Kim Killspeed

Kim Killspeed is a blues rock band from Sydney in Australia comprising Candy, Andy and Bruce plus supporting cast.

Kim Killspeed - blues-rock from Australia

Kim Killspeed

Torturous evocations greet the ears as Kim Killspeed deliver finely sliced sounds which swallow up the room in their considered acoustic presentation. An absolutely stunning vocal captivates the mind to which guitar scurries around in the shadows as a gentle percussion sets the framework.

Kim Killspeed don’t seek to stride new grounds across the landscape of music, but what they have to add is an inspirational touch of brush stroke as they take familiar territory and shoulder themselves into a poise of confidence, with which the audience can engage. The trio add a depth of consternation to genre as they offer music of currency within a concept of the past.

Whilst mastered tracks give Kim Killspeed a smoother feel, which is reflected in their début release Ultrasound – EP – Kim Killspeed*- which surfaced at the end of last month, it is in live performance that I think this would work best as the rawness makes this work far better and with some pleasure, I am able to offer you a track from the unpolished version of what they are about, a song which isn’t on the EP – which will come as no surprise to regular readers.

That isn’t to say that the release is not worth getting hold of as the mastered material also has much to offer.


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Pretty City

Pretty City is the psychedelic trio of Hugh Matthews, John-Luis Moretti and Drew Schapper from Melbourne in Australia.

Pretty City - Psychedelia from Australia

Pretty City

The best way to get to Pretty City is to take a forage in the gardens of Buckingham Palace in London, England, the home of Mrs. Mountbatten, better known globally as Queen Elizabeth II, where you will find Magic Mushrooms. Shut the curtains, don a tie-dyed kaftan turn on slowly rotating globes and lay back to enjoy.

The audience is left in a calmly evolving cascade of colours as the trio extend to the ears an intriguing conundrum of songs which typically last less than three minutes, yet seem to take the mind on a journey lasting an hour or two of intrigue as Pretty City introduce sliding veils of texture in which the brain can relax and stretch time. It is no mean feat to invest in a short track sufficient layering that it sounds as though it runs far longer, yet remain unhurried in delivery. These guys are smart cookies at composing and delivering their material.

Second Hand Clothes only last 02:46, if you don’t find time bending you are reading the wrong website.

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Bottlecock is an experimental sludge trio from Brisbane in Australia, comprising Flynn (Drums), Kerley (Bass) and Murphy (Guitar).

Bottlecock - experimental sludge from Australia


With tracks ranging from fractured, approaching quarter of an hour, flights of fantasy, to directed pieces at under three minutes Bottlecock have something to offer anyone with an interest in the obscure. This is music to take out for a lengthy run, with a mind seeking to soak up some startling landscapes.

The underlying droning bass is shorn by a guitar that cleaves its way through the soundwaves as a munching percussion bubbles in obstinance, to which sparse lyrics float in eerie delivery. With their first releases coming out in the past year Bottlecock have been able to put together an impressive array of sounds that are well worth investing the time to get to know.

The underbelly of discordance is pulled together, with compositions which seem to have no direction of travel forming delightful moments in time and when the listener gives the tracks the room needed they form completed encapsulations which bear immediate replay.

This is a trio I look forward to hearing much more of over the coming years.

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The Bottlecock  LP Record is available on bandcamp.

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The Shorts

From Ballarat in Australia emerge Brodie Glen (Drums / Vocals), Simon (Bass / Vocals) and Danny (Guitar / Vocals) who form the alt-rock band The Shorts.

The Shorts - alt-rock from Australia

The Shorts – alt-rock from Australia

Crank-up the volume, nudge the speakers louder and hit play and The Shorts will make the day seem far better than it did before. There is a burrowing rumble that furrows its way through the speakers as the trio deliver well constructed pieces of music, where bridges sit in natural harmony and spacing.

Frenetic percussion provides The Shorts with the time to extrapolate the concepts in the stringed instruments and any time they stray, a swift bass kick-drum ushers everything back in to line. A snappy four-string skips across the room, frequently on off-beat giving the sound a spring to step, whilst guitar is permitted moments off leash to create the counterpoint to which the lyric expresses a contemptive narrative, delivered in appropriately dismissive scorn.

There is much to enjoy here and word arrives of a further EP – Tankerville – set to be unfurled in June.

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The Shaykes

The Shaykes, a rock ‘n’ roll quintet from Central Coast in Australia is – Matty Dalcol (vocals), Matt Stalgis (Guitar), Dan Kennedy (Drums), Rhyse Aquillina (Bass) and Salvador Cordero (Keys).

The Shaykes - Rock 'n' Roll from Australia

The Shaykes

Combining elements of straight forward RnR with garage temperament The Shaykes deliver a sound that is simultaneously danceable whilst spiked with fuzzy pillars of high octane.

Piling on the pressure is a foot stomping percussion / bass combo, whilst the guitar sashays betwixt sparkling melodies and distortion as the low level keys blend the elements together to which the vocal switches with the moods of the moment, giving the material a flow of textures that captures the attention.

Formed as full entity last year, The Shaykes began their journey with concentration on live performance and they are now beginning to add Studio material for those of us not able to see them in performance. What I find particularly heartening in the four tracks I have been able to hear, is that the effervescent buoyancy hasn’t been left on the mixing desk as the home listener can happily dance to the tunes and feel the vibrancy of the music rattle around the room.

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