Trivia from Osijek in Croatia is the alt-indie trio of Aleksandar Pešić (Guitar / Vocals), Dinko Mehmedović (Bass) and Borna Marjanović (Drums).

Trivia - photo credit John Wayne

Trivia – photo credit John Wayne

Relatively newly formed, Trivia have a sound that immediately has you grinning from ear to ear as the guitar swings into action. A sharp percussion is teamed with a billowing bass as the vocal reaches out from the speakers to grab you by the throat.

There is a tempered energy which wells up through the tracks and the ensuing cauldron of frustration fixates the listener. The exploratory six string is given room to develop the concepts within the pieces and adds a strong layer to the overall out-put as Trivia appear to have a wide dynamic range and the ability to deliver their ideas musically and it will be interesting to hear how the band develops.

An early EP – Burden (which is available on bandcamp) – gives a good insight to the scope of Trivia within the five tracks on the release and they are already thinking about their first LP.

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Lola Colt

Lola Colt from London in England is the psychedelic rock sextet of Gun O., Matt L., Martin S., James H., Kitty A. and Sinah B..

Lola Colt - photo by Neil Anderson

Lola Colt – photo by Neil Anderson

Burrowing into the room like a mole shovelling aside earth Lola Colt rumble the foundations in a darkly tempered fusion of fuzz guitars and soaring electronica, with tinctures of Indian subcontinental traditions, grabbing the immediate attention of the audience. It would not be mendacious to draw comparatives with others – from the iconic vocals, to the pulsating bass, but to do so would be to detract from the resulting out-put.

The moody presence of Lola Colt entrances the listener as the slow tempo allows the sextet to build the atmosphere of the compositions, which in turn allows the ears to fleeting capture the myriad of layers and textures which are delivered and immediately hit replay to explore the sounds in greater detail. Whilst tracks contain complexity and many channels of exploration the sextet have been able to distil the core of each piece for ease of listening and the brain isn’t overloaded with confusion, but has plenty to go back and further investigate.

Lola Colt have rapidly developed into a must see band and their forthcoming LP – Away From The Water – which is set for release on the 27th October can only add a wider following.


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96Avenue from Monza in Italy is the alt-rock quintet of Marco Gerosa (Vocals), Marco Fumagalli (Bass), Davide Savarino (Keys), Massimo Barni (Drums) and Gianluca Domine (Guitar).

96Avenue - alt-rock from Italy


Svelte sounds elegantly flight their way around the room as 96Avenue deliver music which has a strong melodic guitar / synth content, which is under-pinned by a solid bass / guitar foundation over which a softening vocal glides effortlessly. I am minded of an Aquarius Remigis as the quintent combine delicacy with purpose.

After nearly two decades performing under the name Arcadia, a change in line-up and a new direction of travel saw the band more recently become 96Avenue and their long careers as performing and recording musicians is evident in their out-put, which is polished. There is a continual desire to explore the depths of their well of creativity and the début release under the name 96Avenue, which came out at the end of last month – the seven track Distance – finds the band with new ideas to reveal.

For those familiar with the old iteration, there is enough of the old to be recognizable without sounding the same and for those new to the out-fit they will find strong compositions which have a freshness to them.


Distance – 96 Avenue is available on iTunes*.

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alansmithee from Livingston in Scotland is the psychedelic collective of Alan Smithee,Ryan Macpherson (bass), Andrew Burns (Guitar / Vocals), Ruaridh Macpherson (Guitar / Vocals) and Joe White (Drums).

alansmithee - psychedelia from Scotland


Imperceptibly progressing, alansmithee cloak the room in a kaleidoscope of swatches as the lo-fi production adds a further layer to the psychotropic nuances of sound.

Enveloping the senses in gauze, the muffled and muted sounds feed into the brain, leaving the listener wreathed in cathodoluminescence which sparks the mind to wander through flights of inward discovery. The audience lays transfixed by the mélange of guitars and vocal which drifts into the ears, whilst the bass and percussion take over the cardiac rhythm.

alansmithee are able to invest much within the pieces of music, whilst also delivering wide spaces for exploration, much like a Dadaist image and it is the duality of the half-defined and fuzzed sounds that provides the out-put with its fascination.

With a few years behind them now alansmithee are gaining ever greater abilities to craft the compositions, which makes them an out-fit I look forward to hearing much more of in the future and pleasingly a new single is set for imminent release.

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Antonia Vai

Originally from Sweden now based in Budapest in Hungary Antonia Vai  is the alt-folk out-fit centred around Antonia with Felix Gröndahl (Guitar), Adam Gilinger (percussion) and Adam Zdosek (Bass) – plus players as makes sense.

Antonia Vai - photo by Brian H Neely

Antonia Vai – photo by Brian H Neely

Since first introducing Antonia Vai with a video back in October I have been meaning to come back to write a full review. Steeped in traditions of story-telling, the music resonates of folk, in to which a mix of various influences have been added The resulting out-put has the appeal of the traditional with some delightful twists and turns along the way.

It is the stripped down sounds which are filled with surprising melodies and tempos that gives Antonia Vai the ability to draw a wide audience who don’t need to have an affinity with folk to gain much from spending time in their company. The songs have a sense of urgency of the story to be told, with the iconic vocal, yet are given the space to develop naturally and the music to follow the eddies of the lyric, without ever becoming lost in itself.

A new LP – Stories After Bedtime is set for release this month.


The Pirate’s Waltz – Single – Antonia Vai Band is available on iTunes*.

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