Call The Sun – Wiracje – Video

It was back in 2014 the Polish indie-synth quartet, Call The Sun, last featured.

Call The Sun - photo credit - Justyna Prus Photography

Call The Sun – photo credit – Justyna Prus Photography

Their latest single, Wiracje, was released on the 18th. Call The Sun are able to invest in their output a shadowy presence, which raises the bar from, what is at its core, indie-dance to compositions of multi-layering giving their music, with its combinations of electronics and instrumentation, a sound in which the listener can find plenty to investigate and discover emotional pull as the lyric contemplates of memories of special moments, be they good or bad, that add the richness of life’s tapestry.

Wiracje – Single – Call The Sun is available on iTunes.*

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Projekt Poezja Kulturystyczna – Hanka i Hantle – Audio

The Polish alternative project Projekt Poezja Kulturystyczna is working towards an LP for release in October.

Projekt Poezja Kulturystyczna

Projekt Poezja Kulturystyczna

Created through a collaboration of the Polish bodybuilder Janusza who also writes poetry and musicians who turned towards the idea of a show of brutish muscle allowing a softer side to be exposed Projekt Poezja Kulturystyczna came to fruition and the album will be filled with different styles of music adapting the collections of Janusza who is heavily influenced by Friedrich Nietzsche to create a third dimension of musical interpretation.

The first track to surface Hanka i Hantle (also available in three mixes on bandcamp) finds the carpenter turned hip-hop creator Raper Joozef reinterpreting prose.

The music is much easier to gather in its dark fulminating construct than process of collaboration.

social media pageProjekt Poezja Kulturystyczna

social media pageRaper Joozef

website Janusza

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Dubstop – Diamond – Video

Dubstop is a Polish electro-beat duo.



Taking a zany mincer to dubstep the duo deliver music which is sliced with off-beat trajectories of electronics that encase the voice and resultingly has the captivated listener bouncing around the room in accompaniment.

Taken from their most recent release Diamond (available on bandcamp) – the title track in video format – as envisaged by the visual artist Tusia Dąbrowska.

Dubstop social media page

Tusia Dąbrowska website.

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Olandra – Alice – Audio

The Polish atmospheric-classics composer Olandra released the LP Look Out on the 28th of November.



Listening to the music the audience is drawn to imagery of a bath emptying water through the plug-hole and finds themselves hurrying to stop the disappearing water – akin to Hans Brinker plugging the dyke outside Haarlem to expunge egress and averting a flood.

Equally as figuratively Olandra is able to pivot music around ideas and as the fourth of the six track Alice fills the room with pianoforte, bowed strings and percussion which serves as a platter for the scintillating vocals, so, the contemplative becomes more easily understood.


Look Out – EP – Olandra is available on iTunes.*

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Pure Phase Ensemble 5 – Krzyczeć – Audio

In advance of SpaceFest! 2016 the Festival of psych & shoegaze on the 2nd and 3rd December in Gdańsk in Poland – Pure Phase Ensemble 5 have been at work with the release of Live at SpaceFest!.

Pure Phase Ensemble 5 - Krzyczeć

Pure Phase Ensemble 5

Those new to the site may well be scratching your heads in confusion, those of longer stay will recall the premise.

Since 2012 Pure Phase Ensemble – have put together a new line-up for a performance and here we are.

Released on the 21st this years release of the rendition of Live at Spacefest! (available on bandcamp) – an approximately seventy eight minute album of droning psychedelia, which this time round is all delivered deploying only one chord and only two keys – E and G.  If that idea seems familiar – that would be that 7faz are a core component of Pure Phase Ensemble.

The fifth of the ten tracks is Krzyczeć.

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