Clifford Carpenter – Work – Audio

The Australian dark-hop creator Clifford Carpenter releases the LP Trust in September.

Clifford Carpenter - Photo by Jonno Révanche

Clifford Carpenter – Photo by Jonno Révanche

With an eye to societal malaise the music created by Clifford Carpenter isn’t intended to be an easy ride, rather, pointed commentary on the realities be they self-inflicted, unavoidable circumstance or imposed of 21st Century life for far too many around the world.

In advance of the album Work was released as a stand alone single on the 21st and is available on bandcamp.

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Mecha Mecha – Your Choice – Video

The Australian rock trio Mecha Mecha release the LP Blink & You’ll Miss It on the 28th.

Mecha Mecha

Mecha Mecha

Unafraid to reach in to the instrument pot to deploy the right ones for each track Mecha Mecha are able to deliver music which is steeped in classic-rock yet has a differentiation through their own making.

From the six track album Your Choice – the opener – is given a creamy texture with the addition of synths.


Blink & You’ll Miss It – EP – Mecha Mecha is available on iTunes.*

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First Birthday for Kitty – Anybody Out There – Audio

The Australian electro-lux trio First Birthday for Kitty are set to release the EP Emotional Availability on the 1st of August.

First Birthday for Kitty - Emotional Availability - artwork

First Birthday for Kitty – Emotional Availability – artwork

Anybody Out There, invites the listener in to a combination of pulsating electronica and subsumed instrumentation in which to roll around in a meadow akin to a frolicking puppy, whilst a temptress of vocal beguilingly hails from distant corner, akin to a horse whisperer settling down frayed nervous temperament.

Anybody Out There has the ability to coexist both the passion of first kiss and the measured maturity of the averted knee trembler in some dark back-alley with alluring promise of mutual, relaxed and unhurried satisfaction – we will only have to await for another twenty days to embrace… be assured the Extended Play will be worth the wait.

I had the option of either the demo version or the fully mastered and lengthier version to share with you – as so often is the case – I find myself allured by the more raw revision.


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Usurper of Modern Medicine – House Of Reps – Audio

The Australian space rock trio Usurper of Modern Medicine release the LP Everything Is Nothing on the 5th.

Usurper of Modern Medicine - photo by Amber Bateup

Usurper of Modern Medicine – photo by Amber Bateup

The combinations of instrumentation and electronica expand to fill the room in waves of psychedelic tinted hues of sound taking the listener on to a journey through space and time.

The opening of the ten tracks on Everything Is Nothing (available on bandcamp) is House Of Reps.


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Alex Cameron – Candy May – Audio

The Australian melancholic-rocker Alex Cameron releases the LP Forced Witness on the 8th of September.

Alex Cameron

Alex Cameron

A ten track album (available on bandcamp) which contemplates, in damning indictment, of a world where far too many want to merely capture things to share with their disconnected silos of connectivity in pursuit of ‘likes’ of what they are witnessing, rather than becoming involved in anything at all other than a passive commentator of dissociation whilst bemoaning of their own self-perceived undeserved paucity of life.

The first track to surface and the opener on Forced Witness is Candy May.


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