Dead Happy

Dead Happy from Birmingham in England is the camp-rock duo of Jason Oakley (Vocals / Keyboards / Programming) and Jamie Hough (Guitars / Keyboards / Bass).

Dead Happy - Banana God - artwork

Dead Happy – Banana God – artwork

There are moments in time when pastiche makes perfect sense and I received the email about Dead Happy in one of those slots. The duo challenges The Rocky Horror Picture Show at its own game and meet the occasion, with a presentation of humour and decent musical ability.

Out of the back of my mind I am reminded of ‘Black Arabs‘ on the LP The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle. Whilst music transfers well to recording, you can tell by the sounds that without a gathering this just doesn’t work as well as it could.

A début EP Banana God is set for release on the 31st through Coffee Jingle Records. Gather your friends around and spin the music of Dead Happy and have a brilliant party – it will work. Whatever you, don’t engage your brain, just engage your feet and enjoy some music which doesn’t pretend to be what it isn’t, but is top notch at what it is.


Banana God – EP – Dead Happy is available on iTunes.*

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Ghost Season

The Athens, Greece, based Ghost Season is a rock quintet comprising – Nick Lountos (Vocals), Nick Christolis (Guitars), Nash Sinner (Guitar), Dorian Gates (Bass) and Chris Grekas (Drums).

Ghost Season - rock from Greece

Ghost Season

A mesmerising flurry of percussion spirals around the room as Ghost Season bring their metal inspired melodic rock to the audience. It is easy to imagine the quintet filling a big stadium with their commodious guitars which soar out of the speakers with fluidity and prowess. Only a year and a bit old, the quintet sound as through they have been together far longer.

Ghost Season fill the ears with powerful undertow that is driven by the bass and rip current drums as the two guitars add complexity through wave upon wave of chords whilst the vocal rounds out the music with a classic rock presence.

The genre of heavy-rock inspired sounds is a space in which many bands jostle for notice yet Ghost Season manage to carve out some room through skilful musicianship that deservedly allows the spotlight to rest upon their out-put.

Still establishing their fan-base and live performance presence, Ghost Season have been able to release their first EP – Ghosts Like Her, which serves as a fine introduction to a band who have the potential to travel far and I wish them every success. Rumour has it of an LP to follow – this year.


Ghosts Like Her – EP – Ghost Season is available on iTunes.*

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French Leave

French Leave loosely base in Leicester in the UK is the shoegaze trio of Chris (Vocals / Guitar), Olly (Drums / Samples) and Rich (Bass).

French Leave - Shoegaze from England

French Leave – Shoegaze from England

For some reason I had to fling my windows wide open even though it is dark and cold outside as the wings of French Leave fluttered into the room. Their unfettered lightness of step demands spaciousness and confined spaces do not do them justice.

The trio have a mastery of composition as they combine the fantasy world of the Blitz Club with Pet Shop Boys and turning it all in to music of today. There is an expressiveness that wreaths the listener in a shimmering light of reverb before taking them away on a journey of glowing joy.

French Leave is able to draw the mind away from the scourges of life in a wondrous flight of fancy that you never want to end, akin to the folding dining table from which they take their name, the more you need greater room the trio have spaciousness to offer. I am sure you have had that dream where you can leap impossible distances – the trio make it all seem possible with their superb constructs.

Only just celebrating their first birthday French Leave is a band to get to know early in their career.


In Our Youth is available on bandcamp.

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Hannah – an alt-indie quartet from Manchester in England is Hayley Faye (Vocals / Guitar), Marcus Mayes (Drums), K DaSilva (Guitar / Electronics) and Josh Wilson (Bass).

Hannah - alt-indie from England


Hannah deliver music which mixes shoegaze, folk rock and indie-pop with a gently humming electronic fuzz that gives the material a dreamlike quality.

Hannah is able to provide the audience with a sound that is drenched in lengthy chord progressions, yet the listener doesn’t loose interest as the gaps are filled with mesmerising twists and turns as percussion and bass foil with each other and the synthetics melt the sounds like dark chocolate in a warming bowl, to which an expressive vocal adds a more confrontational dimension, giving the ears plenty to enjoy.

Extensive use of flat chords give Hannah the ability to change dynamics mid-flow affording the material some considerable interest.

After a decision to split in 2010 the band recently got back together with a couple of new members to join Marcus and Hayley – it will be interesting to find out the direction of future journey Hannah choose to travel, given a legacy of releases and the more important empty pages beckoning.

Typically – I have chosen as the track to share – something which is far faster than their typical and may make you wonder about what I have written and the general sound – but you know me, I can’t pass away a nudge of pace.

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As the World Turns – Hannah is available on iTunes.*

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The Shambolic

The Shambolic from Manchester in England is the rock band centred around Al (Guitar / Vocals) and Lee (Bass / Backing Vocals) plus one of a variety of drummers and additional players as needed.

The Shambolic - rock from England

The Shambolic

Growling out of the speakers the The Shambolic stomp into the room with a deep rumble which seems to emanate from the floor whilst rattling through the bones as the band bring back the granite to rock.

Whilst the material has a palpable and ominous presence, The Shambolic are more than capable of controlling the out-put and rather than a frenzy of activity, it is the very measured pace that gives the music its impact. There is an uncomplicated structure of hammered percussion, a bass that has the sub-woofers melting and guitar which adds the melancholic reverb and delay. Over looking it all is a vocal that has been dragged through gravel allowing the out-fit to steep the music in a furious rage.

This is music best served with bass on full and volume high with your head buried between the speakers to charge up the body and obliterate the cobwebs.

Currently putting the finishing touches to their début LP – 2015 should be an interesting year for The Shambolic.


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