Band Of The Month – August 2017 – Editors’ Choice

With thanks once again to every musician around the globe for doing what you do – regardless of whether ever featured or not – it is you who makes the world a better place by your very existence…

Saint Sapphire - Band Of The Month - August 2017

Saint Sapphire

…the Editors’ Choice for Band Of The Month for August comes from Northern Ireland – Saint Sapphire.

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Saint Sapphire – Rule The World Tonight – Video

Saint Sapphire is a newwave quartet from Northern Ireland.

Saint Sapphire

Saint Sapphire

Yesterday they revealed their latest single – Rule The World Tonight.

As is always the case the best rock’n’roll is unadorned and in Rule The World Tonight, Saint Sapphire, deliver a track that immediately catches the audience with the pulsing sound that has them joining in with the infectious uptempo hooks and dips.

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Plasticine Porters – Procrastination – Audio

The indie-folk duo Plasticine Porters from Northern Ireland will be releasing the EP Train Of Thought on the 30th.

Plasticine Porters

Plasticine Porters

With more than one scoop of ice-cream coming from the ’60s brit-rock tub – Plasticine Porters deliver music that has an easy flow of uncomplicated song structure flooded with dance steps and the listener can happily submerge themselves in the retro-flavours.

There is a saying that ‘less is more’ and Train Of Thought (available on bandcamp) is a perfect example as anything added to these individual songs would have been extraneous, though having said that –  having got in to the flow of the EP only having five songs to hear leaves the listener wishing there were a few more. My selection is the third track – Procrastination.

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Dan Moxham – Transcendental Astronaut – Video

Dan Moxham is a metaphysical-experimental visual and aural artist from Northern Ireland.

Dan Moxham - Transcendental Astronaut

Dan Moxham

Those of longer stay will recognise Dan from both Colt 66 and The Husky Tusks.

In Transcendental Astronaut, a forlorn composition, with a vocalised scene setting introduction prior to the electronic elements taking over – and as the almost twelve and a half minutes of the track evolves so the narrative contemplation of an astronaut lost and dying in space drifts in and out of focus as they consider their own soon to be lifeless body endlessly spinning through galaxies as though a grotesque memorial to its own frailty.

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Alice Signal Fires – Hot Air Balloons – Audio

Alice Signal Fires is an alt-rock outfit split between Northern Ireland, Wales and England.

Alice Signal Fires

Alice Signal Fires

Currently working towards the release of an LP, as yet unnamed, for 2017 to follow-up the album Ghost from last year.

The first track to surface from the forthcoming release is Hot Air Balloons in which those who already know Alice Signal Fires will find grounds of similarity, with acoustic guitar featuring prominently in the piece. The major difference being that the music has a more resolute presence moving from the ground of alternative folk to a more scathing and compressed rock iteration.

It will be interesting to discover if this is a one-off diversion or a new direction of travel.

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