Illegal Operation – Down – Audio

The Greek delta blues quintet Illegal Operation release the LP Down on the 5th of May.

Illegal Operation - Down - CD and Vinyl

Illegal Operation – Down – CD and Vinyl

The sludgy rock oozes out of the speakers like gloopy mud and the listener gets the sense that the bass strings are so loose that they are probably also being sent through the speakers and the audience is left to revel in the squelching darkness in which they are coated.

The first track to surface from the six track album (available on bandcamp) the title and opener – Down – is a piece of music that seems to find moss on the underside of moss as the unhurried yet meticulous combinations of guitar, keys and percussion revolve inside each other, whilst bass and a superlative vocal cloud the ears.

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The THING! – Nightmares For Children (And Other Stories) – Single Review

The THING! is an English winding-rock duo.



With plans afoot for more reveals in short order – Nightmares For Children (And Other Stories) – which came out a few hours ago is their début track. Settle back, draw the curtains, turn down the lights and join them in the thirty and a tad minutes of the song.

One is minded of Hawkwind, Enigma and Borodin all wrapped up in to one glorious package as the revolving and developing chapters circumnavigate in their cycle of despondency, extrapolated psychedelia and redactive invitation as gregorian chants, violins and distorted guitar / percussion combinations weave in and out of focus to the accompaniment of extracts of nursery rhymes.

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Lavender – Daisy Town – Audio

Lavender is an English psychedelic quintet.



Most recently to surface is the song Daisy Town, a just over four and a half minutes long track, that slowly unfurls its way in to the room wrapping the listener in a kaleidoscopic array of colours that refracts hues of purple and blue in hazy flows of guitar from which there is only a desire to find some comfortable pillows on which to lay the head and allow the mood to slow down the pulse and drift dreamily in the becalming sounds.

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Smashing Birds – Time – Audio

Smashing Birds is an indie-synth band from Belgium.

Smashing Birds

Smashing Birds

Whilst being light on texture the synths allow Smashing Birds to add layering to their output making the material ideally suited to a quiet evening gathering with friends to which the compositions add a pleasing ambience.

Not seeking to challenge the tensor tympani Smashing Birds are an outfit, nonetheless, to get to know as they are articulate and skilled musicians adept at what they do adding much to the world of music and I wish them every success.

By way of an introduction the track Time from the EP No More Revolutions, which is available on bandcamp.


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Sloes – All in the Mind – Video

The English indie light quintet Sloes release the EP All In The Mind on the 16th of June.

Sloes - All in the Mind


When first introduced back in 2015 they regularly could be found busking in Shoreditch (London, England) and it is always a pleasure to follow bands during the course of the journey of development, though, necessarily by the nature of this website it does mean we drift further and further apart.

There still remains, within Sloes, vestiges of their starting point inside the title track and first of the five on the EP.

All In The Mind is available on Amazon.*

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