Bad Sea – Over My Head – Audio

Bad Sea is an Irish alt-folk duo.

Bad Sea

Bad Sea

Less than a handful of tracks are around, each with slightly different structure, what holds the ideas together is the absorbing vocal which spirals around the room in far reaching range of octaves that cement the listener on the spot. Bad Seas are not aiming to create music of complexity rather provide sympathetic backstage lighting to spotlight the absorbing voice.

The most recent track to surface being – Over My Head.

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Tongue Bundle – No Plans Bastard – Audio

The Irish electro-glitch nonet Tongue Bundle will be releasing the LP Peppery Talk on the 4th of March.

Tongue Bundle

Tongue Bundle

Those familiar with their music will find Peppery Talk something of a discombobulation as Tongue Bundle step in to the world of electronica, though will quickly reorientate as – although the brass wind has been subsumed in to sequencers – they still remain as a distorted reference and there is a familiarity of angular experimentalism which they will well know.

The ten track, roughly twenty seven minute, release is full of fizzing pops and exploding shards of crystal which take no prisoners as they irreverently spark across the eardrums as though a firework display gone out of synchronisation with random flashes lighting up the night-sky.

Peppery Talk is an album to put on to repeat loop as each play-through will take the listener by surprise at what they missed last time round.

My selection is the antepenultimate No Plans Bastard.


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President of What? – You Wouldn’t Believe How Hard It Was to Get That Up My Sleeve – Audio

The Irish lofi-angst duo President of What? released the LP The Owners Will Be Home Soon on the 4th.

President of What?

President of What?

A roughly thirty one minutes – dozen track album of pained extrusion which will either have you running for the hills or wrapped in enthralled silence – on the basis that I am asking you to spend time with them tells you that I do enjoy their out of tune, out of time, out of kilter compositions which meander across contemplatives of the minutiae of life in quizzical perspective.

President Of What? strip away any pretentious processes whilst laying bare inner turmoils in compositions which reminds of desperately striking damp Swan Vesta pink sulphur waxed Matches and convincing one-self – this one will sort it all out – only to discover that akin to the veneer of life, waxed matches really are not that effective in rainy conditions and will soon flicker to charred corners. If you have ever attempted to light a wet cigarette in the rain with a damp box of Swan Vesta you will understand the analogy, else will likely be scratching your head in confusion.

The ninth track on The Owners Will Be Home Soon (available on bandcamp) is You Wouldn’t Believe How Hard It Was to Get That Up My Sleeve.

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Tadhg Flinter – Day In The Life – Audio

The Irish lo-fi-angst creator Tadhg Flinter released the EP Take It Easy last month.

Tadhg Flinter

Tadhg Flinter

My apologies – Tadhg and I have been chatting for a while now which means this has all been in my inbox for more days than it should before I share it with you.

From the four track release (available on bandcamp) the third – Day In The Life – is my pick of the release and to be fair I am not certain whether it is because I am minded of the track by the title which reconciles with the Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn novel One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich or because it is equally as desperately contemplating inequities in life – however I came to it – I recommend spending time with the 2016 realism of Take It Easy.


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Rob Corcoran – Black Hearted Man – Video

Rob Corcoran is an Irish alt-folk creator based in England.

Rob Corcoran & The Necessary Evils - Live In Dublin - artwork

Rob Corcoran & The Necessary Evils – Live In Dublin – artwork

Earlier in the year Rob combined with The Necessary Evils and recorded a live LP, which was released last month – Live In Dublin.

Recently – an alternative live version of the fourth of the eleven tracks – Black Hearted Man – surfaced.


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