Young Aviators

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Young Aviators comprising of the Irish trio of Decky Mc Kay, John Markey and Kyle Haughey is a garage rock band.

Young Aviators - garage rock from England

Young Aviators

Scintillating melodies mark out Young Aviators from the pack as something special. Resounding choruses will find you hoarse as you involuntarily deliver the necessary refrains, as smartly dressed compositions are rolled in iron filings before appearing in the speakers.

Young Aviators offer a shining spark in a genre which is rapidly loosing its sense of direction as the trio combine original song writing ability with rough edges to offer the audience music in which to immerse themselves. Well considered lyrical angles provide food for the brain, whilst compositional competence resonates into the psyche.

Unafraid to throw a curve-ball in to the mix Young Aviators ever test the audience, whilst making it relevant to the conundrums of the gravitated audience. This is a review to which it is essential to add more than one piece of music to appreciate the value of the band in the ’10s as they are able to both take the listener by the hand on a fun night out with lyrics of diatribe, whilst equally as impressive when offering a commentary in a completely different guise.

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Will And The People

Will And The People from London in England is a world reggae outfit comprising Will RendleJim RalphsJamie Rendle and Charlie Harman.

Will And The People - World reggae from England

Will And The People

Maturity of compositions don’t deflect from the liveliness of the sounds as Will And The People, who have established a global audience with their flowing dance material that lifts the audience into a better place. A slow burning fuse was initially lit back in 2008 and it wasn’t until 2011 that the quartet were finally complete, but throughout the process of development each appearance added more to the audience base and this has continued ever since, with global tours and numerous festival appearances.

As you well know I am a sucker for the reggae off-beat and whilst Will And The People are a far better known band than most given first reviews on the site, it is the fresh enthusiasm that hasn’t been lost which makes this an outfit I think is worth drawing to your attention if you don’t know them already.

Whilst it is essential to remove all sharp objects before hitting play else you will inevitably crash into it as you dance around the room in carefree joy, underscoring the lightness of sound lays a connection with struggles worth defending that sits at the heart of the whole output.

About to set out on another couple of tours. One a UK tour Will And The People is well worth getting out to see and in all likelihood they will appear somewhere near you soon wherever you are as there is also a tour in India scheduled for April.


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Nheap is the vehicle for the Assisi, Italy based Massimo Discepoli to deliver his experimental ambience.

Nheap - ambience from Italy


Like flexible sheets of thin silicone the music slides effortlessly around the room piling one atop the other to form a jelly-like entrapment. Combining acoustic, guitars, electric instruments, drums, keys and electronic sounds Nheap has the ability to fuse much into a track, whilst delivering sounds of calmness and relaxation.

This isn’t music for the Monday morning rush, else you will find it Friday before you get out of the door, rather material to savour at leisure and there is much with which to settle back. The pieces typically run at well over five minutes and with seven releases going back since 2008 you need time to get through the collection and it is a development that is well worth exploring to dip in and out of as moments allow.

Whilst somewhat experimental in style, Nheap hasn’t sought to rip the edges of the creative envelope, rather to bring in disparity of sound making devices, which is what provides the music with its multi-layered textures.


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Los And The Deadlines

Los And The Deadlines an alt-rock band based in London, England, is Alex LoSardo (Vocals / Guitar), Niels Bakx (Guitar), Agostino Collura (Bass) and Alberto Voglino (Drums).

Loss And The Deadlines - alt-rock from England

Loss And The Deadlines – image ©

Mixing elements of the disparate cultural backgrounds and musical influences Los And The Deadlines deliver a rock rooted sound with lyrics reflecting on everyday life which add a sardonic nature to the sounds.

Forming back in 2010 the line-up has undergone changes to the bass and percussion which has led to an evolution of the sound from earlier material. There remain elements of maths-rock and jazz derivatives, which are driven by a steely bass / drum combination that keeps the music driving forwards. To accommodate the evolution of the sounds a five track EP Part One: Bank was recently released, which, you will have guessed it to be followed up in due course with part two.

Los And The Deadlines, with their iconic style, do seek to challenge the listener, however, accepting the questions is a worthwhile exercise. The latest release spreads the sounds far and wide, enabling listeners to find something of attention within the material and once you have found your own personal hook the rest of Part One: Bank makes perfect sense.

A touch too grown-up for me to add to the everyday playlist, this suits well on more thoughtful days.


Pt. 1: Bank – EP – Los and The Deadlines is available on iTunes*.

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And The Kid

And The Kid an alt-rock band from Zagreb in Croatia is Mali (Vocals / Guitar), Starki (Guitar), Mioch (Bass) and Pavle (Drums).

And The Kid - alt-rock from Croatia

And The Kid

A fascinating combination of acoustics and electric instruments form the backdrop to a spotlight on a diametric vocal, lays at the heart of And The Kind. The music floats like cumulus clouds lulling the audience into a sense of serenity, whilst a visceral lyric, also delivered like a ray of sunshine, showers the ears with reflections and perceptions of the world around.

Compositions which resonate with realities not propaganda, I always find have credibility and of particular enjoyment when approached from surprising angles, so it is of little surprise that I recommend you take a moment out of your day to consider the well worked and delivered reflective of And The Kid.

What hits the sweet-spot is that way the quartet is able to produce a sound which is so redolent of the realities of the world around, a bumptious surface is scarred by inner turmoil, reflecting on so much of what is happening on a world of PR spin.

The song-writing is top-draw and the execution is absolutely in-tune with the ’10s.


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