Radiosaurus – Something About You – Audio

The English grunge quartet Radiosaurus release the EP Sleep Away The Sun on the 16th.

Radiosaurus - Sleep Away The Sun - artwork

Radiosaurus – Sleep Away The Sun – artwork

Something About You – the second of the four tracks on the EP (available on bandcamp) slides in to the room on muddy footprint as the loosely strung guitar chords flex in to each other while a splodgy percussion beats its way through the ears and an equally blurry vocal rounds out a track that demands immediate replay.

With only one other track that I have been able to hear, which is a deftly delivered stoner number – Sleep Away The Sun, based on the couple of songs around, will be an EP to add to the collection immediately on availability.


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James Poole – I’ve Started Fuckin Someone Else – Single Review

James Poole is an electro-rock project from England.

James Poole

James Poole

Reflective of the veneer of the reality of pixel connectivity in the ’10s I’ve Started Fuckin Someone Else commences with a sincerity of flecked guitar prior to alighting upon the reality of the tenuous nature of a world burying heads in smart-phones to catch up with the ‘latest fad’ whilst ignoring those in physical proximity.

As those who are of longer stay will know I have an ever present predilection for the prescient whilst little regard for autotune, yet, I’ve Started Fuckin Someone Else is able to encapsulate both narratives in a song that suitably wraps its fingers, aurally, around the vacuity of the desire for ‘popularity’ at the expense of authenticity and a song that serves as historical reference point for future generations of ‘life in the ’10s – the era of insecure selfishness’.

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HAUS – Dont’ Care Enough – Audio

The English alt-indie quintet HAUS released the EP Say What You Say today.

HAUS - Dont' Care Enough


A five track plus one remix release that showcases their blend of styles with the songs reflecting on the societal breakdowns of the ’10s along with pondering on more philosophical thoughts about life in general. Whilst the subject matter is intended as thought provoking the soundtrack is not of dour countenance as their material always is of a message of positivity.

The hip-hop infused Don’t Care Enough is the third track.

Say What You Say EP is available on Amazon.*

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Hannah Scott – Weight Of Your Words – Single Review

The English alt-folk creator Hannah Scott released the single Weight Of Your Words today.

Hannah Scott

Hannah Scott

Released as a two track single, available on bandcamp, one an electronically enhanced version, the other acoustic. My preference being the acoustic version as it allows, in my view, greater magnification the finer nuances of the superlative vocal to shine more clearly, along with having a soundtrack that more accurately reflects of the fragility of the sentiment of the track, hence more powerful entirely because of its more tender flow.

The guitar lays out a delicate architecture to which bowed instrumentation generates a melancholic atmosphere while the lyric, with its nascent narrative, is given focus through the transfixing, emotive vocal delivery.


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Pamphlet – heavy pleasure – Audio

The English alt-rock quartet Pamphlet released the LP Schezwan Sally today.

Pamphlet - heavy pleasure


A well constructed six track album (available on bandcamp) that offers two distinct sides to the band – one a coiled new-wave sound the other a dark menacing beast casting shadow through the room and they are able to successfully deliver songs with feet in either camp as both contain their signature of deep rumbling bass.

My selection from the LP is the closer heavy pleasure which is their more brooding side.

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