Deaf Radio – Vultures & Killers – Audio

The Greek rock band Deaf Radio released the LP Alarm on the 9th.

Deaf Radio - Vultures & Killers

Deaf Radio

A nine track album (available on bandcamp) which threads through high energy numbers to slower paced pieces – at which ever tempo the songs are delivered the listener has the sense of a pent-up ball of energy rolling around the room.

The ever pressurising bass features strongly through Alarm with percussion keeping the material tightly compressed from which guitar is only ever given a short leash to stray while vocal slides in and out of earshot.

Vultures & Killers is the third number on the LP.

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Sofia Sarri – Still Universe – Audio

The Cretan electro-folk project of Sofia Sarri releases the début LP Euphoria in January.

Sofia Sarri

Sofia Sarri

From the forthcoming album – Still Universe is a slowly unfurling track that combines traditional instrumentation, including the Cretan Lyra, with electronics, modern instruments and vocal to deliver almost seven minutes of immersive sound in which the listener looses track of time and situation.


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The Man From Managra – You Can Keep Υour Winters – Audio

The Greek alt-rock creator The Man From Managra releases the LP Half A Century Sun on the 25th of January.

The Man From Managra

The Man From Managra

Within the past few hours the first track from the album appeared – You Can Keep Υour Winters. An appositely entitled track as the almost three and a quarter minute composition adds a warmth to the room with a duo of voices (with Blaine L. Reininger joining Coti K), subtly textured synths and acoustic guitar spread their glowing embers.


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The Cave Children – Alpha Male – Audio

The Greek psychedelic-rock band The Cave Children release the two track single Alpha Male on the 2nd of January.

The Cave Children - Alpha Male

The Cave Children

Within the past twenty four hours the title track has been revealed.

The label Inner Ear, who’s acts regularly feature, are celebrating their tenth anniversary in 2017 and are going to be releasing twelve limited edition singles under the overall title – A Distant Victory Singles Club – during the course of the year and Alpha Male (available on bandcamp) is the first of the dozen.

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Cyanna Mercury – The Lunatic – Video

The Greek dark-rock band Cyanna Mercury regularly feature on the site.

Cyanna Mercury - Archetypes - artwork

Cyanna Mercury – Archetypes – artwork

Their most recent LP Archetypes (available on bandcamp) is an engrossing journey of ten tracks lasting for an approximately forty two minutes journey to which the audience is enticed to partake with its earthy ritualism in an album which is best heard around a burning pyre casting shadowy light around the grouping.

From Archetypes the  third – The Lunatic which introduces two additional voices and a bouzouki.

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