Mom & Bear – Everybody Wants You Dead – Single Review

The Danish atmospheric-rock quintet Mom & Bear released the single Everybody Wants You Dead on the 8th.

Mom & Bear

Mom & Bear

Despite having been around for a few years Mom & Bear are yet to release their début LP – though word has arrived that this project is underway with the title Bury You Dead and Everybody Wants You Dead (available on bandcamp) which has been lingering in the vaults for a while is the first song to surface from the album.

Layers of guitars, keys, bass, percussion and vocal wrap around the listener akin to gently placed swabs as the delight of the composition lays not only in its dark brooding presence it is equally by the shadowy nature of the music that drifts as though a Brocken Spectre emerging through the clouds in the valley from high on a mountain.

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Asthmatic Harp – Seven Sisters – Audio

Asthmatic Harp is the alt-folk vehicle that England based, Danish originating Hannah Fredsgaard-Jones uses to reveal thoughts on the world around.

Asthmatic Harp

Asthmatic Harp

A well travelled musician with live appearances in a variety of settings in Europe and North America, the scandi-folkore influenced compositions always contain the unexpected captivating the audience.

A series of songs, each named after a London (England) tube station have surfaced in the past few months, the most recent of which is Seven Sisters.


Seven Sisters – Single – Asthmatic Harp is available on iTunes.*

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Tin Can Telescope – Scorch Your Face – Single Review

The Danish garage-rock quartet Tin Can Telescope released the single Scorch Your Face today.

Tin Can Telescope - photo by - Magnus Hyltoft Thomsen

Tin Can Telescope – photo by – Magnus Hyltoft Thomsen

Scorch Your Face (available on bandcamp) is a thumping rock’n’roll number that has the audience delightedly dancing around the room as a thrubbing bass bounces against the spring percussion with guitar skipping through the ears and the vocal, which spins through the ears rounding out a song that sadly only lasts for two and two thirds minutes.

Having had the opportunity to listen to their back catalogue I can attest this is a band to bring out to play anytime life needs an injection of positive energy.

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Fore more release review, join Emerging Indie Bands on Facebook. – thesign – Video

The Danish dystopian-industrial-wave project is set to release the début LP wat.r is free imminently.

On hitting play on the fifth of the eleven tracks – thesign – the listener is undecided upon which direction to run as an all encompassing plunger splurges out of the speakers sucking all, akin to a tsunami, as it engulfs the room and leaving merely water in its wake and revealing, as the sounds recede, unmitigated destruction in the lee of its wake which promptly settles in unconcerned balmy sunlight water, leaving the audience to pick up their own scattered pieces of their lives.


Thesign – is available on iTunes.*

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Son Of Caesar – All I Remember – Audio

The Danish alt-folk project Son Of Caesar releases the LP Nothing Is What It Was in April 2018.

Son Of Caesar - Photo credit - Lasse Lagoni

Son Of Caesar – Photo credit – Lasse Lagoni

Revealed early (available as a standalone single on bandcamp) was All I Remember which will be the fourth of the ten tracks.

Prior to advancing towards the play button ensure you have a handkerchief nearby to dry weeping eyes as the sonorous voice leads the listener on an exquisite journey of longing and loss with the wistful melodies of guitar, keys and bass create sonic layers of drifting interwoven melancholia with percussion setting a sombre framework.

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