Saint Cole

Emerging from Wakefield in England is the alt-electro duo of Nic Marsden (Vocals / Production) and Curt Shaw (Jazz Guitar / Keys / Bass) who form Saint Cole.

Saint Cole - alt-electro from England

Saint Cole

In the early stages of their development, regular readers will recall their introduction in May, since when the sound has become more defined as a regular stream of tracks keep surfacing. The easy flowing constructs are darkened by an underbelly of bassy pulses, from which the keys spring around the room in tangents of shimmering shards and a mid-section which lays with mildly distorted instrumentation and sanded vocal, resulting in the sounds drifting past the ears – always just out of reach as though nothing more than a figment of the imagination. It is this sense of  ghostly apparition which gives the resulting music its intense impact.

Saint Cole have numerous plans afoot, including finalisation of a visual feast of anonymity for live performance along with more one-off and full releases in the coming months. Having spent considerable time speaking to Nic over the past few months, I have little doubt other changes will be along the way to surprise and delight.

This is an out-fit to get to know in the early stages of their development as they have the potential to travel far with their compositions, which offer much to the audience, requiring only capacious amounts of time to allow the music to fully immerse the brain in the psychedelic flow.


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Alpina is – Seth Walton (Guitar / Vocals), Ben Lomas (Lead Guitar), Luke Bowers (Bass) and Sim Lee (Drums) – an alt-rock quartet from Peterborough in England.

Alpina - alt-rock from England


Alpina deliver a sound which has tinges of mod-revivalist and psychedelia as the two guitars are deployed to add intricacies of softly pedaled harmonies, to which a bouncing bass / percussion keeps pushing forward the pieces as a vocal which is able to catch the mood of the individual tracks, ranging from the half-spoken to the melodious, rounds out the music.

This seems to be a week of connections from the local taxi firm, as Alpina were also introduced through that route.

Recently formed, Alpina, have spent time to develop their sound before launching themselves on a wider world and that has been time well spent, as, given by the tracks which have surfaced in the past few days this is an outfit with far to travel in the music industry.

Just beginning to secure live performances Alpina is a band to get to know in their early stages of development and I certainly look forward to hearing more over the coming years.

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Local Enemy

Local Enemy from Merthyr Tydfil in Wales is the alt-rock quintet of Daneil Casey (Vocals), Connor Evans (Lead Guitar), Lloyd Fear (Rhythm Guitar), Andrew Cooper (Drums) and Liam O’Shea (Bass).

Local Enemy - alt-rock from Wales

Local Enemy

Blousy guitars meet a grungy-garage bass and percussion, which allows Local Enemy to deliver music with a distinctive sound that captures the attention. Rattling tempo keeps the audience fully engaged as the quintet add melodic and wow-effect strings to the compositions as a growling vocal adds the finishing touches to an out-fit you just want to hear more from.

The earthy, unadorned roots of the tracks are gilded by the two guitars and rather than appearing at odds, they give the material, strangely enough, an even more frayed edge in which to invest time.

Having had the opportunity to take a listen to the Local Enemy back-catalogue of music, which dates to just under a year ago, each new piece has added a further dimension and one can only hope they package something together for those who are not local and don’t have the opportunity to see them live.

Their latest track, which appeared a few days ago is Take Control.

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The Raunchies

The Raunchies from Rome in Italy is the rock’n’roll quartet of Gianluca Amato (Guitar /Backing Vocals), Federico Ferrigno (Rhythm Guitar / Vocals), Francesco Fiore (Bass) and Marcello Guglielmelli (Drums).

The Raunchies - rock'n'roll from Italy

The Raunchies

Doing exactly what it say on the tin The Raunchies deliver unfussy rock to get the feet moving. An ever tempting percussion and bass combination keeps the music tripping onwards, whilst the guitars swim around each other lending varieties of texture, from the soundtrack of an Ennio Morricone film score to ’60s British Blues, whilst the vocal adroitly adds the pastel brush strokes to the completed sound, to which from time a Wurlitzer adds a more than appropriate appearance.

The Raunchies are able to take the listener on a journey of sound, which one moment has the body in full dance mode, the next settling back in the chair and enjoying the progressions that wend their way around the room.

Formed a couple of years ago The Raunchies have taken their time in establishing a footprint before launching their début EP – Falk, which came out last month and the delay has been worth the while as the six tracks are a good showcase of the sounds. Having laid the foundations, I hope they build on the momentum and don’t leave it until 2017 for a follow-up.

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Craig Taylor-Broad

Craig Taylor-Broad is an angst-riven-acoustic creator from Redruth in England.

Craig Taylor-Broad

Craig Taylor-Broad

If you are thinking about adding Craig Taylor-Broad to a celebration play-list, you are perhaps as much of a misanthrope as I, however if you are reflecting on the turmoils of life, this is exactly what you need to be reaching to play.

It isn’t often that material surfaces that is of darker temperament than Leonard Cohen, inevitably you would expect Emerging Indie Bands to be a site that will give it plenty of room to develop the theme. Like a voyeur watching a snuff-film through voile, the audience is greeted with noises-off as the anxiety bleeds across the the room leaving palpable rivers of entrails.

Acoustic guitar switches betwixt peals like a campanologist focusing attention and distorted voluminous tortured souls as the half-spoken lyric adds more shards of broken glass around the room. Somehow, despite the morose perspicacity, the material excoriates the mind, leaving the audience not alone in anxiety rather in company and time spent in the company of Craig Taylor-Broad doesn’t find you reaching for a razor-blade, rather feeling part of the wider world.

Creators who are able to take the listener from despair to inclusiveness, in such stark format are, to me, exactly why this site exists. Whilst I never expect this to appear anywhere near the mainstream, it should as this exactly the creative spark that makes being a music reviewer such a pleasure and I recommend spending time with Craig Taylor-Broad, though perhaps not at a wedding, unless you are the jilted other party…

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For The Organs is available on bandcamp.

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