Thieves Like Us – Broken Mirror – Video

The German electro-indie quartet Thieves Like Us will be releasing their eponymous LP on the 27th.

Thieves Like Us - eponymous release - physical formats

Thieves Like Us – eponymous release – physical formats

A nine track album of eddies and flows reflecting of the world in which they find themselves submerged.

Rather than flailing and ultimately drowning in the quicksand of 21st Century societal vapours Thieves Like Us push up their legs and float on the morass that is the reality of the world around although through the roughly thirty six minutes release there is no deflecting from the melancholia that steeps the theme the listener is equally afforded an extended arm to grab hold of and join in with a rescue attempt for the 99%.

The sixth track is Broken Mirror.


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EWIAN – Radioactive Star – Video

The dark-rock, Germany based, trio EWIAN will be releasing the LP Heart Crash Boom Bang on the 3rd of March.

EWIAN - Heart Crash Boom Bang - artwork

EWIAN – Heart Crash Boom Bang – artwork

Radioactive Star, the first of the ten tracks on the album is a foreboding cloud of smoke which drifts through the room leaving the listener surrounded by a feeling of melancholia from which they don’t wish to escape and a fine introduction to the ensuing roughly thirty six minutes of the following nine compositions.


Heart Crash Boom Bang – Ewian is available on iTunes.*

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Plex Auchta – Every Place – Audio

Plex Auchta is a German indie project.

Plex Auchta

Plex Auchta

Spending considerable time layering the sounds Plex Auchta is able deliver music which can be listened to for its intricacies, or enjoyed for its harmonies.

By way of an introduction – Every Place.

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Slows Down – On And On – Audio

The Germany based drone-sludge project of Alexander HawthorneSlows Down releases the four track EP –  EP 3 on the 15th.

Slows Down - EP3 - artwork

Slows Down – EP3 – artwork

The material strains from the speakers as though a mummified corpse unravelling in front of the audience as the second of the four tracks on the EP (available on bandcamp) – On And On unfolds its way in to the room.

The compositions are complex in delivery with disparate strata shadowing others through the tracks, yet the listener is left with no mental adjustments to make as the out-put has a natural flow that rests the mind.

Each revolution of every bar teases with more packaging and less disclosure and by the close of the just under six and a half minutes of the track the mind remains as transfixed as it was at the opening, though still, with no clearer resolution.

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ASTROBOY – Dead Flowers – Audio

The German maths-rock trio ASTROBOY released an eponymous EP on the 23rd.



Best to ensure you have a set-square to hand and can recall Euclidean geometry as the angular bracken’s of sound dart across the room in angry flares of fuzziness.

The five track release (available on bandcamp) fizzes out of the speakers akin to fireworks shooting from their launchers before lighting up the night sky in colourful displays of arching gunpowder.

The opener is Dead Flowers.

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