The Byzantines

The Byzantines an electro-rock quintet from Adelaide in Australia is Michael Pietrafesa (Vocal / Synth), David Zammit (Guitar), Rhys Overall (Guitar / Synth/ Samples ), Jose Moucho (Bass) and Johnny Zervas (Drums).

The Byzantines - electro-rock from Australia

The Byzantines

Like strobe lights The Byzantines flicker into the room in a kaleidoscope of sounds. There is a progressive psychedelia element to the music which weaves its way around the ears in ever enlarging looping fractals. Nestling inside the meandering revelations of the quintet lays a rock solid anchor, around which the sounds revolve without ever loosing the angle of direction, that enables the band to play at the edges of the perimeters without loosing sight of where they are heading and keeping the audience entwined with the resulting compositions.

It is possible to discern the many influences of The Byzantines, though that never becomes a distraction from the music as they are able to meld these into new configurations of originality.

I guess there is a constant feature around bands with a psychedelic influence as many have a sparse release schedule and The Byzantines are of similar mould. Formed in 2011 the first EP Colourvision came out in 2013 and the next is due for 2015. Being someone who thrives on three chord three minute wonders I am itching for 2015 to hear what comes next.

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Doom Mountain

Doom Mountain from Brisbane in Australia is the alt-indie quartet of Jake Lanyon (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar), Lee Neagle (Lead Guitar), Jackson Minter (Bass) and Robert Steel (Drums).

Doom Mountain - alt-rock from Australia

Doom Mountain

Formed less than a year ago Doom Mountain are musicians who can wring the most out of the material as they deliver music with a solid foundation rooted in rock, to which they intoxicate the listener with added shimmering guitars, reverb and fuzz.

Whilst still formulating their sound it is undoubtedly when they head towards the gloomy slower pieces that the quartet excel and you will find yourself checking there really isn’t dank dripping moss on the ceiling.

With a keen ear on building the layers effectively through variations in tempo Doom Mountain indicate their abilities as song writers and to this they bring to bear maximum value from the two guitars, which whilst allowed to add flourishing strokes to the tracks are not permitted to stray off course.

With more than a dozen songs already written Doom Mountain have easily been able to transition into the live scene, with more activity going on in developing the song-writing. Although there are only four tracks available to hear for those who can’t get out to see them, I have heard there are plans for an EP later this year, so with luck those of us who don’t live in Australia will have more to feast our ears on pretty soon.

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The John Steel Singers

The John Steel Singers from Brisbane in Australia is the surf psychedelia quintet of Trimmington Morrissey (Vocals), Scott Bromiley (Vocals /  Keyboards), Ross Chandler (Drums), Pete Bernoth (Keys / Trombone) and Luke McDonald (Vocals / Guitar).

The John Steel Singers - surf psychedelia from Australia

The John Steel Singers

The John Steel Singers provide a mesmerising journey through garage rock laden psychedelia as the multitude of vocals and instruments combine like soft waves foaming on the beach. The quintet are inveterate live performers with appearances across much of Europe in addition to their home country, with recordings appearing sparingly.

The falsetto voices are a trademark of The John Steel Singers and this enhances the music with its mushroom tea effect as the vocals slide between players in hushed tones, add to this the fuzzy instrumentation and the listener can’t do much other than sit entranced and nod in unison. The tracks are played to extended notes, which gives the music the surfy sounds of lo-fi garage rock.

The John Steel Singers is certainly well worth venturing out to see if their journey takes them near you, failing that a copy of the forthcoming eighteen track LP Everything’s a Thread (which is available on iTunes*).

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Spookyland is an alt-rock band from Sydney in Australia comprising Marcus GordonLiam GordonNath Mansfield and Nic Malouf.

Spookyland - alt-rock from Australia


The iconic vocals sear into the brain as Spookyland rumbles around the room. The heuristic lyrics speak of travails of life and are easy for the audience to relate to, whilst adding a sense of rationale. It is the storytelling with which the listener finds resonance that gives Spookyland the powerful undercurrent of the presentation.

The plan for a new EP to come out later this year is something I am looking forward to and the recently released single The Silly Fucking Thing on Monday Records which will appear on the EP is a marker of the territory of Spookyland.

Rather than me adding more words, far better to let Spookyland provide their own….

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Surrender The Sun

Surrender The Sun from Sydney in Australia is the rock band of GessShaneLuke and Navs who made a brief video introduction back in December.

Surrender The Sun - Rock from Australia

Surrender The Sun

The floor rattles as the percussion powers out of the speakers as Surrender The Sun appear in the room. The quartet they have much to offer, as they combine thumping bass and drums, which combine with melodic captivating guitar and a mesmeric vocal. You just feel the need to reach for the old leather jacket and get involved.

By giving themselves room within compositions Surrender The Sun is able to deliver a sound that is far more than the sum of the parts and their forthcoming LP –  TAURI should be well worth adding to the collection. With a penchant for extended tracks, the quartet have a progressive feel without it all becoming self-indulgent meaning that the audience is left wanting to hear another few bars.

With a couple of years behind them Surrender The Sun has been able to establish an easy connection between the players, which will undoubtedly add to the strength of live performance. On recording the compositions are not over-produced, which also enables listeners from a distance to feel connected to the musicians. By allowing the tracks to run, the quartet are able to create vivid story-lines within the tracks whilst retaining a sense of direction to hold the attention.

Even were it not for the same style of microphone as is used in our logo – appearing at twenty four seconds in the video below – you see how easily I am swayed – I would still enjoy their latest available track.


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