Invisible Dears – If You Can – Audio

On the 24th of September the Scotland based Australian alt-folk project Invisible Dears released the eponymous EP.

Invisible Dears

Invisible Dears

Just as the listener is thinking they are settled in to the landscape of luxuriant dayglo comforters the tempo changes to a cèilidh in which to step in gleeful abandon. None more so pronounced than the opening track of the five on the EP, available on bandcamp, If You Can and necessarily why it is my pick of the release.

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Saint McCabe – Now I Clean For Pleasure – Audio

The Scotland based synthwave project Saint McCabe released the début three track eponymous single yesterday.

Saint McCabe

Saint McCabe

Easily flighted darts of electronica wriggle through the room one moment of infectious dance-beat in another a dark shadowy presence, what marks out Saint McCabe a clear space of its own is the impressive and expressive vocal which is able to deliver a lilting cadence of ever changing movement.

The opening track on the single (available on bandcamp) is Now I Clean For Pleasure.


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milkd – When I Get To You – Audio

The Scottish slowave duo milkd released their eponymous EP yesterday.

milkd - Photograph by Maya Sacks

milkd – Photograph by Maya Sacks

Unhurriedly drifting through the room milkd deliver music which invites the listener to lay back on a soft blanket and allow the music to wind away the stresses of the day as the reverberating echo of guitar, softly brushed vocal and warming keys cosset the ears.

From the four track EP (available on bandcamp) the second – When I Get To You.

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Shambolics – Chasing A Disaster – Single Review

The Scottish rock’n’roll quartet, Shambolics, released the single Chasing A Disaster on the 5th.

Shambolics - Chasing A Disaster


Transporting the listener from the Eastern coast of Scotland to the South Western coast of the USA in Chasing A Disaster; Shambolics take the listener to a Californian retro-surf ride.

A bleeding guitar slips out of the speakers to the accompaniment of a ferris-wheel percussion as the pulsing bass rotates through the ears while a laid-back vocal shimmers, akin to a brightly sunlight cloud floating high in the sky, leaving the listener pondering of time on the beach on a warm summers day.

There is nothing to do other than skim out to sea, to catch the coasters.

Chasing a Disaster – Shambolics is available on iTunes.*

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The Rotations – Extracting Gold From Fleas – Audio

The Scottish experimental-rock quintet The Rotations put out a couple of tracks last week.

The Rotations

The Rotations

Extracting Gold From Fleas has a primordial beat that takes the listener on to a chanting fireside dance with the music seeping its way deep in to the marrow of the bones as it laments of a world turned sour by selfish greed.

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