Candice Gordon – Nobody – Audio

The Germany based rock project Candice Gordon released the single Nobody recently.

Candice Gordon

Candice Gordon

If you are reading this whilst using a mobile, even if connected with headphones – I suggest you throw that idea out of the window prior to hitting play.

As regular readers will be aware I so often posit – music heard through the tinny noise of a mobile telephone is never any means by which to listen to music and if that is your means of connecting with this site, probably best never bother to waste your time rather gravitate and satisfy yourself with the world of mainstream music algorithmically generated for the masses perfectly attuned to mobile telephony.

Find a full speaker system and turn up the both the bass and sub-woofers and you will feel the hairs on your arm blowing in the breeze as the dark clouds descend in to the room whilst your feet crush themselves in to the floor, merely, be careful you don’t end up with fractured calcaneus as you stomp around the room.


Nobody – Candice Gordon is available on iTunes.*

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2 by bukowski – Hot Summer – Audio

The Germany based dark-electro duo 2 by bukowski released the AA single Hot Summer / Beast’s Breath on the 29th of May.

2 by bukowski

2 by bukowski

An approximately eight minute release (available on bandcamp) of dark industrial electronica that mesmerises for its revolving mechanisation.

Hot Summer is supported with the addition of vocals by the US based Kid Moxie.

Kid Moxie Social media page

2 by bukowski website

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Das Flüff – Nothing – Video

The Germany based dark-electro outfit Das Flüff regularly feature on the various sites.

Das Flüff- Flower With Knife - artwork

Das Flüff- Flower With Knife – artwork

From the ten track LP Flower With Knife, available on their website, Nothing is one of their more uplifting tracks – which of course needs to be taken in context as you will not be leaving in bouncing humour – though will be seeking a dark cellar in which to play the song again.

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Trains On Fire – No Alert – Audio

Trains On Fire is a dark-synth duo from Germany.

Trains On Fire

Trains On Fire

There is an inbuilt beauty to the darkly hewn tapestry that is Trains On Fire as the dank nature of the compositions rather than chilling the spine – sense of a come-hither promise of velvet blind-fold and silk tied limbs in which the listener is invited to enter a gothic bedchamber.

Most recently released was the nine track LP, The Wheel, which came out at the tail end of last month (available on bandcamp) – a roughly forty minutes album which is best heard in company of another whilst intertwining torso.

My selection being the penultimate –  No Alert.


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Nervous Germans – Punk Rock Radio – Audio

The Germany based alt-rock band Nervous Germans were introduced back in 2015.

Nervous Germans - The creeps are back in town

Nervous Germans

In the middle of last month I was sent an email to let me know of a new EP due for release in early April, so once again my apologies for the delayed arrival of this article. The three tracks plus one remix EP The Creeps Are Back In Town (available on bandcamp) having been released on the 1st.

In a release that travels much ground from ’70s punk references, to spotlight classic rock, my selection of the EP is inevitably, for those who know the site, will be unsurprising the opener (which also appears as a remix as the closer) Punk Rock Radio – in which those of the ’70s will spot The Damned and The Ruts riffs and references – in an EP in which Nervous Germans cast their acerbic humour, on the world around.

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