Luck,Now is a recently formed alt-rock band from Mantova in Italy. Initially formed as a duo – Manga and Vicky – now the live line-up of Gubba (Guitar / Backing Vocals), Ale (Vocals / Guitars / Synth), Vicky (Drums), Manga (Bass / Vocals) and Checo (Guitar / Backing Vocals).

Luck,Now - alt-rock from Italy


Luck,Now express a pent up frustration that burns its way through the lightness of the material and this combination of mutinous bass and percussion, pairing with cheerful synth and bright guitar gives the out-put an immediate attraction, to which the commentariate vocal strides successfully between the disparate concepts.

Formed out of the ashes of What,Really?, Luck,Now have utilised the experience, to develop a more textured sound. In many ways minding of Californian new-wave in the late ’70s Luck,Now freshen up the influences to deliver music that connects with the ’10s with the combination of depressing realities which are unable to repress the buoyant optimism.

I have only had the opportunity to hear the début EP, released on the 24th – just another lucky start (available on bandcamp), which was recorded by the formation duo taking all the parts, so it will be interesting to hear follow-up material with the full line-up. Given the recording in isolation, Luck,Now is a band with far to travel in the world of music.

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Black Flowers Cafè

Black Flowers Cafè from Cosenza in Italy is the electro-alt-rock quartet of Antonio Nicoletti (Drums), Angelo Zicca (Guitar), Gaetano Lidonnici (Bass) and Fernando Rennis (Vocals/ Guitar / Synth).

Black Flowers Cafè - electro-alt-rock from Italy

Black Flowers Cafè

Black Flowers Cafè produce sounds which flow around firmly staked bass, which gives the tracks their pivot point, to which the quartet paint the colour palette of influences. Ranging from the Psychedelic to indie rock, despite the breadth they are able to provide a commonality of theme which finds the listener wrapped inside the various textures.

Black Flowers Cafè have an experimental air that gives the output a sense of discovering new edges, without ever disappearing into over complex ideas. This fresh angle whilst retaining reference points allows the audience to invest in the track being played, whilst looking forward with anticipation to the next.

A few years behind them, with releases dating back to 2011, has given Black Flowers Cafè the confidence and poise to deliver music which surprises as much as it delights with the disparities of context and they succeed in delivering well thought through complexity to compositions whilst not asking the listener to have a PhD in music theory to be able to fall into the seamless textures.

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Astral Trip

Astral Trip is the bass-rock duo of Haydn Wilcox (Bass / Vocals) and Nick Millbank (Drums) from Bradford in England.

Astral Trip - bass-rock from England

Astral Trip – bass-rock from England

To maximise value of Astral Trip – turn up the volume, turn up the bass – boost the sub-woofers and tone down everything else. You will find yourself rewarded by walls bending and a bones rattling in sympathy. The simplicity of four strings and a frenetic drum-kit are taken to extremis by the duo who deliver music that claws the entrails.

Astral Trip is, as a regular reader you well know, something that will hit my spot as lower extremities of the octave ranges are the essence of the sound. Accompany this with a scant disregard for political hyperbole in the so called ‘hot-spot’ of racial tension in the UK – in the mind of geo-political mainstream media and Politicians seeking to gain advantage through splintering. How could I not other than recommend you to spend time with a duo who reflect of discordance and disconnection from the mainstream?

The furrows of intransigence scarify the audience with harrying brushes of contempt.

I look forward to hearing more from Astral Trip, formed this year, who still haven’t managed to get round to more than two images – you have them both on this article – one above – the other below, but have already managed to surface with a six track eponymous LP (which is available on bandcamp).

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Boys Of Terror

Boys Of Terror is Erik Löfving (Vocals / Guitar), Christopher Anderson (Drums) and Olle Mossberg (Guitar) plus Kalle Mossberg (Bass) in live performance is an indie band from Gothenberg in Sweden.

Boys Of Terror - indie from Sweden

Boys Of Terror

Melodies emerge predominately from the thinnest guitar strings, as Boys Of Terror produce their summery sounds which reach into the tweeters. As a regular reader you will know I have an almost obsessional interest in bass notes, so it is a pleasure to find a band who play at the opposite end of the spectrum I can recommend you spend time to consider.

The lightness of the tones, does not find the music feeling as though it lacks depth as Boys Of Terror are able to add glistening echo, which gives the effect of light diffracting through a crystal, with angles of notes that wrap themselves around the ears in fragile shimmers of sound.

Formed originally in 2013, Boys Of Terror have had a variety of line-ups, which led to the delay in their follow up of a Demo EP  from June 2013 – the LP What Everybody Feels not appearing until the beginning of the month. A summer Scandinavian and UK tour in support, should see them gathering a deserved wider audience.

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Nervous Germans

Nervous Germans is the alt-rock quartet of Sabine Ahlbrecht (Drums), Micki Meuser (Bass), Gary Schmalzl (Guitar) and Grant Stevens (Vocals), based in Berlin – Germany.

Nervous Germans - From Prussia With Love - artwork

Nervous Germans – From Prussia With Love – artwork

On hitting play it is apparent these are a group of experienced musicians, wait a minute – Nervous Germans – would that be the band that disappeared in 1984? It would be and they have resurfaced with new sense or purpose.

An interim LP Volatile was released last year, mixing new material with old. I have had the absolute pleasure of being sent the eleven tracks on the LP From Prussia With Love which is to be released on 5/5/15. I particularly like their sense of humour, which coincides with mine and for the first time in a long time I can use numerical date format without confusing either side of the Atlantic. Humour has always been part of the character of Nervous Germans with the iconic track Germans Can’t Play Rock’n’roll, as a prime example – which given that Grant is an Australian could be counted as pure sardony, which like all the best sarcasm, floated above the heads with no realisation and perhaps how a band formed in 1979 manage to find themselves on a site named – ‘Emerging Indie Bands‘.

Whilst the material is superbly played there is a genuine connection between the creative process and the delivery, which is so often missing from reformations, Nervous Germans are most certainly not going through the motions as they keep the ragged edges of music delivered with passion and finesse. There is a seductive warmth to the tracks that just finds you tearing off clothes and lighting scented candles as the luxurious waves of sound caress the audience in intimate embrace.

Running the gamut of rock references, to soulful blues, even finding time for a parody in the middle of the LP –  Happy Birthday Major Tom that doesn’t appear out of place – Nervous Germans provide evenly spaced tempo, which they fill with arching melody and rhythm as the bass / percussion combinations perform a lap-dance around the ears, to which the vocal, that runs with the eddies, rounds out the performance.

I wish I could share every track with you, but I can’t, so unlike me, you will have to wait until May the 5th for the full seduction performance of From Prussia With Love to be yours for the asking, which is perhaps a good thing, affording you time to select the candles in advance and ensure you are with a partner before hitting play. For now the one tune I am able to share – Superstars (and Superheroes) which is the opening number.


Superstars (And Superheroes) – Single – Nervous Germans is available on iTunes.*

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