Shambolics – Love Collides – Single Review

The Scottish rock ‘n’ roll band Shambolics are due to release the single Love Collides next month.

Shambolics - Love Collides


The clarity of delivers gives Shambolics a snappy beat that the moment the sounds flow in to the room the listener finds themselves joining in with the joy of it all.

First looked at back in August of least year; in Love Collides, Shambolics, deliver similar zestiness that covers the listener in a refreshing tangy sharpness though have, in the three minutes and fifty seconds of the song, marginally softened the sound giving the piece a more rounded moulding within which they find themselves space to add a subtlety from which they are able to deliver a track layered in textures.

I was enthusiastic when they were first featured I am even more enamoured now and do suggest keeping an ear out for Shambolics: A band, if there is any justice in the music industry, you will hear much more of in the near future.

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Empress xX – Quiet Contemplation – Audio

The Scottish hip-hop creator Empress xX released the EP Turning Tables earlier in the month.

Empress xX - Turning Tables - artwork

Empress xX – Turning Tables – artwork

Scorching through the speakers is a skillfully delivered wry and scornful commentary of societal malaise as Empress xX delivers tracks that finds the listener smiling while infected by the controlled fulmination.

From the five track release (available on bandcamp) my pick of the release is the penultimate – Quiet Contemplation.


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L – space – Brother Mars – Audio

The dream-wave Scottish duo L – space released the EP Sol Ø within the past twenty four hours.

L - space

L – space

The about sixteen minutes four track release drifts across the room leaving spectral traces in its wake. Each of the pieces on Sol Ø offer different textures, sometimes flowing with piano, other-times a thread of sound led by synthesis and electric guitar.

Brother Mars – the second number on the EP (available on bandcamp) is steeped in acoustic guitar. Befittingly L – space have offered the listener a wide palette of ideas to get to know them in this, their follow-up to their début single Propaganda, which was of more urgent tempo, from earlier this month and it will be interesting to trace their journey to discover where, or if, they settle.


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Thula Borah – The Psychopath Test – Audio

Thula Borah is a Scottish dark-rock quartet who will be releasing the EP Near Life Experience on the 27th.

Thula Borah

Thula Borah

From the forthcoming EP is The Psychopath Test.

Those of longer stay will know I make no secret of my diagnosis of psychopathy and three decades of meetings with Forensic Psychiatrists and Psychologists with both of the two teams seeking to attempt to ensure I remain vaguely civil – so I should be railing against a song which – in the same vein that so many like to ‘blanket meme’ an ideology fed by the 1% – that Women only exist to be abused, those who are not WASPS deserve contempt, Transsexuals are the death of civilisation, those of Islamic faith are all suicide bombers and immigrants are the reason you are struggling to make ends meet – which is the actual message from this track – do as the 1% tell you to – but I won’t dwell on that ideologue.

I always judge music, by the music and whilst I personally find the concept of the track as something delivered through ignorance of a personality trait – we are not all axe-murderers and most of us are attempting to get by in a world full of folks with whom we don’t empathise – the composition of the song I did enjoy and I am sure you will too. So – I forgive them their vainglorious Daily Mail Headline enveloped stupidity – and I hope you will too as the song is worth hearing.

I may be less forgiving if the next track they reveal suggests that abuse of women is not an abomination, merely the predators right of expression – because Donald Trump and Boris Johnson intimate it is thus.


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Matthew Collings – In The Undertow – Video

Matthew Collings is a Scottish experimental-ambience creator.

Matthew Collings

Matthew Collings

Sometimes politically charged, always dark, Matthew Collings delivers music crafted predominately, though not exclusively, by manipulating physical vibrations of the speakers created by both organic and inorganic material.

The visual elements of the works are as key as the aural and the video to accompany In The Undertow was created by Ian Waugh.

Ian Waugh website

Matthew Collings website

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