Ceiling Demons – The Rose – Audio

On the 22nd the English dystopian-hop outfit Ceiling Demons released the LP Nil.

Ceiling Demons - The Rose

Ceiling Demons

It is very easy to get embroiled within the brooding countenance of the compositions and specifically vocals which feed their way into the arteries akin to a deep injection that throttles almost immediately in to the brain – yet so to do is to omit the musical creativity underpinning the tracks which resulting affords them the bleak-background that makes the material so enticing.

A track which is easy to skip over is the opener of the ten tracks on Nil (available on bandcamp) – The Rose which does explore both compositional abilities and root-stock in a track which is framed in a folk architecture and once having ingested this – everything else flows not only for its societal commentary but also the songwriting technicalities and greater appreciation of the selection of instrumentation and framework of the subsequent songs.

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HERR ALT – Rush – Audio

HERR ALT – an electrowave project from the Netherlands released the début single Rush yesterday.



Combining electronic loops, guitar and bleeding vocal allows HER ALT to deliver music which is simultaneously nu-disco whilst equally retrospective of ’80s synth-rock.

More typically to be found in stage performance where the visual and electronic loops modulated by stage played guitar allow the material a more extemporised and organic feel, Rush, nonetheless, (available on bandcamp) makes a welcome introduction for those of us not able to get to see live performance.


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Problematic Jam – Hide Into The Woods – Audio

The French alt-rock trio Problematic Jam were introduced towards the end of 2015.

Problematic Jam - Hide into the Woods

Problematic Jam

From the long-awaited LP Stereonucleose which is out next month, Hide Into The Woods, is of more dour countenance than much of their music previously featured with puddled percussion giving the track a menacing presence as it stomps through the room.

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Puppet Rebellion – Slave – Video

The English indie quintet Puppet Rebellion who were introduced in 2013 launch their début LP on the 11th of November.

Puppet Rebellion - photo credit - Teri Jones

Puppet Rebellion – photo credit – Teri Jones

Having released an EP and a selection of singles over the years Puppet Rebellion, who have spent much of their life on the road, have managed to find some studio time to out together an album. In advance of the LP release, on the 15th, Slave was made available as a stand alone single.

Slave – Puppet Rebellion is available on iTunes.*

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Fick As Fieves – English Weather – Single Review

The English rock’n’roll trio Fick As Fieves are set to release the single English Weather on the 22nd.

Fick As Fieves - English Weather

Fick As Fieves

You know that moment when you reach in to your wardrobe and catch site of your favourite piece of clothing and think – I don’t care what I am meant to be doing today – I am wearing this come what may?

The unpretentious sounds of Fick As Fieves always brings a delighted smile and English Weather is no exception. I feel like a joyful chipmunk discovering a hidden stash of nutrition – as I am allowed to share this with you prior to Friday.

Snaffle up the volume and clear some dance-floor – oh and a lasso-rope to swirl above the head would be handy too as, like a cowfolk riding a bucking bronco dressed in leather chaps, there is no dance-move that is too excessive as the bluesy guitar bleeds through the ears with the listener delightedly aiming to keep balance with their own frantic body sway.

If you are not whooping with delight, breathless and sweating profusely at the end of English Weather – you are either not listening through a full speaker system or are reading the wrong music review site.

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