Andrei Suciu – Ready – Audio

Andrei Suciu is melancholic-alt-rock creator from Romania.

Andrei Suciu - Origins - artwork

Andrei Suciu – Origins – artwork

Earlier this month the début LP – Origins was released. An eight track album which mixes up instrumental tracks with those with vocal which whilst predominately led by acoustic guitar adds a range of instrumentation and percussion to create material which has the similarity of a gloomy shadow casting through the room.

The closing track is the instrumental – Ready.

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HateviruS – ArchiteKt oF HatE – Video

The Romania / England based metal trio HateviruS are finalising details of the release of their début LP Hateful Mind.



Sprung from a narrative of disappointment about the unnecessary divisions and expressions of hate prevalent across much of the world HateviruS deliver a fury of dark metal appealing for a fight-back against messages of exclusion and intolerance.

The latest track to be revealed from the album –  ArchiteKt oF HatE, available on bandcamp as a stand-alone single, contemplates that it is easy to be sucked in to the wall of hate and gain a sense of tribal identity by joining in with sneering derision and resultingly loosing ones own moral compass.

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Greetings Sugar – Faulty Fields – Audio

Greetings Sugar is a Romanian dark-rock outfit centred around Stefan Eremia, Gabriel Kirmaier and Andrei Cebotaru.

Greetings Sugar - photo © Andrei M

Greetings Sugar – photo © Andrei M

Regularly being able to tempt other musicians to join their melancholic output enables Greetings Sugar to always surprise the listener with a new idea. The latest reveal –  Faulty Fields  – discovers Lydia Lunch from the USA adding to the melting-pot in what is a track from their forthcoming début LP.

The gloomy gothic architectonics seep in to the room, covering the listener in a mourning veil, whilst simultaneously brass parades down the street as though fronting a dixieland jazz troupe, affording the composition a sweeping layered countenance in which the listener is invited to both wipe away tears, particularly when the minor-chords of pianoforte blend in to the song, and, meander in gaily placed footstep, all in the same moment.

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The Details – Stop and Dedicate Some Time To The Sun – Single Review

On the 29th of September the England / Romania based project of Matei Tibacu-BlendeaThe Details – released the single Stop and Dedicate Some Time To The Sun.

The Details

The Details

Sometimes working alone sometimes with others as with Stop and Dedicate Some Time To The Sun (available on bandcamp) the shaded compositions flow around the room in invitation to embrace on the dance-floor.

This track is able to deliver the romanticism of Romany folk wrapped inside sparkling evocations of wandering guitar, a pulsing bass (which snarls akin to guard dog ensuring everything is order) whilst the alluring vocal of Georgina Shaw filters in and out of earshot as trumpet, courtesy of Gareth Bodman, provides the carnival mood.

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Saewine – Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Dreams – Audio

The Romanian progressive-house producer Saewine revealed the single Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Dreams within the past half an hour.



On occasion things just hit that opportune moment and here in the UK as I type it is coming up to 16:30 UTC on a Saturday – just the time to break open a dance track.

Which of itself would be a perfect moment to slice open the new CD – of more fine perspicacity – longer readers will know my stance as an anarcho-capitalist with no time for ‘geo-politics’ and over here in England tribal hatred has become the norm with just this week the Prime Minister of this barren-land calling for those not of British Nationality to be named and shamed by Employers – a country in which Eastern-European migrants are deemed social pariahs by so many who also live in this fetid rock – reciting that ‘it is common practice in the USA’. The moment any country points to the USA – the country contemplating to elect a NAZI as their new President, where random murder of non-WASPS by Police Officers is seen as the acceptable face of ‘law-enforcement’ as a ‘good example’ is the day you know it has all gone wrong.

Thanks Saewine for being absolutely on point and demonstrating once again that musicians have far more to offer in less than five minutes than a bureaucrat can in their life-time of bilious divisiveness.

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