KU – Oolong – Audio

The Greece based electrowave project of Dimitris Papadatos – KU – released the LP Ganja on the 13th.



After a four year gap since the LP Feathers the return of KU, with Ganja, is marked as a collaborative release with guest musicians appearing on all eight tracks on the album (both albums are available on bandcamp).

The penultimate number Oolong features King Elephant (Percussion / Drums),  KU (Vocals / Synthesizer) and Prins Obi (Moog synthesizer / Keyboards / Organ).

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Whereswilder – This Feeling – Audio

The Greek psychedelic rock quartet Whereswilder will be releasing the LP Hotshot on the 27th.



Drawing seeds from the late ’60s and early ’70s Whereswilder create music that warms up the room with its retrospective expansive landscape as they interplay sharp definitions with blurry edges giving tracks an ever changing structure in which to becalm the day.

The third of the twelve tracks, This Feeling, is the first song to surface from the album (available on bandcamp).

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Baby Guru – Palace In The Sun – Audio

The Greek synth-rock quartet Baby Guru released the LP IV on the 28th of February.

Baby Guru

Baby Guru

Reflective of their approach to music, which threads through various iterations, the eight track, about forty minutes album (available on bandcamp) takes a broad brush to the canvas delivering a wide ranging soundscape in which the listener can dip in and out of or listen to in one sitting to enjoy the ideas presented.

My selection from IV is the sixth track – Palace In The Sun.


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Victory Collapse – Younger Than Before – Audio

The Greek indie quartet Victory Collapse released the AA side single Younger Than Before / Already Gone on the 1st.

Victory Collapse

Victory Collapse

As part of the ongoing first decade celebrations of the Greek label Inner Ear with – this year on the 1st of each month a double A side single appearing by different artists (available on bandcamp) – Younger Than Before is a retro-weave of luxuriant guitar and floating vocal held aloft by punctilious bass and percussion.

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Σtella – Running Slow – Audio

The Greek indie-synth project Σtella released the LP Works For You on the 13th.

Σtella - Running Slow


The eleven track, approximately thirty six minutes, album (available on bandcamp) contains the slightly melancholic air which is synonymous with Σtella.

The ninth piece – Running Slow.

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