Davidson – Whatever Lies Before You – Single Review

The Swedish heavy-metal solo project Davidson fairly regularly surfaces with new material.



The latest song to be revealed is Whatever Lies Before You. A thumper of a composition that hurtles out of the speaker festooned in pin-badges and fraying denim that finds the listener joining in with the extended bridge.

There is a delightful dampening that gives Whatever Lies Before You a softlight focus and earthy feel. The more it runs through the just under four and three quarter minutes play time the longer the audience wants it to last – whilst completely forgetting this is a band of one – not a full line-up of four.

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Concealed In Clouds – Monument – Video

The Swedish indie-rock band Concealed In Clouds are due to imminently release their début LP Aspire. Apprise. Assemble. Arise. .

Concealed In Clouds - Photo Credit Robin Lundell

Concealed In Clouds – Photo Credit Robin Lundell

Monument, from the forthcoming LP, combines powerful heavy-metal temperament with a light indie texturing which is all brought together by electronica that is able to smooth away any sharp edged welding of the ideas by giving the song an unanticipated calmness.

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Bear With Us – Freedom Fighter – Single Review

The Swedish electro-rock band Bear With Us are planning on a series of singles over the coming few months.

Bear With Us

Bear With Us

The first to be revealed, Freedom Fighter, is highlighted by the piano that is given prominence in the just under four minutes track surrounded by tightly compacted bass and drum while the guitar fades in and out of earshot with interventions of wah-wah flamboyance as the confident vocal ties up any loose ends allowing Bear With Us to deliver a song wrapped in complexities of interplay that have an unexpected dance-step in which the audience is invited to join-in with the composition.


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Cherokee Death Cats – Read My Lips – Single Review

The Swedish new-wave duo Cherokee Death Cats revealed their latest track a few days ago.

Cherokee Death Cats

Cherokee Death Cats

Akin to releasing the steam-valve on a pressure cooker; On hitting play Read My Lips hisses clouds of condensing water that drips over the listener as the electro-beat pulses unerringly in wide loops to the accompaniment of the distinctive vocals of Bea Persson (LaDiDa and Ricket) which is delivered in a fuzzy cloud of garage reverberations, as the listener swivels from the hips on the dance-floor.

The unification of computer driven tick-tock with sprawling vocal echoing inside itself gives the three minutes and six seconds song – something that needs to be put on to immediate loop with the audience looking for an extended 12″ version to equally enjoy.

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JD Miller – Clouded Minds – Video

The Swedish rock quintet JD Miller release the LP World War X on the 28th.

JD Miller - World War X - CD

JD Miller – World War X – CD

The sixth of the nine tracks – Clouded Minds – demonstrates their influences steeped in ’70s heavy-metal to which they add flourishes of Scandi-rock, resulting in an almost five minutes song full of melody and aural metaphysics.


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