Dreamers Crime – Interstellar Nights – Video

The Australian metal quintet Dreamers Crime release the LP No Compromises on the 17th of November.

Dreamers Crime

Dreamers Crime

The latest track to surface from the album (which is available on bandcamp) Interstellar Nights, the sixth of the ten, is of different construct than most of their material.

Replacing the compact and punchy riffs and roars, is a galactic spaciousness which is riven with a multitude of layering and fragility, showcasing as it does, a more melodic side to Dreamers Crime.

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Meliorist – My Reflection – Video

The Australian mathematical-metal quintet Meliorist release the EP ii. on the 1st of December.

Meliorist - ii. - artwork

Meliorist – ii. – artwork

A phantasmagorical soundtrack envelopes the room as eviscerating death-metal conjoins with the sharp angularity of maths-rock as it darts around the listener like a snarling Crocodylus porosus sizing up its prey with which to play as the flashing jaws of steel clamp down on the limbs with a jocular tail hurtling the audience in to the air and, akin to a skilled juggler, tumbling the resultant bodies in ordered rotation, prior to tiring of the playtime and concluding with a maceration of limbs squeezing in to the gullet.

The middle of the five tracks on ii. (available on bandcamp) is My Reflection.


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Marlin’s Dreaming – Floating – Audio

The New Zealand surf-gaze quartet Marlin’s Dreaming released their début LP Lizard Tears on the 27th.

Marlin's Dreaming

Marlin’s Dreaming

Shimmering echoes drift slowly through the room in – Floating – the third of the nine tracks on the album. The solid dampened bass string provides the pivot around which that hazy vocal and guitars rotate while the quiet rippling cymbals takes the listener to a shore front on overlooking a sunlight calm-sea.

Floating is reflective of the album which has a tempered jazz undertone the sense of a relaxing evening with friends at a riviera café whilst watching the world amble past.

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Victory Lap – The Afterlife – Single Review

Victory Lap is the indie-dance project of Alex Badham from Australia.

Victory Lap

Victory Lap

With considerable experience as both a musician and music video director, the début single of the solo project – The Afterlife ( which came out on the 23rd and available on bandcamp) – evidences of a songwriter and arranger who knows one end of a song from the other.

Multilayered instrumentation, synth and percussion are moulded in to exotic shapes and – rather than becoming overly complex – fold themselves around the vocal – giving the listener a sound in which they step on to the dance-floor and sway with the funky beat, or lean back and allow the dreamy washes to flush through the mind.

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Heart Beach – Perfect – Audio

The Canada based – Tasmania originating – melancholic-rock trio Heart Beach are set to release the LP Haircut on the 1st of November.

Heart Beach

Heart Beach

A ten track album of drifting sadness which rather than leaving the listener feeling morose leaves them having undergone a catharsis as Heart Beach deliver music that has an intrinsic beauty which flows deep through the bone-marrow warming up the body from inside.

In advance of the release of the album a couple of tracks of surfaced (available on bandcamp) and by way of an introduction to a band I look forward to featuring again in short order the second song on the LP – Perfect.

Heart Beach are about to start a tour of Australia with the culminating gig being in Tasmania. If you are anywhere near the shows, I would suggest taking an evening out in their company would not be something you would regret.

Nov 01 Upstairs @ the Gasometer Collingwood, VIC
Nov 03 Oxford Arts Factory Sydney, NSW
Nov 04 The Phoenix Canberra, ACT
Nov 08 Upstairs @ the Gasometer Collingwood, VIC
Nov 09 Rad Bar & Cafe Wollongong, NSW
Nov 10 Hamilton Station Hotel Newcastle, NSW
Nov 11 Bloodhound Bar Fortitude Valley, QLD
Nov 15 Upstairs @ the Gasometer Collingwood, VIC
Nov 17 The Hotel Metro Adelaide, SA
Nov 22 Upstairs @ the Gasometer Collingwood, VIC
Dec 09 The Brisbane Hotel Hobart, TAS


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