SJÖBLOM – The Fool – Audio

The dark-acoustics creator SJÖBLOM released the two track single Enemies today.

SJÖBLOM - Photo by Eli Eli

SJÖBLOM – Photo by Eli Eli

The B-side of the release (available on bandcamp) – The Fool – is one in which a plaintiff vocal elicits a teary-eyed response by the listener enhanced further by the stark guitar which accompanies the voice.

Those of longer stay with the site may well recall The Exploding Boy from back in 2013 with its menacing countenance – Johan Sjöblom – is the common thread.

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Martin Rubashov – Muddy Mountain King – Audio

The Swedish alt-rock creator Martin Rubashov released the single Muddy Mountain King on the 22nd.

Martin Rubashov - Photo credit - Niklas Brodd

Martin Rubashov – Photo credit – Niklas Brodd

Deeply rooted in ’80s rock Martin Rubashov creates music of brooding countenance that has an intricacy of layering which wraps the listener in a protective cloak in which they can take respite while chill winds blow through the room.

In Muddy Mountain King –  Martin Rubashov – delivers a track that revolves around persistent percussion from which the guitar and vocal evolve in harmonic spirals in which the audience becomes mesmerised.

Muddy Mountain King – Single – Martin Rubashov is available on iTunes.*

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Thundermother – We Fight For Rock N Roll – Video

The Swedish rock quartet Thundermother were introduced in 2015.

Thundermother - We Fight For Rock N Roll


An almost complete change of line up with only the guitarist and founder, Filippa Nässil, remaining – their latest single We Fight For Rock N Roll (available on bandcamp) is currently being supported by an extended pan-European Tour.

Turn up the volume and enjoy classic rock’n’roll.

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Davidson – Whatever Lies Before You – Single Review

The Swedish heavy-metal solo project Davidson fairly regularly surfaces with new material.



The latest song to be revealed is Whatever Lies Before You. A thumper of a composition that hurtles out of the speaker festooned in pin-badges and fraying denim that finds the listener joining in with the extended bridge.

There is a delightful dampening that gives Whatever Lies Before You a softlight focus and earthy feel. The more it runs through the just under four and three quarter minutes play time the longer the audience wants it to last – whilst completely forgetting this is a band of one – not a full line-up of four.

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Concealed In Clouds – Monument – Video

The Swedish indie-rock band Concealed In Clouds are due to imminently release their début LP Aspire. Apprise. Assemble. Arise. .

Concealed In Clouds - Photo Credit Robin Lundell

Concealed In Clouds – Photo Credit Robin Lundell

Monument, from the forthcoming LP, combines powerful heavy-metal temperament with a light indie texturing which is all brought together by electronica that is able to smooth away any sharp edged welding of the ideas by giving the song an unanticipated calmness.

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