John Lemke – To Let It Go – Video

John Lemke is a Scottish ambient-mirage creator.

John Lemke - Nomad Frequencies - artwork

John Lemke – Nomad Frequencies – artwork

Inspired by a year of personal and global upheaval John Lemke found the elements to write the appropriately named LP Nomad Frequencies, which was released in September.

The eighth of the ten tracks – Let It Go, reflects on the ability to catch faint glimmers of light when all around appears forlorn in a track that undergoes a transition from a feeling of resigned abandonment to discovering vague hand-holds of purchase during the just under six minutes duration.

The electronics and subtle, signature, piano eerily scope out the room as though testing the mettle of the listener before melting into the marrow of the bones, creating a feeling of isolated pragmatism and leaving a sense of hope.

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Badi – Na Lingi Yo – Video

The Belgian protest-rap musician Badi released the single Na Lingi Yo last month.

Badi - Na Lingi Yo - artwork

Badi – Na Lingi Yo – artwork

Na Lingi Yo is the core ground of Badi, with influences of the music of The Democratic Republic Of Congo steeping through the track and enveloping the lyrics, calling for unity and querying division, to a soundtrack that for its reference point has a lustre shaped from conflict.

This live version of Na Lingi Yo was recorded at the end of June, this year, in Brussels (Belgium).


Na Lingi Yo – Single – Badi is available on iTunes.*

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Milk Crimes

Peering out from Leeds in England comes the recently created indie-rock band Milk Crimes of Simon, Ellen and Peter.

Milk Crimes - indie-rock from England

Milk Crimes

Unlike the demure imagery of the band Milk Crimes will have you hurtling around the room in a frenetic waving body. Flashes of distinct clarity as suddenly camouflage themselves in cloudy fuzz as the bursting bubbles explode around the ears. Cramming material into tracks that rarely reach two minutes, the trio are able to compress much coil into confined space as sparkling guitars spring into life accompanied by percussion that seems to find the space to wallow in semi-colons.

It is the ability of Milk Crimes to imperceptibly extend time that gives them the intrigue which raises them far above the mundane. With only five tracks I have been able to hear, which are delivered in their début eponymous EP that was released on the 17th and available on bandcamp, my only regret is that there isn’t more.

Still very much finding their feet and discovering trajectory, with instrumentation and vocals switching between the players along with thoughts on one track extending to the best part of three and three quarter minutes, others not reaching one hundred seconds. I most enjoy Milk Crimes when they are in a hurry.

Somehow I am convinced the nomenclature reference does not relate to Margaret Thatcher and the removal of free milk to schoolchildren in the ’70s, in their most springy footstep.

I look forward to discovering more of Milk Crimes in future extrapolations of creativity.

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Muerto Rico – Undermost – EP Review

The ever creative Serbian angst-rock trio Muerto Rico released their latest EP Undermost on the 17th.

Muerto Rico - Undermost - EP Review

Muerto Rico

Following on from their September release Worst Coast, Undermost (which is available on bandcamp) continues with the raging emo schematic.

The first of the four tracks – Brüte Blavor, descends into the room in seemingly benign mood, before the sweetly plucked guitar notes evidence the mendacious intent and distort into the scrawling foment that is Muerto Rico in full flow of malicious incitement with the vocal of extended neck veins being joined by insurgent angular instrumentation and a percussion caterwauling of unheralded invective.

Choufflait – despite a title that may have you thinking of a Parisian pâtisserie is a full throttle just under two minutes of delightful bulldozing sludge.

My pick of the release is the abstruse Talk Is Cheap, Silence Is Free, which is set to the most melodious and calmly extrapolated fretwork I have featured of the tracks by Muerto Rico over the past few articles about the band, yet despite the calmness of the musical accompaniment, the vocal is still delivered as though hollering from a very deep well then suddenly restrained by a chorus of voices to which the listener feels invited to accompany.

The concluding track of Undermost is Muerto Rico is back on familiar territory as 21st Century Bastards hurtles into the room as though unfurled from a cruise missile launcher in an excoriating delve through moral political malaise.

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Yours – Hard To Speak – EP Review

The English electro-hum duo Yours release their EP Hard To Speak on the 27th.

Yours - Hard To Speak - EP Review


The twenty minutes of the four tracks of luxurious textures opens with This Might Not Be The Time To Ask, a piece which for Yours veritably skips along, with an open framework highlighting the electronics which gradually whir into the signature somnambulism.

Next is When You Notice Me, a track that glides elegantly into the room prior to a skipping mouse dancing gaily across the ears only to disappear and reappear across the four and a tad minutes, giving the spacious piece a recurrent surprise, which Yours do not overplay. A thoughtfully put together composition, that combines both movement and recumbence, in which the listener can let their imagination have free reign.

The penultimate track – How Much Can You Take – served as the introduction to the duo.

Concluding Hard To Speak is Keep You Waiting, which rounds out the EP with a pulsating bass section that rumbles around the room accompanied by the identifiable hazy vocal which whispers the context to the blends of creamy electronics and subtle guitar that make Yours a duo more than worth getting to discover.

Hard To Speak (which is available on bandcamp) is an EP to add to the playlist of music for moments of contemplation.

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