Liv Sin – Let Me Out – Video

The Swedish heavy-metal project Liv Sin will be releasing the début LP Follow Me on the 28th of April.

Liv Sin - Photo credit -

Liv Sin – Photo credit –

Ahead of the release the third of the eleven tracks Let Me Out surfaced as a stand alone single on the 13th.

Classic rock as it should be played and delivered…


Let Me Out (Radio Edit) is available on Amazon.*

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Dead Natives – Something Strange – Audio

The English alt-indie quartet released the three track single Something Strange on the 13th.

Dead Natives

Dead Natives

A pressurised stream of music is uncorked on hitting play as the roughly eleven minutes of Something Strange fizzes in to the room.

Underpinning the prescriptive britpop temper Dead Natives are able to do far more than merely follow the formula as they inject a more pugnacious construct to the music, which is most prevalent in the opening track – the title – and my pick of the release (available on bandcamp), which perhaps unsurprisingly is the briefest – lasting more than a minute less than either of the other two pieces.

My hope is that Dead Natives continue with the compression with less use of the elongation as, to my ears, their material is far stronger when tautened rather than flowered.

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Cosmo Jarvis – Be Sorry – Video

It was back in 2014 that the acoustic alt-rock creator Cosmo Jarvis last featured.

Cosmo Jarvis - Be Sorry

Cosmo Jarvis

The newly revealed psychedelic number Be Sorry – featuring Phil Walker and McKenzie Snyder, attests that whilst now predominately producing films when Cosmo heads back to the world of music he is as socially aware and acerbic as his initial introduction back in 2011.

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Calligraphist – Godspeed – Audio

Calligraphist is an England based Bulgarian dystopian-hop creator.



After a three year gap Calligraphist returns with the intriguing just over seven and a third minute track GodSpeed.

A piece which collaborates with five other musicians – featuring three voices, trumpet, a B♭ cornet, along with more familiar instrumentation in a composition that seeps its way in to the listeners bone-marrow. The raw rambling narrative is delivered to a finely judged musical accompaniment and the listener finds themselves reminded of the nature of the dream sequence structure of Bunyan’sThe Pilgrim’s Progress.

Calligraphist is unafraid to deliver material which is, akin to Marmite, either repelling or attracting and unlikely to have any other reaction. The fact I am asking you to spend time in company with Godspeed lets you know that I do enjoy the structure of this track which is a delicious friction of contrasting calmness and the frenetic discordance of a lead vocal which tumbles through quizzical ponderings of the world around failing to find resolution.

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Deaf Radio – Vultures & Killers – Audio

The Greek rock band Deaf Radio released the LP Alarm on the 9th.

Deaf Radio - Vultures & Killers

Deaf Radio

A nine track album (available on bandcamp) which threads through high energy numbers to slower paced pieces – at which ever tempo the songs are delivered the listener has the sense of a pent-up ball of energy rolling around the room.

The ever pressurising bass features strongly through Alarm with percussion keeping the material tightly compressed from which guitar is only ever given a short leash to stray while vocal slides in and out of earshot.

Vultures & Killers is the third number on the LP.

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