Betty Pulls A Fast One – Dressed In Birds – Audio

The English sadcore duo Betty Pulls A Fast One are scheduling the release of the LP – Dressed In Birds – for February.

Betty Pulls A Fast One

Betty Pulls A Fast One

There is a skill required to be able to create music which is so dour of countenance that rather than attending the regular funerals of an ever dwindling audience as a result of self-inflicted injuries whilst listening to the compositions  – musicians find themselves with an expanding following who immerse themselves in the the brooding darkness finding a cohesive catharsis in the material and Betty Pulls A Fast One, who have regularly featured on numerous occasions since their introduction in 2016, are one such duo.

Those of longer stay, or who click the link to the initial introduction will discover Dressed In Birds was first scheduled for release last year. I am more hopeful that the appearance of the title track with its minor chords progression does signify the album’s imminent arrival.

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TrueHeights – Exit Route – Video

The English indie-rock sextet TrueHeights release the EP Days We Found on the 13th of April.

TrueHeights - Photo credit - Fraser Taylor

TrueHeights – Photo credit – Fraser Taylor

An intriguing combination of three guitars, bass, drums, vocals and synth allows TrueHeights to deliver music which, whilst derived in metal also has a foot firmly anchored in indie dance, enabling them to create tunes with a distinctive point of difference.

The first song to appear from the EP, which is also the first of the five tracks on Days We Found, is Exit Route.


Days We Found – EP – TrueHeights is available on iTunes.*

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Neon Insect – L.L.t.Q. (f. Leæther Strip) – Audio

The German dark-electro project Neon Insects releases the LP Glitches on the 16th of February.

Neon Insect - L.L.t.Q. (f. Leæther Strip)

Neon Insect – L.L.t.Q. (f. Leæther Strip)

A slight step away from the normal fare of Neon Insect, which tends to be video game dystopian soundtrack, Glitches is an album, (available on bandcamp) created as a standalone release and overall more gothic darkness than intense compression in temperament.

The second of the eight songs L.L.t.Q. features the Danish electronic body music creator Leæther Strip with a deeply anchored bass surging through the room.

Leæther Strip

Leæther Strip

Leæther Stripsocial media page

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Snakeoil Salesmen – Convicts & Catholics – Audio

The English smugglers-rock creator Matt Couch who performs as Snakeoil Salesmen releases the EP Snakeoil Salesmen II on the 31st.

Snakeoil Salesmen

Snakeoil Salesmen

Music which is steeped in sea-shanty and folklore tipples out of the speakers when taking a listen to the back catalogue and on the basis of the one song I have heard of the four on the EP (available on bandcamp) I anticipate more of the same vein.

Convicts & Catholics, the opening track, skips through the room in flighty rock’n’roll guise finding the audience dancing alongside the scathing lyric, yet not flummoxed by the contrasts of sound and sentiment.

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Peace On Earth – Where We Are – Video

The Swedish gaze-rock trio Peace On Earth release their début LP – Silent Killer – tomorrow.

Peace On Earth

Peace On Earth

An eight track album of shadowy reverberating guitar, muffled drum-kit, solid bass and hazy vocal which has an hypnotic, slightly psychedelic tinge, in which the listener finds their mind and body coexisting.

The songs thread through shifting dynamics, with some tracks fairly sprinting through the room, others almost motionless which adds to the magical mystery ride of the album which holds the attention throughout its approximately fifty three minutes of duration.

The second track on the LP is Where We Are.

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