New Arcades – From The Dark – Single Review

The English electro-indie outfit New Arcades revealed a new track within the past few hours.

New Arcades - From The Dark

New Arcades – From The Dark

I often discover music that is perfectly suited to a moment – though perhaps there is some inevitability in that as I am almost always writing music reviews – however – a weekend with a new dance-track – what more does life require?

New Arcades over the years have always kept their music light to the touch, yet with sufficient gravitas to capture attention and From The Dark, set for official release on the 3rd of February, with its feathering beat and drifting vocal is no exception. They never aim to start a revolution, it is, evolution of a party mood which is more their speciality as they tempt the conversations to stop and the dancing to begin.

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Callum Pitt – You’d Better Sell It While You Can – Single Review

The English alt-folk creator Callum Pitt will be releasing the single You’d Better Sell It While You Can on the 24th of February.

Callum Pitt

Callum Pitt

A quietly paced piece – You’d Better Sell It While You Can – evolves through its approaching four and a half minutes duration from honkey-tonk piano to a melodious fusion of wallowing guitar and the listeners find themselves swaying along with the revolving combinations that unfurl themselves around the ears, as the textured voice, which will either make for instant dislike or interest, flows through the composition.

A tad more user friendly than much of the music featured on the site, I nonetheless suggest that spending time with Callum Pitt won’t be time you will feel regretful utilising.

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Fragile Creatures – Monsters – Single Review

The English alt-rock quintet Fragile Creatures surfaced with a new track within the past couple of hours.

Fragile Creatures - Monster

Fragile Creatures

Monsters has a tauter grip on the reigns than their previous material in a song which launches itself across the room like a steel ball in a bagatelle table.

The listener becomes captivated in the opening unbending dampened guitar strings as a slowly surfacing analogue synth provides a warmth and depth as though interwoven with the guitar. As the track develops the more slackly strung second guitar combines with the electronics giving the piece an intriguing process of evolution whilst a drum-kit with skins held fast enough to break one of the wrist or stick if hammered harder maintains the sharpness of delivery and bass stays as a weighing anchor – easy to miss – though intrinsic to the tad under three and a sixth minutes song.

On the basis of the development of composition arrangement over the past nine months – I look forward with eagerness to what comes next.

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Lake Combover – I Know Where You Are (But I Don’t Know Where You’ve Gone) – Single Review

The English analogue-rock project Lake Combover released the single I Know Where You Are (But I Don’t Know Where You’ve Gone) on the 9th.

Lake Combover

Lake Combover

I Know Where You Are (But I Don’t Know Where You’ve Gone) is a cascading waterfall of  bruising sounds  – which assail the ears in just over two minutes of mangled tautology that demands an instant replay with volume turned even louder.

As part of a series of singles coming out through the label Seal Of Approval (available on bandcamp) with one release surfacing each month during 2017, typically recorded on analogue 8 track and having had the opportunity to hear the track coming up in February by a different artist – a collection to add to the playlist as the the singles surface.

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Rose Redd – Crying Out – Audio

The English melancholic-rock project Rose Redd is finalising details for a new EP.

Rose Redd - Crying Out

Rose Redd

Within the past few hours Crying Out, which is from the forthcoming release, has surfaced.

It was back in 2014 that Rose Redd last featured and the strong voice is immediately recognisable as is the dark underbelly of the song.

Rose Redd delivers tracks which have a timelessness to them as the strong roots in classic rock are formed into compositions of melancholia which reflect on the darker moments in life and the listener can discover personal empathy with the content.

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