Melting Clouds

Melting Clouds from Kiev in Ukraine is the psychedelic duo of Dmitriy Levchenko (Guitar / Vocals / Keyboard) and Ivan Talaychuk (Keyboards / Vocals / Guitar) plus additional players as makes sense.

Melting Clouds - Psychedelia from Ukraine

Melting Clouds

Drifting into the room Melting Clouds take over the brains synapses and the listener will find themselves floating in a timeless vortex as the duo extend notes and ideas into unending mists.

Melting Clouds are rightly uncompromising with their compositions, which seek the listener to change their thinking processes to engage with the music and if that step change is taken, there is a fascinating space in which to tarry a while. In many ways reminding of ’60s inspired psychotropics, the duo nonetheless have brought the proceedings to current times and whilst somewhat experimental there is a coherence to the songs.

The extended tracks, despite their length and style, have a natural rhythm which allows the brain to focus on the sounds, whilst the body relaxes into the ambience and if you allow yourself the time, you will find an evening has passed by seamlessly.

Their video material can be as uncompromising as the music and this one features drug taking and nudity, so choose or not, to listen to six minutes of aural intoxication by Melting Clouds.


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Magnetic Mountain

Magnetic Mountain from Darmstadt in Germany is the heavy rock quartet of Andi Kurz (Vocals), Malte Huether (Guitar), Martin Dudde (Bass / Backing Vocals) and Idris Colaker (Drums).

Magnetic Mountain - heavy rock from Germany

Magnetic Mountain

The thunderous riffs shake the walls as Magnetic Mountain deliver their high tempo straight up rock. Although driven and played with power the quartet are also able to retain control, allowing the audience to enjoy the performance as much as the volume.

Formerly known as Black Lizard their EP released under the old iteration contains more of a stoner rock feel to it and it is this earlier grounding that has enabled Magnetic Mountain to retain the melodic structures with the framework of leather jackets and frayed badges.

While containing all the ingredients of the genre, what I particularly enjoy is the way they don’t fly off into existential extended guitar and drum breaks that finds me reaching for lengthy novels to read to fill the time before the track gets back on course. Magnetic Mountain are one of those rare beasts, a heavy rock band I am more than happy to listen to over and again.

Not something to take out for a spin when planning a romantic candle-lit meal, but most certainly to sit on the play-list when you are wanting to blow away the cobwebs.

The most recent LP – the ten track Lodestone Sanctuary is a three quarters of an hour of impressive pile-driving creativity.


Lodestone Sanctuary – Magnetic Mountain is available on iTunes*.

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The Agency…

The Agency… from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in England is the cemetery-rock collective centred around Steve Beyer (Guitar), Garry Cosgrove (Drums), Steven K Driver (Vocals / Guitar), Andy Ludbrook (Bass) and Kerry Ramsay (Vocals).

The Agency... - Cemetery rock from  England

The Agency…

Given the vast disparities of outreach support – The Agency… is able to produce constructs which do not hark of a planning committee, as there is a consistency of the sounds which have a heart and soul which of and in itself is a conundrum, but all the best music collectives somehow manage to furrow a way through this line. ‘Tis true from time to time lyric stumbles over tunes, but don’t let that detract from the overall delivery, which describes of relationships across these anxieties.

Pulsating slowly from the speakers the instruments oscillate across the floor akin to a rhythmic digital ECG screen undulating line, whilst lyric eviscerates of scintilla upended, resulting in fractured slices of context, that give the calming tones a shadowed threat which attracts the audience to explore further and the more you seek of The Agency... the more they deliver within the fractals of ever imploding introspection.

A back catalogue of releases dating back to late 2012 culminates in a new eight track half an hour LP – Of Ghosts – which drops on the 29th September and is worth spending time to embrace.

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Kobadelta from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in England is the alt-indie quintet of Dom Noble (Vocals), Alex Malliris (Guitar), Chris Malliris (Drums), Jonathan Marley (Bass) and Jordan Robson (Synths).

Kobadelta - alt-indie from England


Like light from flickering wax enveloped candles Kobadelta partially illuminate the walls of a dank cellar with their brooding gothic inspired film-noire encapsulations of sound.

There is a warming rush that sweeps over the listener as Kobadelta extend their reach across the gloom, to tempt the audience to follow the purple sash into the unknown and following the enticing caress is to end in a warming underground cave of bliss as the quintet writhe their sounds around the brain.

Earlier iterations of their material hinted at the potential that lay within the band and their as yet unreleased four track EP –  Remain Distracted – which I  have had the fortune to be massaged by, extends the darkness with a satisfying embrace that out-reaches by far their previous release Hidden Door which came out earlier this year and of itself was and is an EP to unfold as the sun drops in the sky.

The new release, has a date set for the 26th September in their home town with support from the likes of Goy Boy McIlroy and should be a great night out – I just hope the stage lights are kept dimmed.

The only track I am able to share with you at this juncture is the second of the four – Repetition.

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The Everglows

The Everglows from London in England is the mod-rock trio of Andy Smith (Guitar / Vocals), Ray Brodrick (Drums) and Steve Perkins (Bass).

The Everglows - Mod-rock from England

The Everglows

Rev up the Vespa and get on the ride with The Everglows and there is nothing to do other than let the wind flow through your hair as you head to the South Coast. Whilst inculcated with threads of times gone before, the trio have the ability to turn the clock forwards to the 2010’s.

Originally formed as a covers band The Everglows, whilst now playing original songs, are still making the transition from composers to translators and the early steps show considerable promise, this is a band to keep a eye on. The retrospective influences are steeped deeply, but through stepping amongst the catalogue of the new compositions one can find some glistening diamonds of sharp creativity which speak of the hear and now.

The Everglows is a band in transition with much to say and when they hit the peal are able to transliterate the currency from the roots to deliver some shatteringly smart tunes, which will have you seeking a foot-board for your motorcycle.

Do keep your ears out for these guys for the future.

As you know, I am not only a heavy drinker, but a smoker rarely without a cigarette alight, so it is of little surprise I would choose this song as my selection for you to get to know The Everglows.

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