The New Infection

The New Infection is Seamus (Vocals / Guitar), James (Lead Guitar), Ben (Drums) and Jeremy (Bass) an indie-pop rock band from London in England.

The New Infection - indie pop from England

The New Infection

The New Infections add a zing to the day. I am reminded of the likes of The Shh and The YuYa with their sounds that can’t help but make everything seem better. Adding some well constructed bass line gives the material a firm foundation on which electronics and instruments jump around like spring lamb inside a framework of a well defined percussion, the vocal completes the sprightly sounds.

Judging by the opening track on their scheduled EP and comparing this to earlier material The New Infection seem to be moving to a more techno pop feel from the more instrumental focus of previous pieces. However they play it, the band have the ability to make the most out of the ideas and deliver music which lives up to the bands name as the listener can’t help but be caught up in the infectious enthusiasm and joie de vivre.

In addition to the recordings The New Infection can be found regularly playing live, typically at present in and around London, but it shouldn’t be too long before they are given the opportunity to venture further afield.


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Superfecta is Andy Urwin (Vocals), Danun Todd (Guitars), Junior (Drums) and  Max D Pinto (Bass) a rock band from London in England.

Superfecta - EP artwork

Superfecta – EP artwork

Well delivered spacey guitar riffs encase the classical big stage rock sounds that define Superfecta. They are also able to let the audience get out the air guitars to join in with faster anthemic rock numbers.

A couple of years behind them, the quartet have developed in to fine musicians and there is nothing to criticise about the studied output yet, as you know, it is the very fact of that flawless radio friendly delivery that I struggle to find a heart and soul which seems to have been ironed out along with all the other creases, but as always, that is just me and shouldn’t put you off as Superfecta have worked hard to get their songs sounding as they do.

They chose to spend a year focussing on rehearsal and live performance before hitting the studio this year to produce their debut EP – the eponymous four track release which came out yesterday. Even the artwork sets the tone of the considered nature of the band as this is part of a storyline as yet undisclosed.

I have much time for these guys and raise my hat to their hard work but – too ‘perfect’ or just Superfecta? Time will tell and I will leave you to be the judge.


Superfecta – EP – Superfecta is available on iTunes*.

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Audio Disease

Tom Harris (Lead Vocals), Daniel Bremner (Guitar), Luke Bradley (Bass), Josh Warby (Rhythm Guitar) and Scott Davies (Drums) from Dudley in England make up the rock band Audio Disease.

Audio Disease - rock music from England

Audio Disease

Making full use of the two guitars Audio Disease send out soaring riffs of fretwork which sits within the context of classic rock. Referencing influences from across the generations the quintet are able to offer their rapidly growing fan-base with a smart mixture of sounds that provide well considered hooks and also are able to play a more considered and thoughtful melodies.

Relatively newly out of the blocks, if their start is anything to go by, Audio Disease are set fair for a great career as a band as they demonstrate both able song-writing skills and the ability to get the most out of the tracks musically. Well defined compositions are delivered fluidly and each member of the band adds their own defining brush stroke to the overall sound.

In support of a new single that came out yesterday – Breakaway – and their May LP Contagion (which is available on iTunes*) –  they are on an extended UK tour which should see them gain an even wider audience in short order.


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Originally formed in Malta and now based in Sheffield – England, Jeffrey Zerafa (Guitar / Vocals), Kriz Zahra (Bass / Vocals) and Chris Mallia (Drums) make up the indie rock band Cable35.

Cable35 - Indie rock from England


On hitting play the listener is shipped far from either Malta or England, surfing up on West Coast USA beaches as the LA inspired garage rock streams into the room. Sublime use of the lower registers of the bass rebound around the room before the fused guitar and hammer and tong drums hurry it all forwards. The combination of the two vocals provides some well formed echoes and definition to the voice which otherwise could easily become lost in the frenetic activity.

As creditable musicians Cable35 are able to do more than merely make a noise, as hidden within the hive of activity are some well structured melodies which gives the music a purpose and direction and the whole imagery is well controlled, enabling the audience to grab hold of something of substance.

The old site was going through a bit of a hiatus when I was first sent details of their seven track LP – Fungus – which saw a supporting tour across the UK and a stop over in Malta, during the summer. From a more recent email exchange, I believe the band is organising another UK tour during October and November along with some new videos. Whichever way you are able to connect with Cable35, they are a great example of a band who take the straightforward and add considerably by being strong players of their instruments and decent songwriters.

I was reminded of a comment I heard by Barrington of Whitemoor – Spend your money on guitar tuners and rehearsal time before investing in elaborate stage bannersCable35 have invested their money wisely over the years and can comfortably now afford to start investing in Elaborate Stage Banners.


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The Inky Depths

The Inky Depths is Adrian Woodward (Vocals / Guitar), Leo Sutherland (Drums) and James Lewis (Bass) an Indie band from London in England.

The Inky Depths - indie rock from England

The Inky Depths

Welcome to The Inky Depths, who have a decent sound hidden under the nutshell and so we find their new thirteen track LP set for release at the end of the month – Just A Phase.

Inside the creativity, there is a lack of self belief I feel, which in my opinion has held them back these past few years, as the music which harks back to ’60s rock has plenty to engage the listener.

I am delighted they took the time to reach out to me and it is a pleasure to proffer to you, the arbiters of music, a band who prefaced an email with ‘I’m writing to tell you about about by my band, The Inky Depths, which may be vaguely appropriate for you to feature.’ Now, much as I lambaste arrogance, deference bothers me too. I am merely a writer of reviews and these guys do all the hard work. My thanks, as always are extended to the creators of music, making the world a better place in which to live.

My thoughts – well worth a moment of your time – and please support them on their Facebook Page and I assure you the 13 track release, which I am unable to share at present is a delight of fanciful rock ‘n’ roll and heart felt soul.

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