The Bordellos – They Shoot horses don’t they – Audio

The English agit-rock trio The Bordellos were first introduced back in 2014.

The Bordellos - They Shoot horses don't they

The Bordellos

Word arrives that they may be packing up their bags for a while – though before they disappear – perhaps for ever – from the most recent four track EP The Bordellos underground tape vol 7 (available on bandcamp) the second track They Shoot horses don’t they minds the listener of their long reach to us all. One can only hope they rediscover interest in their own creativity as they sit as a beacon of light in the fog of the malaise of the 21st Century and should they dim – it will be a sadness of passing.

In the possibility that this is a eulogy – I extend my thanks to The Bordellos and gratitude for their legacy.

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Bleek Noir – Irene (And My Body Wants Out) – Audio

Bleek Noir is a new sultry-goth project from England.

Bleek Noir

Bleek Noir

A four track EP Fresh Born Animal (And I’m Not Sure Who I Am) and a two track AA single Harder Love / Draggin’ That Damn Thing Around (both available on bandcamp) surfaced on the 28th of July.

This is music to listen to whilst reposed with oiled limbs wrapped around a partner in a candlelight chamber dressed only in deep-purple velvet necklace and dark sheening eyeshadow with silk blindfolds and tie-ribbons in reach.  There is an eroticism that burbles under the surface as the darkly poised strings slink through the room with a snaking percussion caressing the torso as the tantalising vocal breathes warmly over the earlobes.

The only issue being the totality of the five songs around (one being repeated) only lasts for less than twenty minutes and not enough time to indulge in the mood-setter.


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Queen Zee & The Sasstones – Sass Or Die – Audio

Introduced a few months ago the English newwave outfit Queen Zee & The Sasstones return with their latest track.

Queen Zee & The Sasstones - Sass Or Die

Queen Zee & The Sasstones

Lacking the gloopy bass of previous feature, in Sass Or Die, Queen Zee & The Sasstones raise a more urgent and frenetic backdrop that scrubs the plaster off the walls for its frenetic clawing and the listener finds themselves minded – if one is not of the ‘acceptable’ one is of the ‘undesirable.

Play it loud – play it proud.

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SP RR W – Atmosphere (the most daring escape) – Video

The English dreamwave quartet SP RR W release the LP Post-Truth later in the year.



From the album, the first track to surface – Atmosphere (the most daring escape) – which will be released as a stand alone single on the 11th – drifts through the room in luscious waves of sound that alight comfortably around the shoulders, whilst conversely the  lyric itself wrests of the pain driven through the malaise of much of society whereby if someone is different to one clique or another they are demonised.

It is their ability to take strong political stance without tearing holes in the speakers that gives the music its powerful impact.

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Jon C Butler – A Little Misunderstanding – Audio

The English americana creator Jon C Butler released the LP Universal Stranger on the 28th of July.

Jon C Butler

Jon C Butler

There is an immense pleasure to be taken in spending the roughly forty five minutes it takes to run through the eleven track album (available on bandcamp) allowing the quietly paced and understated songs to warm the bone-marrow and listener can feel their whole being drifting in to quiet relaxation as effectively as a massage to unknot cramped shoulders.

The many years experience of Jon C Butler does not deliver a sound of a jaded veteran, rather a highly accomplished song-writer who still finds great pleasure in creating and delivering music with the enthusiasm of day one.

By way of an introduction the third song – A Little Misunderstanding.


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