A Breach Of Silence

A Breach Of Silence from Brisbane in Australia is the metal quintet of Mat Cosgrove (Guitar), Blair Layt (Bass / Vocals), Andrew Cotterell (Drums), Rhys Flannery (Vocals) and Kerrod Dablestein (Guitar).

A Breach Of Silence - Metal from Australia

A Breach Of Silence

Tearing the speakers asunder A Breach Of Silence hurtle into the room like marauding Visigoths. It is easy to cause disturbance and scream loudly, as Chris from Eclipse Records will attest to my vitriolic response to  a casual email – what marks these guys out, is their ability to hold the sound together with some smartly composed chord progressions charging around the head.

A Breach Of Silence are able to deliver impressive tempos to their songs which steep the listener in sweat and graft, whilst maintaining a balance of rapidity and listenability as the guitars add mellowed nuances to the out-put as bass and percussion hurl pole-axing blows of power. Of additional note is the vocals which can with consummate switch between bassy growl and gruff to sublimely melodic pitch perfect singing. A change of line-up to include a fifth player has enabled the band to add considerably to the quality of the music as they are now able to explore the themes of the songs in a more meaningful way.

It is these intelligent combinations that make A Breach Of Silence a band well worth getting to know. Already well supported in their native Australia it will be interesting to see if they can broach the shores of countries abroad.

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The Sunday Reeds

The Sunday Reeds a blues rock band from Melbourne in Australia is Romana Ashton (Vocals / Bass), Drew Jones (Guitar) and Jeremy Russell (Drums).

The Sunday Reeds - Blues Rock from Australia

The Sunday Reeds

Be prepared to pull out a Takamura Nakiri as the The Sunday Reeds expound valedictory eulogies in a darkened and dank bedsit with music that forms ever tightening loops around the head. There is a definable beauty to gloom and this a band that is able to make the crimson emblazoned slashes of music seem so intoxicating and appealing.

Based around the sloping slack bass and vocal, which gives the compositions their powerful presence, the guitar and percussion provide a context for the resulting outpourings. Without a sub-woofer working hard to caress the ears you will be missing more than you are gaining.

There is a luscious texture to the recordings which are directed towards vinyl recordings as explained in far more detail by Thaddeus Moore in Indie Music Tips # 10 on Mastering. Suffice it to say, the reason that The Sunday Reeds sound so warm is not digital fandangery, rather hollowed out eight track analogue recordings.

The Sunday Reeds is a band to spend much time to get to know and their five track EP Amour Tragique coming out on the 1st of August makes this a date to hard-wire in your diary.


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Buzz Kull

Buzz Kull from Sydney in Australia is the alt-synth duo of Rebecca Liston and Marcel Whyler.

Buzz Kull - alt-synth from Australia

Buzz Kull

The music sweeps the room in oscillating refractions as Buzz Kull entwine vocal and sound generators into a seamless whump which rebounds around the room akin to a squash court ball in play.

The duo create an epiblast of ephemeral notes which are allowed to effervesce before disappearing as succinctly as they appeared whilst above reigns a vocal that wraps itself in the mind. Buzz Kull evidently work hard on the creation of their multitudinous layers of sound which means that new recordings are sparse, equally their live appearances are in bursts of activity before they head back to hone their thoughts into a new aural cornucopia of sound. Their attention to the minutest detail makes the wait more than worth the while as the resulting out-put is something you just want to keep on playing in a continual loop.

The only consternate being will they return to fill the ears with more, after two years of creativity you just have to remain optimistic and look forward to what ever comes next from Buzz Kull.

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As you correctly guessed – Bandintexas is the Sydney, Australia, based alt-rock quartet of Kelly Jeanious (Vocals), Sophie Bollen (Guitar / Vocals), Jackie Latimore (Bass) and Lauren Allison (Drums).

Bandintexas - alt-rock from Australia


Bandintexas have used their experience to hone their craft to produce effortless music which sheers across the room in a blistering showcase of powerful compositions which reflect of the realities of the conundrums of life. There is a raw simplicity to the basic construct to which the quartet add their virtuosity without ever loosing the essence of the fragility of the concepts which they explore.

Four years into their existence which has been fraught with line-up changes, but an unwavering desire to perform live and create new music Bandintexas finally got round to making the music available, at the tail-end of last year to those of us not able to get to see a live show, with their début LP – the eight track – The ABCD-EP.

Bandintexas were formerly known as One Trick Pony prior to a band name argument – for more check out the interview with the SXSW challenge.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my jottings and listen to the accompanying music via which ever connected device you prefer to use, but I do think unless you are listening to the music without the addition of a subwoofer and at least two regular speakers, far apart, you are missing much that goes on here and Bandintexas is a case in point. Turn up the volume, switch it up a notch, let the speakers do their thing and you will be in for a superb journey of sound.

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The Byzantines

The Byzantines an electro-rock quintet from Adelaide in Australia is Michael Pietrafesa (Vocal / Synth), David Zammit (Guitar), Rhys Overall (Guitar / Synth/ Samples ), Jose Moucho (Bass) and Johnny Zervas (Drums).

The Byzantines - electro-rock from Australia

The Byzantines

Like strobe lights The Byzantines flicker into the room in a kaleidoscope of sounds. There is a progressive psychedelia element to the music which weaves its way around the ears in ever enlarging looping fractals. Nestling inside the meandering revelations of the quintet lays a rock solid anchor, around which the sounds revolve without ever loosing the angle of direction, that enables the band to play at the edges of the perimeters without loosing sight of where they are heading and keeping the audience entwined with the resulting compositions.

It is possible to discern the many influences of The Byzantines, though that never becomes a distraction from the music as they are able to meld these into new configurations of originality.

I guess there is a constant feature around bands with a psychedelic influence as many have a sparse release schedule and The Byzantines are of similar mould. Formed in 2011 the first EP Colourvision came out in 2013 and the next is due for 2015. Being someone who thrives on three chord three minute wonders I am itching for 2015 to hear what comes next.

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