Sofi Lofi – Restless Sun Breaks The Day – Audio

The Norway based dark-rock project Sofi Lofi released the LP Nuits de Gala earlier in the month.

Sofi Lofi - Mette Sofie

Sofi Lofi – Mette Sofie

My apologies to everyone for getting to this late as this has been with me for a few weeks now.

Sofi Lofi more normally perform as a full line up – Nuits de Gala (available on bandcamp) is a solo release by Mette Sofie.

An intense brooding presence that extends for almost thirty five minutes of unrelenting menace through the ten songs, however, the listener is unwilling to take a break from the pressurising waves of ambient darkness. The album is given greater stature by the minimal post-production that allows the tracks to highlight their raw organic oppressive presence. My selection of the album is the fifth song – Restless Sun Breaks The Day.

Word also arrives that the full band are currently breaking some ground towards another LP, I will keep you updated as I am able.

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The Age Of Colored Lizards – Stars Are Falling – Audio

The Norwegian shoegaze outfit The Age Of Colored Lizards released the EP Another Day on the 29th of March.

The Age Of Colored Lizards

The Age Of Colored Lizards

Allow yourself plenty of time to recover after hitting play as, although the four track release (available on bandcamp) last for only roughly a quarter of an hour, its hypnotic blurriness keeps brain in neutral for far longer.

Akin to watching clouds slowly drift on a summers day the gauzed reverberating guitars and voices are in a continual, yet gradual, reforming of shapes and layers as The Age Of Colored Lizards hold back the ticking of the clock.

My selection from Another Day is the closer – Stars Are Falling.

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Chontaraz – Rondamauh – Video

The Norwegian dark-metal quintet Chontaraz will be releasing their début LP Rondamauh on the 24th.

Chontaraz - Photo credit - Elisabeth Jakobsen Photography

Chontaraz – Photo credit – Elisabeth Jakobsen Photography

A dystopian industrial darkness settles in to the room as the title track Rondamauh, which has been released as a stand-alone single, surges from the speakers.

Tightly reigned combinations flow through each other, giving the song its deep texturing that captures the essence of the track as Chontaraz use neither furious pace nor scowling menace to deliver their compositions of powerful presence.

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Rondamauh – Chontaraz is available on iTunes.*

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Lethe – The First Corpse On The Moon – Video

The Switzerland, Norway split hypnotic-electro-rock duo Lethe release the LP The First Corpse On The Moon on the 24th of February.



Settle back in a comfortable spot and allow your mind to wander while listening to the title track and sixth of the ten on the approximately fifty six minutes album.

The hypnotic blends of instrumentation and electronics hypnotise the mind as the duo of voices slow down the synapses whilst the listeners limbs ease into a weightless and relaxing catatonic state. Once agility has slowly returned to the physical being, sensory functionality remains pleasingly softened.

The CD is available directly from My Kingdom Music.

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Code Walk ft. Smerz – Guess What – Audio

Code Walk is a Danish downtempo duo.

Code Walk - Photo by Andreas Raun Arneberg

Code Walk – Photo by Andreas Raun Arneberg

Teaming up with the Norwegian duo Smerz their début single – Guess What, which appeared last week, is a fair signpost that Code Walk is a duo who will be common parlance across Clubs this summer.

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