Trains On Fire – No Alert – Audio

Trains On Fire is a dark-synth duo from Germany.

Trains On Fire

Trains On Fire

There is an inbuilt beauty to the darkly hewn tapestry that is Trains On Fire as the dank nature of the compositions rather than chilling the spine – sense of a come-hither promise of velvet blind-fold and silk tied limbs in which the listener is invited to enter a gothic bedchamber.

Most recently released was the nine track LP, The Wheel, which came out at the tail end of last month (available on bandcamp) – a roughly forty minutes album which is best heard in company of another whilst intertwining torso.

My selection being the penultimate –  No Alert.


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Nervous Germans – Punk Rock Radio – Audio

The Germany based alt-rock band Nervous Germans were introduced back in 2015.

Nervous Germans - The creeps are back in town

Nervous Germans

In the middle of last month I was sent an email to let me know of a new EP due for release in early April, so once again my apologies for the delayed arrival of this article. The three tracks plus one remix EP The Creeps Are Back In Town (available on bandcamp) having been released on the 1st.

In a release that travels much ground from ’70s punk references, to spotlight classic rock, my selection of the EP is inevitably, for those who know the site, will be unsurprising the opener (which also appears as a remix as the closer) Punk Rock Radio – in which those of the ’70s will spot The Damned and The Ruts riffs and references – in an EP in which Nervous Germans cast their acerbic humour, on the world around.

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Hypertonus – H​.​E​.​D​.​E​.​R​.​A. – Audio

The German instrumental-art-rock trio Hypertonus released the LP Tidal Wave on the 3rd.

Hypertonus - Photo credit - Arne B

Hypertonus – Photo credit – Arne B

The roughly forty two minutes, nine track, album (available on bandcamp) is replete with lengthy compositions, yet none outstay their welcome as Hypertonus fill every nook and cranny with intriguing ideas that carry along the listener in their wake with no extended solo sections, giving the complete release a complexity that the listener can happily go over and re-explore.

There is a maths-rock feel to much of the output which is soothed by a counter-balancing organic flow to the tracks and an LP well worth taking time to discover.

My selection from Tidal Wave is the sixth – H​.​E​.​D​.​E​.​R​.​A. .

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Das Flüff – Obey – Video

The Germany based dark-electro-rock band Das Flüff feature fairly regularly.

Das Flüff - Obey

Das Flüff

Their latest track to be revealed – Obey – from a live recording at their Studio – examples precisely why Das Flüff appears on more than the occasional basis with its dark sheer-sided temper that haunts the room long after finishing.

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Lasă Copilu – Lasă – Audio

The Germany based ethereal rock quartet Lasă Copilu released the LP Glowcore towards the end of last month.

Lasă Copilu

Lasă Copilu

The quartet all from different countries met in the creative hotspot of Berlin, Germany, in 2014 and joined forces to deliver music which has an hypnotic grace that mesmerises the audience in its ambient glow.

Combinations of electronics, instrumentation and voices melt in to each other to reveal music in which the listener becomes as one with the sounds. Tracks which each have slightly different nuances and are not all sung in the same language, affords the just under fifty minutes of Glowcore (available on bandcamp) a mysterious beauty. Of the running time, the closer, Factory Man accounts for heading on towards twenty six minutes.

Always keen to explore the slightly different – my selection from the album is the second track Lasă which features – even getting short solo-break – a wine-glass.

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