Dead Man’s Eyes

Dead Man’s Eyes from Köln in Germany is the psychedelic rock quintet of Peter Engel (Guitar / Vocals), Simon Reichelt (Guitar), Simon Mead (Bass / Vocals), Robin Hertner (Drums) and Nima Davari (Slide guitar / 12-string).

Dead Man's Eyes - Photo by Andre Kempff

Dead Man’s Eyes – Photo by Andre Kempff

While flecking the room with splashes of tie-dye Dead Man’s Eye do not slope off into a wandering osmosis, rather base the out-put on driving rock tones, which rattle around the room in triumphant procession. The spice to the sound is the intonations of psychedelia, which enables the band to add stretches and dimensions to the tracks, without ever becoming lost inside a maze of confusion.

The spread of stringed instruments, affording the music an Indian sub-continent Tradition inflection, allows Dead Man’s Eyes to take the listener of wide ranging paths of storytelling without ever straying too far off the path as the ever present percussion beats out a steadying course, whilst the vocal, which is imbued with echoes adds a heady toxicity to the mix.

I particularly enjoy how Dead Man’s Eyes is able to create sounds which proffer eddies for the ears to investigate, whilst maintaining a clear direction for the journey.

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Regular readers will recognise the name Nima Davari as a member of Super Hard Boys.

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Faun Racket

Faun Racket from Tallinn in Estonia is the electro-dance duo of Andres Lõo and Talis Paide.

Faun Racket - electro-dance from Estonia

Faun Racket

Be prepared to loose yourself in the flow of bassy electronics that is Faun Racket. There is something compellingly isolationist about the generous textures that float around the room, which finds the listener enveloped in their own consciousness amongst a crowd.

Whilst undoubtedly high-tech in production, there is equally something primevally raw in the out-put that draws the mind and it is their ability to create the basal from the complex that makes Faun Racket of considerable interest.  It is early morning as I type this, I wish it were late at night as this is music that compels of strobes flashing across the darkness.

The well paced tracks, whilst not overly long for the genre, typically running to four or so minutes, have the sense of being far longer, as the music slows down the tempo of the day in a stream of  luxuriant brooding sounds leaving the listener gently swaying to the aural landscape.


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Limbo from Chaves in Portugal is the alt-rock quintet of Marcos Barroco (Vocals), Cardus (Guitar), Bruno Barroso (Guitar), Litos (Bass) and Tiago Ventura (Drums).



Fulminating pent-up rage bubbles across the floor like acid eating into metal as Limbo cast a scant eye around the world. Yet the frustrations are held in check to deliver compositions which rely on melodic construct to deliver their acerbic perspectives and it is the juxtaposition of the two, which gives the material an understated mannerism, that marks the quintet out for consideration.

The bass / percussion combinations speak of the frustrations and sit in tandem with the vocal, whilst the guitars are given time and space to add the colour palette to the sounds and the end result are sounds that are able to carry the tracks, which typically extend well over four minutes, keeping the audience engaged with the progress.

Originally a six piece, one of the guitarists left recently and it will be interesting to see if Limbo is able to continue to generate their expansive textures of guitars with only the two.


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Melting Clouds

Melting Clouds from Kiev in Ukraine is the psychedelic duo of Dmitriy Levchenko (Guitar / Vocals / Keyboard) and Ivan Talaychuk (Keyboards / Vocals / Guitar) plus additional players as makes sense.

Melting Clouds - Psychedelia from Ukraine

Melting Clouds

Drifting into the room Melting Clouds take over the brains synapses and the listener will find themselves floating in a timeless vortex as the duo extend notes and ideas into unending mists.

Melting Clouds are rightly uncompromising with their compositions, which seek the listener to change their thinking processes to engage with the music and if that step change is taken, there is a fascinating space in which to tarry a while. In many ways reminding of ’60s inspired psychotropics, the duo nonetheless have brought the proceedings to current times and whilst somewhat experimental there is a coherence to the songs.

The extended tracks, despite their length and style, have a natural rhythm which allows the brain to focus on the sounds, whilst the body relaxes into the ambience and if you allow yourself the time, you will find an evening has passed by seamlessly.

Their video material can be as uncompromising as the music and this one features drug taking and nudity, so choose or not, to listen to six minutes of aural intoxication by Melting Clouds.


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Guru Josh – My Burning Bush – Audio

Guru Josh is the Channel Islands, more specifically Jersey based EDM producer Paul Walden.

Guru Josh

This has been sitting in my in-box for a few days, so a little late coming to the table with a release that came out on the 28th July – My Burning Bush. My apologies to JJ for taking so long to get to it.

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