provide at a Rave, nor is it something that you need to wear Evening Dress to listen to and I highly recommend getting to know White Bær who have much to add to the weave of the world of music.

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Three track single The Promise of a Life of Violence is available on bandcamp.

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Tetra is the angular rock quartet of Kevin Caldwell (Vocals / Bass), Stuart Lynas (Guitar / Synth / Vocals), Jay Buckley (Guitar) and Jordan Halliday (Drums) from Glasgow, Scotland.

Tetra - angular-rock from Scotland


Tetra put out material of progressive mathematical theorem, even by the very name, indicative of three, though with four players in the band. That doesn’t mean to say you will become lost in a battle of wit to understand the music. The snappily delivered dampened strings polarise across the ears giving the material a psychotropic feel.

For those of us who suffer from acephalgic migraine, Tetra is able to aurally translate Scintillating Scotoma, for those who don’t, the buffering colours of distortion shard one against the other in an aural contusion which fascinates as much as it discombobulates.

The structures of the sound are fragile sunlit shards of ice set to shatter on touch. Tetra is able to to play with the icicles and deliver music of intrigue as they kaleidoscope the light across their deftly maneuvered crystals.

Having had the opportunity to listen to material of older stature, which I enjoyed. I do find that their latest angle of delivery Tank (available on bandcamp) finds Tetra in more confident mood as they firmly grab hold of the edifices and throw them around the room with no fear of breakage.

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The Circus Ship

The Circus Ship – an angsty-rock band based in Glasgow, Scotland is Disa, Harald, Nils and Daniel.

The Circus Ship - angsty-rock based in Scotland

The Circus Ship

Swedish spaciousness meets The Gorbals tinged with a smattering of Celtic-rock and you just know you are in for a good time and The Circus Ship do not disappoint. The quartet hail from Sweden and on the banks of the Forth in Scotland and have taken to their adopted home with some distinction.

Underpinning the compositions lays a narrative of friction, which they are able to translate through pulsing bass / percussion that combines with a guitar framework that sweeps with echoes, which the scowling vocal unifies with anthems that demand of joining in the choruses fusing the audience immediately with The Circus Ship.

Having had the opportunity to take a listen to their back catalogue, that includes home demos which you know is always my preference to get the cut through the gloss and polish of production studio, my only sadness is that they are at present not travelling far away from their territory to get out to see them live.

For those of finer ears than my own tinnitus ringing, a recent release through Last Orders RecordsBarney (available on bandcamp) is a decent place to get to know them, particularly as it includes two live tracks out of the five. Live recording or performance is the essence of The Circus Ship, where the connection becomes strongest as it is the minor imperfections that gives the material its power.

I look forward to hearing much more and wish The Circus Ship the best in the tumult that is the music business, as they have much to add.

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Dialects from Glasgow in Scotland is the maths-rock quartet of Conor Anderson (Guitar), Steven Gillies (Guitar), Ali Walker (Bass) and Jonny Gormley (Drums).

Dialects - Maths-rock from Scotland


The industrial excavations of Dialects soon have you looking at the walls to ensure it isn’t they that are furiously cascading around your head. When maths rock comes right, it is a joy to behold, rarely it does, though in the hands of the quartet the carefully constructed pyramids are felled in measured temperament leaving the audience smitten by the smote.

Cleavers of grinding guitar axe their way through the cortex like a finely tuned sawmill at peak production. Dialects leave the audience with a sense of perfectly articulated jaw as the jangles of angles reverberate around the head.

Pugilistic percussion is swathed in felts of beguiling bass to cleft a hidden southpaw right-hand upper-cut to the senses as the guitars serve as a valedictory salute to the unconscious.

Dialects deliver an uncompromising flow of precise compositions that take no prisoners along their path. Catch them in the wrong moment and it will discombobulate. When in the right mindset this is music which confabulates and an absolute joy.

I raise my hat to Dialects for not being afraid to challenge the listener and as importantly for putting ‘pure maths’ into maths-rock.

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