Toni – Kiss Me – Audio

Toni is an English nu-soul creator.



Combinations of electronica and instrumentation are circled by an expressive RnB influenced vocal allowing Toni to create music of impressive range.

From the latest LP, which travels through ambient background to spiky jazz, AESTHETICS – the eleventh of the fourteen tracks – the soul rooted – Kiss Me.

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Carjack Mallone – Another Riot Is Born – Audio

The English flange-rock outfit Carjack Mallone released the EP Drinking By Myself on the 9th.

Carjack Mallone

Carjack Mallone

Bristling in to a hard edged foment of anger Carjack Mallone is able to deliver music which is sentient of the ’10s in which silos of individuals communicate through binary code whilst believing they have connectivity as their lives, akin to a bath emptying water spirals down the plughole as waste.

This is music of tormented rage of societal constructs that have gone so wrong as it circumnavigates the belief that the lunatics having the taken over the asylum is perfectly the correct order and accepting of the 1% is accepted normality – which shakes the shoulders to the reality that the ‘facts’ espoused by socio-democratic Governments around the world in 2017 are not ‘facts of life’ rather facts of how the 99% are trained to behave like caged Pavlovian dogs – and needs to be played very loudly to break the trance of hypnotic neuro-linguist programming within which so many are enthralled.

From the four track EP (available on bandcamp) the closer Another Riot Is Born.

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Spiders Eat Vinyl – The Clarity Of The Light – Single Review

Spiders Eat Vinyl is an English sybaritic-wave duo from England.

Spiders Eat Vinyl

Spiders Eat Vinyl

Very much reflective of the ’10s the duo are able to channel a soundtrack in which the listener becomes lost in their own delusions of grandeur whilst also, far more importantly, being able to prick those bubbles of self-adulation.

The most recent track – The Clarity Of The Light  – teams up with Elena Cau (L.Cat) also from England – to deliver something quite different from their normal fare with a folk-based flowing melody in which the audience becomes transfixed as piano, vocal and tightly strung guitar slope through the room in unhurried footstep.

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hector and the leaves – Holding On – Audio

hector and the leaves is an English acoustic-hum project.

hector and the leaves

hector and the leaves

Slowly drifting through the room is a low-fidelity soundtrack of finger snared guitar string and fused vocal that fills the listener with an entrancing web of silken bonds which mind of an early morning dewy spiders web sparkled by sunlight, proffering an invitation with which to cwtch.

The penultimate track of the six on the most recent LP – interiors (available on bandcamp) being Holding On and a fine introduction to the music.


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The Boy – Αγέννητος (Unborn) – Audio

The Greek contemplative project The Boy released the LP Έτοιμοι Δύο (Ready Two) on the 4th.

The Boy - Έτοιμοι Δύο

The Boy

The follow-up to Έτοιμοι Ένα (Ready A) is of different countenance to the previous release featured in , being of instrumentation rather than electronica accompaniment to the melancholic backdrop.

Έτοιμοι Δύο (Ready Two) is available on bandcamp with the piano laden Αγέννητος (Unborn), the seventh of the fourteen tracks, being my pick of the release.

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