Girobabies is the alt-rock project of Mark McGhee (Vocals), Robbie Gunn (Guitar), Gordy Duncan Jr (drums), Jess (Keys) and Jo D’Arc (Bass) from Glasgow in Scotland.

Girobabies - Who Took Utopia? - Vinyl

Girobabies – Who Took Utopia? – Vinyl

With a couple of releases behind them prior to the launch of the LP Who Took Utopia? Girobabies have established themselves in the live performance circuit. Established musicians with other vehicles this is reflected in the out-put which has a self-assured confidence as the quintet take the listener on a journey of different spaces.

Girobabies do not use volume or speed to create the impact of their material, rather the depth of textures which wrap themselves around the room like a bespoke pair of gloves and the listener finds themselves engrossed by the out-put.

Whilst the musicians paddle away busily to deliver the complex structures of sound they arrive to the ears with the elegance of a swan gliding across a still pond. The keys add a subtle layer of background from around which the guitar slithers its layering while percussion maintains an ever present sense of underlaying rising-panic giving the material its brooding, threatening presence whilst the superbly delivered vocals generate the context. As regular readers know my favoured section of a band is pretty well always the bass and the fact that it hasn’t been mentioned in the sound description rightly leads you to believe it needs its own commendation as it is wielded with undeniable ability ranging from hiding in the mix of sounds to standing like a gravestone to which the out-put pays homage.

Though the LP was released back in September it is also being released on the 18th as a limited edition coloured milky-vinyl through Grebo Records, whose limited run releases increasingly feature. Both the digital and vinyl versions of Who Took Utopia? are available on bandcamp – though there will only be 300 of the vinyl run.

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John Lemke – To Let It Go – Video

John Lemke is a Scottish ambient-mirage creator.

John Lemke - Nomad Frequencies - artwork

John Lemke – Nomad Frequencies – artwork

Inspired by a year of personal and global upheaval John Lemke found the elements to write the appropriately named LP Nomad Frequencies, which was released in September.

The eighth of the ten tracks – Let It Go, reflects on the ability to catch faint glimmers of light when all around appears forlorn in a track that undergoes a transition from a feeling of resigned abandonment to discovering vague hand-holds of purchase during the just under six minutes duration.

The electronics and subtle, signature, piano eerily scope out the room as though testing the mettle of the listener before melting into the marrow of the bones, creating a feeling of isolated pragmatism and leaving a sense of hope.

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Even In Arcadia

From Glasgow in Scotland – Hazel Gore (Vocals ), Christopher Garvin (Guitar), Chris Gore (Bass) and Blair Martin (Drums) got together last year to form the brooding-rock band Even In Arcadia.

Even In Arcadia - alt-rock from Scotland

Even In Arcadia

Melting its way into the subcutaneous tissue Even In Arcadia produce music that takes over the body and soul of the listener. The blending darkness of the pumping bass coalesces like congealing blood with the rancorous percussion. A glazed guitar shimmers feint light on the unfolding scene and a mesmerising vocal circles around like a ghostly spectre as the quartet deliver their quietly delivered and understated powerful compositions.

It is difficult to believe they have been together for such a short period of time as immediately on hitting play you will think this should be a sound already sitting in your library of ‘iconic rock’. Even In Arcadia have a poise and confidence that even in recording spills into the room as that which should surely only come with time, yet formed last year they were.

A couple of three track singles behind them, Weave A Web and most recently Blue Prints are welcome additions to the world of music. I am looking forward to a double LP as the longer you linger with Even In Arcadia the more your body feels itself melting.

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The Moon Kids – Kootch Punk – Video

It is coming up to two years ago that the Scottish psychedelic-rock band The Moon Kids were introduced.

The Moon Kids - Kootch Punk

The Moon Kids

I will need to get back soon with another update as The Moon Kids is now a trio with only two of the original line-up remaining.

In the interim, a reminder of The Moon Kids, with a live version of the track Kootch Punk from earlier this year.

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Cherri Fosphate

The indie-rock band Cherri Fosphate from Glasgow in Scotland, comprises Jonny Sharpe (Vocals / Guitar), Alan Robinson (Lead Guitar), Jordan Lannigan (Bass) and Sonny Kainth (Drums).

Cherri Fosphate - indie-rock from Scotland

Cherri Fosphate

Formed back in 2012 Cherri Fosphate have spent much of their time on the live circuit in Scotland, to some considerable success, which has meant those of us further afield have had scant material to hear. Soon to be rectified, with a ten track LP – We Didn’t Come Here To Say Goodbye due for release on the 20th, as a follow up to the four track EP Burning Youth, which came out in 2013.

Cherri Fosphate deliver music that has the listener quickly energised as the flailing sounds burst into the room. Combining punchy percussion, gangly guitar, blistering bass and vituperative vocal the quartet are able to unify the melodious with the minacious, leaving the audience feeling they have been been belted by a velvet camouflaged glove.

Having served their apprenticeship, I can only hope that the release of We Didn’t Come Here To Say Goodbye will enable Cherri Fosphate to deservedly broaden their reach.


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