Deers from Madrid in Spain is the garage rock quartet of Ana Garcia Perrote, Carlotta CosialsAde Martin and Ámber Grimbergen.

Deers - garage rock from Spain


Slithering out of the speakers in a mesmeric flow Deers deliver sounds which hark of the modernistic, yet are steeped in a realism as the unfettered music breathes life into the room. The rawness of the delivery, gives the quartet an attraction for its very unfussiness and the listener is left with the feeling that the songs are being played for the first time – for them in person and it is this strong tie to the listener which gives the music a powerful presence.

Drawing on the life around in Spain, there is a Southern European feel of carefree abandonment unenslaved by the confines of chasing money for the sake of it and focussed on taking the joy from life, regardless of the surroundings and Deers have the ability to take that exuberance and cloak it with a music with the same sentience. The quartet have a natural ability, which needs no fandangling and is the better for its very earthiness.

Deers sum up the realisms of life and instead of opining about fiscal unfairness, turn their mind to the rich abounds of actually being alive and leave the listener also in positive frame and it of no surprise they have been able to take their perspectives of garage rock around wide swathes of Europe to much acclaim and a joy that their only release is a two track single called Demo.

The song to introduce their music is of course not on that release.

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Leaf House

Leaf House from Liège in Belgium is the existential indie rock quintet of Romain Cupper (Vocals / Guitar / Effects), Antoine Pirard (Synth / Drums), Ben Dubru (Bass / Percussion / Effects), Stéphane Rondia (Guitar / Synth) and Thibaut Gorissen (Drums / Pads).

Leaf House - Existential Indie from Belgium

Leaf House

Fusing electronics and instrumentation Leaf House come-up with an intriguing distillation of Madchester, to regurgitate a sound which sits perfectly in the ’10s with swarming tentacles of probing speculation, yanked back on track with a firm pull on the leash. Experimental yet attainable without sending the brain into a loop of internal de-fibrillation the quintet offer a semblance of the cognisant to flow around the cortex.

Meandering around the room the notes rebound one off the other into a conveyor belt of intricacy. Elements disappear from earshot to reform themselves in a tangential parameter as the sounds imperiously fragment and reformulate like a table magician with the sleights of hand and the more the deft shuffles occur the more fantastical the progressions become.

Leaf House deliver a sound which demands of attention, but like the best of the Seiðr, it is the ease with which the transitions are played out in-front of the mind, that confound and fascinate, which finds the very transformations so very easy on the mind and marks the quintet as something to add any-day you can’t find a cryptic crossword puzzle, but just want to test your head. What sublime sorcery – thank you Leaf House.

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Lleeaaffhhoouussee – Leaf house is available on iTunes*.

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The Brighton in England rock band Collisions comprises Olly SimmonsAndy TrewinSpud and Will Chapman.

Collisions - rock from England

Collisions – rock from England

The combinations of synthetics, howling guitars, driving percussion and a forceful vocal gives Collisions a fascinating space to deliver their music. Well received in live performance, their mix of mosh-pit, melody and dance-floor gives everyone something to grapple with, they equally transfer this fusion to recorded material.

There is a natural feel to the music which belies the blends of styles and one which can’t but capture attention and the longer the play, the greater the breadth and skilled delivery becomes evident.  Theory suggests that dub ‘n’ bass and metal just shouldn’t work, but like all good theories the exception proves the rule and Collisions are most definitely the exception as they deliver a sound that you just want to stay with for extended periods of play.

A few years behind them Collisions have stood their ground and it is paying off for them as higher profile gigs are coming their way and I for one look forward to hearing much more of their superbly crafted compositions.


We Know the Enemy – Single – COLLISIONS is available on iTunes*

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Shopping from London in England is the new-wave trio of Billy Easter, Andrew Milk and Rachel Aggs.

Shopping - photo by - Jenna Foxton

Shopping – photo by – Jenna Foxton

Scant guitar, strung so tightly and and compressed it hurts, as Shopping mark point into the room and it is impossible not to fall immediately into a state of rapture. The scythed syncopation reminds of a double time military march as the trio pour scorn on society around. It is through the clipped delivery that I find myself wanting to know why I didn’t have them on my playlist already, it would not be unfair to mention that I am minded of The Adverts, not that Shopping sound remotely as though they are trying to copy anything with their freshly scrubbed vigour.

Shopping are able to extract imagery of fulminating swarms which flash like massed ranks on a frenzied invective through the very brevity of the chords, which possess an icy terror that slices its way in the head. The oppressive mechanisation threshes unheeding of all trampled underfoot in a diatribic Social reportage.

The unrelenting continuums of razor-sharp six and four string guitars are equally served by an unwavering percussion as a vocal burrows like a hornet sting. For a more cohesive reflection of the world of isolated Silos in the ’10s it is hard to think of comparatives, which bizarrely marks the comprehensive inclusivity and relevance of the out-put.

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Consumer Complaints – Shopping is available on iTunes*.

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White Ape

White Ape from London in England is the rock ‘n’ roll quartet of Tommy Mack (Vocals), Jim Turner (Guitar), Mike Davies (Bass) and Olly Golding (Drums).

White Ape - Photo by Jess Drummond

White Ape – Photo by Jess Drummond

From which ever angle you approach White Ape – don’t forget your dancing feet as the scintillating reference points of ska, rock-a-billy and Morricone will sweep you on to the dance-floor.

The music cascades around the wall like a pin-ball machine bouncing the ball at obtuse angles and variable speed. The percussion / bass combine to salve the audience in frothing footsteps, whilst the guitar sings of entropy, which scatters the dancers around the room and a vocal pithily espouses of social discord.

White Ape have the ability to extrude the elements of body sway and social context to afford the listener with plenty to keep them busy, be they sedentary or flailing around the room.

A six track EP – Waiting to Say This, which I have had the pleasure of dancing with – is planned for release on the 6th through Sotones Records.

From the EP – the opening track – A Run For Gringo.

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