Sofi Lofi – Restless Sun Breaks The Day – Audio

The Norway based dark-rock project Sofi Lofi released the LP Nuits de Gala earlier in the month.

Sofi Lofi - Mette Sofie

Sofi Lofi – Mette Sofie

My apologies to everyone for getting to this late as this has been with me for a few weeks now.

Sofi Lofi more normally perform as a full line up – Nuits de Gala (available on bandcamp) is a solo release by Mette Sofie.

An intense brooding presence that extends for almost thirty five minutes of unrelenting menace through the ten songs, however, the listener is unwilling to take a break from the pressurising waves of ambient darkness. The album is given greater stature by the minimal post-production that allows the tracks to highlight their raw organic oppressive presence. My selection of the album is the fifth song – Restless Sun Breaks The Day.

Word also arrives that the full band are currently breaking some ground towards another LP, I will keep you updated as I am able.

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The Imagineers – Californians Drive All Day (In The Sunshine) – Audio

The Scottish alt-rock quartet The Imagineers release the LP Utopian Dreams on the 2nd of May.

The Imagineers - Utopian Dreams - artwork

The Imagineers – Utopian Dreams – artwork

With something of a cinematographic atmosphere Californians Drive All Day (In The Sunshine), the tenth of the bakers dozen tracks on the album oozes a warmth as the unhurried synthetics drift like balmy summer rays through the listeners ears. Although only lasting for less than two and a half minutes, the composition still, is able, to paint a generous soundscape.


Utopian Dreams [Explicit] is available on Amazon.

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Guy Furrow (Bass), Ethan Tate (Vocals), Thuarakan Anura (Keys) and Huw Thomas (Guitar) form the atmospheric-indie band Tate from London in England.



With only a couple of songs to hear, both of which offer quite different ideas, there is a certain intrigue as to where they will direct their path musically.

As regular readers would rightly anticipate I prefer the track which has the greater texture and complexity to it, hence introducing Tate with the composition Future. Whilst making their material widely available to the broadest audience they are also, in the just under four and a third minutes song, able to layer the room with contrasting ideas with piano slicing through the softer instrumentation and synthetics giving the audience plenty to come back to and re-explore.

Perhaps a little more mainstream than much of the music featured on the site, I do however suggest that spending time in their company will not be time you regret as for those of us who like a some fat and gristle to their music will discover these are capable music creators who add to the weave of experience, even if it is a little shiny for daily consumption.

Self-evidently I prefer the more textured nuances over the radio user friendly, however, in which ever direction they decide to set their sails I wish Tate every success as they navigate their own journey across the choppy waters of the music business.


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The Luka State – Bring This All Together – Video

The English indie rock band The Luka State released their latest single earlier in the month.

The Luka State - Bring This All Together - artwork

The Luka State – Bring This All Together – artwork

Bring This All Together has a lighter texture than much of their previous material with an indie dance temperament, which they deliver with their to be expected flourish of percussion that beats through the speakers.

Bring This All Together is available on Amazon.*

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The Howl & The Hum – Godmanchester Chinese Bridge – Single Review

The Howl & The Hum is a new scenic-rock quartet from England.

The Howl & The Hum - Photo by Steve Piper of Coffee Films

The Howl & The Hum – Photo by Steve Piper of Coffee Films

Once again, I am late to the draw and I do apologise to you for the fact. I was sent this on the 29th of March – within three hours of its reveal, I am that late, I write this on the 12th though you won’t see this until – today – the 17th – thus far this is their only song.

Godmanchester Chinese Bridge has a stunning cinematographic pallor that minds of film-noire as the swooping architectures of electronics arch across the ceiling, whilst the vocal drops in to earshot prior to being swept up, like firework ashes, by the submerged instrumentation and percussion as the munificent, incandescent synth arcs ever higher in to the sky.

The visualisation of the track in minds eye, recalls of the opening and closing sequences of ‘The World At War’ with its burnt and melting imagery.

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Godmanchester Chinese Bridge is available on Amazon.*

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