Prangman – Far Away – Audio

The ambient-EDM  project of Dan MeldrumPrangman from England released the four track EP Chambers on the  15th.



Perhaps it is due to the fact that I wrote this article on Friday late morning on the 10th that the soft textures of sound – featuring vocals by Lyndsey Murray that this made sense, though given it is also Friday – albeit a week later that this is being published – it may also make perfect sense too as a means to wind down in to the weekend.

Chambers is available from NexGen Music.

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Frequency Cowboy – Move Closer – Video

It has been a couple of years since the English alt-indie project Frequency Cowboy last featured.

Frequency Cowboy - Move Closer

Frequency Cowboy

A less electronics riven and more morose sounds greets the ears with Move Closer in a track that keeps the listener engaged for its measured pacing and quietness.

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Blanco White – El Búho – Audio

The English world-folk project of Josh Edward known as Blanco White will be releasing the EP Colder Heavens on the 31st of March.

Blanco White - Photo by Sequoia Ziff

Blanco White – Photo by Sequoia Ziff

Within the past five hours the second of the four tracks on the EP – El Búho – was given light of day.

Strongly influenced by his time in both Spain and Bolivia El Búho resonates of twelve string guitar technique and tempo, giving the composition a patina of dance-step while the veiled vocal provides a powerful emotive depth to the song, which through its approaching four minute duration finds the listener both clapping in time and drifting in to hypnotic trance.


Colder Heavens is available on Amazon.*

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SURGE – Shame – Audio

It was back in 2015 that the English indie-rock quartet SURGE last featured.

SURGE - Photo credit - Geoff Lawrence

SURGE – Photo credit – Geoff Lawrence

As so often is the case in life symmetrical evolutions surface in clusters and not for the first time within the past few articles I head back to a band who have had a few years gap in coverage.

On the 5th of March SURGE will be making available the single Shame – a song which those of longer legs on the site will not find dissimilar from previously featured, though with a stronger and tighter message that more forcefully bursts its way across the room.

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Everafter – Dancing in the Rain – Video

The English alt-rock trio Everafter are due to release the single Dancing in the Rain imminently.

Everafter - Dancing in the Rain


In the approaching three years since Everafter were first introduced Dancing In The Rain is the most heavy-metal steeped track they have revealed and a fine job of it they do too as they continue to provide the listener with alternative ideas with each song they launch.

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