Breeze is the alt-rock quartet of Aron Gilbey (Vocals / Guitar), Dom Hepworth (Guitar / Backing Vocals), Adam Frost (Bass) and Joe Gray (Drums / Backing Vocals) from Kingston Upon Hull in England.

Breeze - alt-rock from England


Merging rock-a-billy and shoegaze Breeze deliver a refreshing perspective of material. Guitars are given range to slide up and down the fret-board with disparities of glazy effects, whilst the bass pulls on the reigns, keeping the glittering shimmers of sound in check and the drum-kit keeps it all moving forward. An intriguingly expressive half-spoken vocal gives the material a fulcrum around which to pivot and the audience is left with compositions which captivate the attention.

Formed towards the end of 2013 a three track single surfaced last year – Post Youth – which I particularly enjoy for the direct connection. Interestingly Breeze are more enamoured with their latest one track single, released on the 3rd of this month, Same Wave which to paraphrase has more time spent on post production and polishing, so perhaps it is of little surprise to those who are of longer readership to find I prefer the more direct sounds of earlier material.

Establishing a regular live performance roster I look forward to hearing more by Breeze.

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Both releases are available on bandcamp.

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Toffees is the melodic-rock quartet of Piers Nolan (Vocal / Guitar), Joshua Morton (Bass), Mj Lewis (Guitar / Vocals) and Ryan Bailey (Drums) from London in England.

Toffees - Melodic-rock from England


Music is about moments in time and will always be subjective, sure we have our predilections and as you know, if you are a regular reader mine is ’70s Punk.  99.99% of the time I would not be writing about Toffees, but it suits a moment perfectly and I am sure you will also find a space in your life when the quartet make perfect sense. If that isn’t now, bookmark the page and add them to your ‘grown up moments’ playlist.

Successfully navigating narrow line between wall-paper paste and glorious evocations, Toffees are able to deliver sounds which don’t challenge the audience with complexity, yet are not lost in the back-ground hubbub of an evening of drinks with a few friends.

The quartet combine easy flowing rock, with sufficient gravel to keep the ears attuned to sounds that wash through the room. Toffees is a band to add to the catalogue as they are able to nuzzle gently in the ears, yet not get lost and most certainly worth bringing out at the right moment, which for me, is as I type this article.


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Cold Ocean Lies

Cold Ocean Lies is the Brit-gaze quartet of Luke Marvin, Arran Bick, Harry Lehmann and Luke Brickett Haycock from Lichfield in England.

Cold Ocean Lies - Brit-gaze from England

Cold Ocean Lies

Distortion, echo and reverb surround a ’90s brit-pop spine allowing Cold Ocean Lies to offer music which harks of the familiar, whilst heading to territories new. There is a solid rock base to the sounds which are embellished with flourishes of gothic architecture and luxurious shimmers of guitar which capture the attention, this is all overlaid with a vocal that gives it the ’90s reference point.

The combinations work well, allowing Cold Ocean Lies to create compositions with plenty of eddies of attraction, without it ever straying into the self-indulgent as the bass / percussion keeps the material tightly knitted.

Having only had the opportunity to hear three of their songs, all of which approached from different angles, it will be interesting to find out how things develop longer term, for now a more than satisfactory clutch of tunes and given their expanding live performance circuit it shouldn’t be long before Cold Ocean Lies gain greater traction.

I look forward to hearing more. Whilst Cold Ocean Lies have released a two track single The Game, fairly typically of me, I have selected as the song to introduce them, the only one of the three that didn’t make the cut onto the release.

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Ghost Of The Avalanche

Nick Wiltone (Bass / Vocals) and Miles Per-Hour (Drums / Vocals) from Bath in England form the rage-rock band Ghost Of The Avalanche.

Ghost Of The Avalanche - rage-rock from England

Ghost Of The Avalanche

A fury of sounds hurtle their way round the room as Ghost Of The Avalanche unfurl their combinations of bulldozer bass and pneumatic drum-kit. The duo are however far more than raging temper and loudness, as they are able to introduce moments of tenderness (do bear in mind that is a relative to the sheer brutality of the over-all sound) and given all they have to hand are two loud pieces of kit, that is some mean feat. The vocals are what allows them to inflect varying emotional draw to the music.

There would be little doubt that a drum / bass combination would lead me to suggest you spend time with the material, but despite this being able to be served at full volume, there is also plenty to get your ears to grapple with as Ghost Of The Avalanche deliver music which can be enjoyed in quieter mode.

Ghost Of The Avalanche are another example of musicians who are able to create more by stripping away the fat from the sounds add to which tracks, which rarely last more than three minutes, frequently not even making sixty seconds.

A new EP, the five track This Is Earth, is set for release on the 18th September.

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Kommissar from Peterborough in England is the indie rock trio of Daniel Brashaw (Guitar / Vocals), Philip Wilson (Guitar) and Alex Lowe-Lauri (Drums).

Kommissar - indie-rock from England


Only a couple of months out of the gate Kommisar is still a band in development, having quite recently added a third member to the line-up with only a handful of songs I have been able to hear, most of which were only recorded as a duo, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tarry and get to know them even at this early stage.

There is a brooding mellifluous presence that flows across the room as the trio offer their moody take on the world around. Kommissar deliver well paced material with a solid bass-line and given that it was the bassist who was the most recent addition, a welcome contribution. The drums lay out an even temper to the tracks and the guitar, whilst harnessed adds a lightening hue to the sound.

Beginning to secure live performances locally, it will be interesting to hear how Kommissar develop over the coming year and I look forward to hearing more music from the full line-up.

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