Swears – Faith In The Nation – Single Review

The English new wave quartet Swears released the single Faith In The Nation on the 5th.



14 hole DMs are the prerequisite footwear priot to hitting play and starting to pogo – oh and then hit play… Faith In The Nation is a feisty track in which to clash safety pins and bondage straps with an accompanying audience on the dance-floor as the sarcastic lyric swathes through the ears whilst unremitting bass pummels the jawbone while the pulsing drum-kit switches between snare and a bass-drum you just know isn’t going to stay its anchors whilst an unexpected duo of rhythmic guitars swagger through the room in flashing strobes of shimmering layered melody, giving Faith In The Nation a zingy melodic twist.

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HateviruS – ArchiteKt oF HatE – Video

The Romania / England based metal trio HateviruS are finalising details of the release of their début LP Hateful Mind.



Sprung from a narrative of disappointment about the unnecessary divisions and expressions of hate prevalent across much of the world HateviruS deliver a fury of dark metal appealing for a fight-back against messages of exclusion and intolerance.

The latest track to be revealed from the album –  ArchiteKt oF HatE, available on bandcamp as a stand-alone single, contemplates that it is easy to be sucked in to the wall of hate and gain a sense of tribal identity by joining in with sneering derision and resultingly loosing ones own moral compass.

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Avital Raz – The Only Time Jon Paid For Sex – Audio

Avital Raz is a social-commentary-folk creator based in England.

Avital Raz

Avital Raz

Taking a scalpel to peel away the veneer of societal respectability Avital Raz uncovers the festering sores contained therein and exposing them to the full glare of the sun. Few areas escape the barbed wit and precision surgeons blade as Avital combines a strong sense of composition, acidic lyric and an equally appropriate vocal to deliver a perspective of the underbelly of society.

From the Sotones Records 10th anniversary compilation SOTONES10 LP coming out on the 3rd of November the third of the seventeen tracks – The Only Time Jon Paid For Sex.


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John Wiseman – Flash On – Audio

John Wiseman is an English electro-rock creator.

John Wiseman - Photo credit - Peter Wiseman

John Wiseman – Photo credit – Peter Wiseman

Regularly revealing new ideas, the most recent being the LP Not One Step Back (available on bandcamp).

The music takes many shapes, sometimes melancholic, other times optimistic, perhaps angry, or of light mood – almost as though traversing the gamut of human emotions in the approaching fifty minutes, thirteen track, album which holds the listeners close attention from first note to last.

By way of introduction to a musician I look forward to coming back to in short order – the fifth song – Flash On.

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la lune – barcelona – Audio

The English ethereal-wave project la lune is anticipating the début EP early next year.

la lune

la lune

An instinctively able musician who is able to layer the compositions in hazy drifts of electronica whilst leaving space for the haunting vocal to shimmer through voile in to the ears and I look forward to hearing much more over the coming years.

The most recent track to be revealed – barcelona will also be on the EP.

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