Media Stres – Right or Wrong – Video

The Croatian alt-rock trio Media Stres release the EP E.V.I.L. (Part 2) on the 25th of January.

Media Stres - E​​.​​V​​.​​I​​.​​L. (Part 2) - artwork

Media Stres – E​​.​​V​​.​​I​​.​​L. (Part 2) – artwork

From the five track release Right Or Wrong, the second, is a number tht features rumbling instrumentation and reflective vocal as Media Stres follow up on the EP – E.V.I.L. (e-Virus influenced love) Part 1. released just over a year ago.

Right Or Wrong has the air of a space-rock number, which they have compressed into a pressurised airlock as Media Stres  draw on closely marked chords and a pulsing percussion / bass combination to which the vocal adds the airy spaces.

E.V.I.L. (Part 2) is available on bandcamp.

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Blue River – Karenza – Audio

The English indie band Blue River will be releasing the LP Anyday Tomorrow in January.

Blue River - Karenza

Blue River

From the forthcoming eleven track album, Karenza a solid piece of indie-rock which spins around the room in easy footstep leaving the listener feeling lighter of mind for having partaken of the approaching number.

Adding glittering guitar refrains Blue River raise the track from above the crowd as Karenza takes on a shoegazey feel without loosing the sense of coiled energy of indie.

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Organised Scum

Organised Scum is the alt-rock duo of Tom Duggins (Vocals / Guitar) and Sean Canty (Drums / Keys) from London in England.

Organised Scum - alt-rock from England

Organised Scum – alt-rock from England

The light touches of Organised Scum are a joy to the ear as they apply soft brushes to the undercurrent of frustration that burbles around the room. Slushy-blues are strengthened by aggregated limestone giving the material a concrete impenetrability which belies the cotton bud coating.

Surfacing with their first material just over a year ago as a trio followed by further recordings with up to five players Organised Scum are now slimmed to a duo, yet despite the crash dieting and bloating, there has always been a continuity of sound and it will be interesting to follow future developments. One can only hope the core creativity remains intact to accumulate value to the world of music for future posterity adding to the intriguing back-catalogue that already exists.

The abstract nature of the compositions are a bookmark to the realities of life in the 21st Century where one tribes certainties have become another’s stumbling block, resulting in ever greater fragmentation, despite the supposed closer ties of globalisation.


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Forest & Dove

Based in. La Coruña in Spain surface the trio of JJ Casteleiro (Bass), Oscar Caramés (Drums) and Richard J. Dowling (Guitar / Vocal) with additional percussion by Leap Hamilton – to form the alt-rock band Forest & Dove.

Forest & Dove - alt-rock based in Spain

Forest & Dove photo by Sandra García Rey

An intriguing blend of Spanish Folk and US Southern-blues merge together in the out-put of  Forest & Dove leaving the audience simultaneously tapping feet in unison and nodding head in sagacity. The trio don’t seek to darken the mood of the moment as they allow the blousy blues to flight-footedly scamper around the room.

Acoustic guitar, sometimes even a Spanish Guitar and electric lead, which fleetingly makes me wonder how this works in live performance, is matted with stentorian bass giving the tracks their solid spine, as the drum-kit splices between the softly spoken and the expressive, the additional percussion used in recorded tracks adds a depth of field to the aural range. Vocal stretches from supporting act to conductor which again allows the trio to extend their range.

The début, five track, EP by Forest & DovePleasure To Burn (available on bandcamp), which I have had the opportunity to listen to in full is being released on the 15th of January. Sadly I am unable to share with you more than one track, the opener – and in my view not the jewel of the five – though giving a fair idea of what to expect – Burning Blue.

I look forward to future harvest by Forest & Dove as they sow their seed of fertile creativity.

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Kurws – Leo Taxil – Video

The Polish experimental-agit-rock band Kurws were initially introduced in 2013.

Kurws - Wszystko Co Stałe Rozpływa Się W Powietrzu ( All That Is Solid Melts Into Air) - artwork

Kurws – Wszystko Co Stałe Rozpływa Się W Powietrzu ( All That Is Solid Melts Into Air) – artwork

From the LP Wszystko Co Stałe Rozpływa Się W Powietrzu (All That Is Solid Melts Into Air) (available on bandcamp)- Leo Taxil reflects on the tension between State, Masonic Lodges and Religion as perceived by a journalist in a just under three minute kaleidoscope of colliding instrumental.

As with almost all of the material of Kurws the audience is challenged by both sounds and concepts as they transition history and current-day events through their experimental compositions. Leo Taxil transposes both time (late 19th Century) and geography (France) to a commentary on 21st Century Poland.

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