n i g h t s p o r t – Forget You Now – Single Review

n i g h t s p o r t is a new English dream-synth duo.

n i g h t s p o r t - Forget You Now - artwork

n i g h t s p o r t – Forget You Now – artwork

Their début track Forget You Now was made available on the 15th (on bandcamp).

On hitting play the listener becomes immersed in the mesmerising combinations of electronica, guitar and ethereal vocal that float gently through the room with the synapses slowing to match the calming waves which are delicately lifted part way through by a quietly paced steel-drum bridge prior to resuming the expansive layering of textures.

At present there is no website or social media page, though I am given to believe these are in the offing.

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John Smith – Living In Disgrace – Audio

The English acoustic folk creator John Smith releases the LP Headlong on the 30th.

John Smith

John Smith

Within the past three hours Living In Disgrace from the forthcoming album surfaced.

Revealing music that reflects of the realities of life, yet always finding light in moments of bittersweet reflection –  Living In Disgrace narrates of the importance of relationships over adversity – resultingly from a despondent moment is a perspective that the frippery of possession pales in to insignificance when weighed against the potential of unconscionable loss and through the dark cloud rises a composition of thoughtful tenderness.


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Little Mammoths – Hungover In New York – Audio

The English Americana outfit Little Mammoths release the LP Cargo For The Road on the 23rd.

Little Mammoths

Little Mammoths

First to surface from the album is Hungover In New York.

The superlative voice immediately focuses the attention with the raspy breath of a whisky drinker and heavy smoker as it whetstones through the room on scratched vocal chord.

By the time mind refocuses on the accompanying instrumentation – the listener is already in rapt attention as they alight upon the cornucopia of sounds which, by each bar, entice greater adoration as surfacing through the soundtrack is a lap-steel that has the ability to make the lyrics seem as though they are being rushed, whilst tautly strung guitar shimmers on finger-nail strumming with the bass providing an earthy grounding and the drums keeping everything aligned as it weaves between brushed steel and snippy skin.


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King Catcher – The One Who Makes It Real – Audio

The English downtempo duo King Catcher revealed their latest track within the past hour.

King Catcher - The One Who Makes It Real

King Catcher

A very different pulse emerges from the speakers in The One Who Makes It Real as King Catcher move away from their more familiar nu-disco soundtrack.

There is a sadness to the song with the minor chords of piano playing quietly as the backdrop of slowly pacing electronica and melancholic vocal in a track that has a retrospective sense of ’70s US mellow-rock in the flow.

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El Deyma – Dino Monkey – Video

It has been almost exactly a year since the England based alt-rock trio El Deyma last featured.

El Deyma - Dino Monkey

El Deyma

A side project they have been running over the past few years has been the series about a character called The Magic Shoe – which has a very different soundtrack to their more usual melancholia with a cabaret feel.

The latest instalment Chapter 3 Dino Monkey has been a year in the making.

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