Golden Curtain – Amen – Video

The New Zealand alt-rock trio Golden Curtain have been quietly working on the LP Underwater Gospels due for release later in the year.

Golden Curtain

Golden Curtain

The ten track album is a long awaited follow-up to the 2015 LP Hell Is Other People. Underwater Gospels marks a step change in direction of sound with the LP being sculpted through a collaboration with the broadcaster and poet Alex Green.

The first track to surface from the forthcoming album, made available to share within the past few hours, which will itself be released as a single on the 14th of April, Amen – is a darkly shrouded garage-surf valedictory of dreams unheralded.

The darkness of the shaped and shadowed bass immediately focuses attention with its menacing omnipresence which affords the drums the space to roam more widely, allowing the pace to be slowed to almost funereal as the reverberating guitar spirals through the ears with the flattened vocal emphasising the contextualisation of the written concept.

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Hollow Everdaze – Catastrophe – Audio

The Australian psychedelic-garage quintet will be releasing the LP Cartoons later in the year.

Hollow Everdaze - Cartoons - Artwork

Hollow Everdaze – Cartoons – Artwork

The first track to surface from the album and the third of the ten – Catastrophe – which was itself released as a standalone single on the 2nd (available on bandcamp) is a just under three and a quarter minutes of reverb and echo that flows through the room with the slightest scent of patchouli oil, leaving the listener bathed in feel-good factor with a tangible warmth spreading over the body.

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Sera – Doctor – Audio

The Australian indie-dance trio Sera releases the EP Call Me Up on the 17th.



One of the songs that will be on the release will be Doctor.

Sometimes just hanging your recently showered hair to drip dry in its own good time as you contemplate on the good things in life, is a moment to relish, this is a track to put alongside that playlist as that moment arises.

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Destrends – Blackout – Audio

The Australian new-wave trio Destrends are planning to release the LP Lousy Lover towards the end of March.

Destrends - Blackout


First introduced in 2015, Destrends, have always been a trio to clear out the eardrums and Blackout is of similar vein.

A combination of instrumentation and guitar bursts through the speakers, prior to the distinctive vocal joining in, resultingly, dispersing the knots of introduction and creating spaces allowing Blackout to fill the room with their gothic architecture in a just under four and a half minutes track that highlights, once again Destrends is a band possessing considerable song-writing and delivery capability.

On the basis of Blackout, Lousy Lover, will be an EP to add to the collection.

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Big Bad Echo – Battered Fish – Audio

Big Bad Echo is a brooding-rock quintet from Australia.

Big Bad Echo

Big Bad Echo

In their latest track – Battered Fish – the listener is shrouded by an industrial apocalypse of menacing bass and drum, while half-spoken lyric impresses the sense of foreboding into the bone marrow as guitars and electronics reverberate and echo from the walls in a just over six minute track that can, with some pleasure, bear immediate replay.

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