MEZKO – Steady On – Video

MEZKO is an electro-rock duo from Australia.



The sultry blend of instrumentation and electronics lead to a dungeon of whips, chains and cages, in which the listener pleads submission in which to be entombed as the supple compositions stretch and claw.

From their most recent EP, Polychronic, the penultimate of the five tracks Steady On serves as an introduction to an outfit I look forward to hearing more from in short order.


Polychronic – EP – MEZKO is available on iTunes.*

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Enerate – Transit Lounge – Audio

The Australian synthwave quartet Enerate release the LP Transit Lounge on the 16th.

Enerate - photo credit - paragsatyal

Enerate – photo credit – paragsatyal

Those who know the site will be aware that my preferred means to listen to music is on vinyl – Transit Lounge will be at the opposite end of the spectrum as it will only be available as an application.

Having previously featured USB stick only releases, this app only release by Enerate marks a new development, to my experience,  though how those who use Linux machines will be able to secure the release without a lot of faffing around I have no idea. By the nature of the app marketplaces I am also unable to provide you with a link in advance to pre-order – though word arrives it will be released at 09:00 on the 16th. Though given that the band is based in Sydney, Australia, I can’t even let you know which 09:00 of the 24 + that 09:00 refers (there are also time-zones  – even in Australia itself – which are half an hour, and a quarter of an hour apart rather than an hour).

However – despite my reluctance to engage with the concept as it all does sound a bit of a gimmick – the LP itself is set to be something to find much within which to enjoy – the title track which I am able to share with you… and this site exists purely to showcase music that adds to the weave despite any barriers to entry.


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Sophisticated Dingo – Money – Audio

Sophisticated Dingo is an Australian garage-rock duo.

Sophisticated Dingo - Photo credit - Jackson Greatz

Sophisticated Dingo – Photo credit – Jackson Greatz

The essence of garage is often lost in post production.

Fortunately with Sophisticated Dingo none of the rawness is dissipated, as the duo superbly distil the concept, of a band racking up a damaged portable amplifier, drumkit and a microphone inside a brick garage with a concrete floor, hanging up half a mangy carpet that was found in a skip, on a wall, to lend the air of a top quality studio and then just enjoy life banging out rattling tunes while the neighbours all bury their heads under cushions – what more does really music need to get to the true essence of it all I ask myself? The answer being – nothing at all.

The most recent track to surface Money (which is available on bandcamp) – is – rock’n’roll in its finest element.

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Dumbsaint – Ghoul – Audio

The Australian cinematic-rock quartet Dumbsaint released the two track single Another Scene on the 30th of October.



A roughly fourteen minutes atmospheric instrumental release (available on bandcamp) in to which the listener is invited to let their imagination roam.

The second song, Ghoul, is as intimated by the title, a somewhat spectral composition.


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Dreamers Crime – Interstellar Nights – Video

The Australian metal quintet Dreamers Crime release the LP No Compromises on the 17th of November.

Dreamers Crime

Dreamers Crime

The latest track to surface from the album (which is available on bandcamp) Interstellar Nights, the sixth of the ten, is of different construct than most of their material.

Replacing the compact and punchy riffs and roars, is a galactic spaciousness which is riven with a multitude of layering and fragility, showcasing as it does, a more melodic side to Dreamers Crime.

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