Venture Lows – BRENDA – Audio

Venture Lows is an alt-indie trio from England.

Venture Lows - Photo by David Wallace

Venture Lows – Photo by David Wallace

Establishing themselves on the live circuit, occasionally music surfaces for those of us who haven’t seem them live to wrap out ears around, the latest being, BRENDA.

Lasting exactly two minutes – BRENDA scoots around the room like a clockwork toy as the trio deliver a song which will have you clapping along before the half-way mark as Venture Lows are a set of players who are able to start a party flowing and unsurprisingly have supported as the opening act for numerous tours and it can only be a matter of time before they are headlining their own.

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Billy Pilgrim – If Hindsight Could Save A Life – Audio

The English alt-electro creator Billy Pilgrim reveals new music from time to time.

Billy Pilgrim

Billy Pilgrim

Following up on the LP Get Human last year his latest track –  If Hindsight Could Save A Life has, as perhaps to be anticipated give the eclectic range of the previous seven songs revealed, a very different feel in what is at its core a just under three minute techno number.

Although the guitar and piano having gone there remains his quizzical, wry lyrical content and it isn’t often that a Xylophone and steel drums are used as the lead instruments.

Evidently a talented instrumentalist and songwriter, who also knows his way around electronica – I look forward to hearing more by Billy Pilgrim.

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Weird Spheres – Hoping – Single Review

Weird Spheres is the gazed-parallax solo project of Rhodri Guerrier from England.

Weird Spheres

Weird Spheres

From time to time new tracks surface, the most recent of which is Hoping, which is in format an angular revisionism from which the blurry guitar sheers across the sharp edges of the phrases. A track which immediately captures the listeners attention with the juxtapositions of the diametrically opposed dynamics of the three elements of the piece – maths rock rhythm, breezing echoed guitar and hazy vocals. Rather than not making any sense; Weird Spheres lives up to the name and is able to deliver its abstruse concepts in cohesive, roughly two and three quarters minutes of, polarisation.

Word also arrives that plans are afoot to put together a live performance unit. Though nothing has been mentioned I am hoping that there will also be a collection of tracks put together in one release, imminently, as the is material best heard in lengthier stay.

As of yet there is no website or social media page to which I can direct you to connect with Weird Spheres.

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Idolising Nova – This Ain’t A Dream – Single Review

Idolising Nova is an indie trio from England.

Idolising Nova

Idolising Nova

Their latest single is This Ain’t A Dream, a track which weaves through the speakers with merging synths and guitar, setting out the stall for the approaching four minute piece, prior to a bass drum-pad combination developing the loping measure, which is the focus of attention, with the synthesised vocal developing the theme of the number.

Idolising Nova are not seeking to start a revolution, however are able to deliver a well balanced composition that retains the listeners interest in a song that adds an individuality to a crowded market place, while not straying from the anticipated.

A little more user friendly than the music you will typically discover on the site, but from time to time it is good to veer, at least a little, towards the more mainstream and I wish the trio every success.

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Dead Natives – Something Strange – Audio

The English alt-indie quartet released the three track single Something Strange on the 13th.

Dead Natives

Dead Natives

A pressurised stream of music is uncorked on hitting play as the roughly eleven minutes of Something Strange fizzes in to the room.

Underpinning the prescriptive britpop temper Dead Natives are able to do far more than merely follow the formula as they inject a more pugnacious construct to the music, which is most prevalent in the opening track – the title – and my pick of the release (available on bandcamp), which perhaps unsurprisingly is the briefest – lasting more than a minute less than either of the other two pieces.

My hope is that Dead Natives continue with the compression with less use of the elongation as, to my ears, their material is far stronger when tautened rather than flowered.

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