Nuns Of The Tundra

Nuns Of The Tundra from Malvern in England is the stoner rock quartet of Arran Davies (Guitar), Callum Croft (Bass), Melos Moody (Drums) and Troy Tittley (Vocals / Guitar).

Nuns Of The Tundra - stoner rock from England

Nuns Of The Tundra

The clefts of barren space at the end of each bar by Nuns Of Tundra keeps the heart in a state of constriction as the hurtling sounds flail across the room. It is the sublime sharp edged stutters of sound which are played superbly by the quartet that raises this way above the bar and I am minded of watching a perfectly skimmed stone bouncing across the water into the distance and the personal joy of counting each set of ripples which a deft flick of the wrist and the ideal selection from the water-front elicits.

Unlike me, the quartet having learnt their craft do not then immediately reach for the biggest rock in the fond conviction that this will work too as they pursue tracks which take the listener on a grungy weave of guitar and perfectly balanced bass, whilst percussion is given room to grind cleaving axes of tempestuousness, to which the vocal precariously straddles the path between the intemperate considerations and ties the whole thing together with a sound you just want to keep hearing.

I have much time for the way that Nuns Of The Tundra are able to sharply cleave the stanzas, whilst maintaining a flowing undercurrent of sound, not an easy feat. Recently formed this is a quartet you can expect to hear much more of in short order if there is any justice in the music industry, but we both know there isn’t, so I can only offer my support and trust you will too.

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Indra’s Net

The alt-rock quartet of Alex Scurlock, Ed Llewellin, William Reade and Luke Ingram from Leicester in England form Indra’s Net.

Indra's Net - alt-rock from England

Indra’s Net

Reminding of a yacht battling the currents around Drakes Passage Indra’s Net has an fascinating isolation tossing against towering waves as the music steels itself against a world in opposition and the ears can’t help but lock on to the titanic struggle. The quartet utilise sharply strung damped guitars to provide strings which cleave the ears like a cheese wire and the audience transfixes on a bobbing cork that no-matter what is thrown at it, will sail onwards.

There is a sublime beauty to the compositions which combine a frailty with a steely determinism as the percussion minds me of a deep-set keel forcing a buoyancy and momentum despite the darkness over which Indra’s Net gallantly sails, a vocal stretching the chords tops the mast like a bosun, confident of direction, whilst peering through the mist. For the very vagaries of the concepts, combining frail edifices with a rudder that is steadfastly set on a course to follow, so the mind just becomes a supporter of the underdog battling the odds and it works for its very imagery.

Did you get the impression that I liked Indra’s Net? You should – and this exactly the sort of band who make my life a joy, thank you guys and keep doing what you do.

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Madame So

Originally from Paris (France) now London (England) based Madame So is the vehicle for Solange Moffi to put out her brand of alt-rock.

Madame So - Photo by Carley Dale

Madame So – Photo by Carley Dale

With compositions centred around vocal performance, the over-all out-put of Madame So, does not suffer for the focus, as the instrumentation and percussion feeds neatly to form a frame-work for the voice. Eschewing big-production the music has an earthy realism which has an attraction for its very grit as the lyrics pass commentary of life around with a scornful glance.

The garage rock elements give the guitar a buzzing spotlight that keeps the tracks the frayed edges, whilst the containers of percussion and bass ensure a solid progression. Establishing a live performance schedule both in the UK and France a new single – If Only You Were Dead which came out on the 15th will hopefully broaden the audience as it develops on the themes of the acerbic 2013 début EP Sell By Date.

By working with various musicians Madame So is able to provide the listener with a dynamic sound that catches the mind as much as the feet.


If Only You Were Dead – Single – Madame So is available on iTunes.*

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Youth Man

Youth Man is the new-wave trio of Kaila Whyte (Guitar / Vocals), Miles Cocker (Bass) and Marcus Perks (Drums) from Birmingham in England.

Youth Man - new-wave from England

Youth Man – new-wave from England

Ravaging the walls, the scourging sounds of Youth Man devour the plaster as the tempestuous flurries of momentum rebound through the cochlea. The trio reflect on social mores of today whilst pivoting around the thundering pile-drivers of early ’80s constructs.

Whilst instrumentally the tracks hold their own ground, with a vibrancy between guitars and percussion, which is steeped in organic fluidity that rattles around the brain, the sparring vocal gives Youth Man a discursive edge that raises the out-put for extraction and further consideration. Whilst the compositions are readily setting themselves up for comparison to the likes of 999 and Television, to do so is to miss the relevance of the sounds of today, as Youth Man have a space in the ’10s in which they deliver a commentary of a world as divisive as it was those three decades earlier.

Youth Man is a band with much to add to the world of music and I do recommend you spending some time to get to know the trio better.

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Morning Smoke

Morning Smoke is the alt-rock quartet of Milo, Max, Isaac and Chris from Brighton in England.

Morning Smoke - alt-rock from England

Morning Smoke

Heavily reverbed guitars drift across the room, whilst persuasive drum and bass provide a solid and surprisingly forceful back-bone to the tracks, as a shadowy vocals flickers between the sounds. Impressively, given the pulsing lower registers, Morning Smoke is able to avoid the smoky drift from becoming obscured and the listener is left with both a sense of fulfilling rock and simultaneously allowed to relax in the ethereal wafts of sound.

A couple of years behind them Morning Smoke have begun to spike their fan-base with an active stage presence over the summer behind them along with a new single Hunger set for release on the 1st December, which follows-up their EP In Euphoria, which came out earlier this year. If they are able capitalise on live performances over the coming months, 2015 should see a rapid upturn in their visibility.

The combinations of psychedelic shoegaze and pumping rock, gives the quartet an out-put which the listener wants to play again to capture the full effects of the compositions, that theoretically should collapse into a heap of cacophony but don’t as Morning Smoke skilfully melt the two into each other.

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