Shorts – Zyka – Audio

Shorts is an Australian grunge trio.



Newly out of the blocks Shorts have started life concentrating on recorded material and their début EP Something Else is due for release imminently.

The first track to surface – Zyka (available on bandcamp) was made available on the 19th. Combinations of garage fuzz, rock riffs and grunge flatness are all wrapped up in the just under two and two thirds minutes track, leaving the listener looking forward with some anticipation to the full EP.


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The Shoeys – Plastic Boys – Audio

The Australian alt-indie trio The Shoeys are revealing new material with ever greater frequency.

The Shoeys

The Shoeys

The latest track to surface – Plastic Boys – has a slowly weaving guitar that forms the fulcrum of the song around which, like Newtonian mechanics, the other elements circumnavigate, giving the track the sense that everything is revolving at different speeds to which the brain gradually accustomises and everything aligns into a sense of retrospective psychedelia.

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FVTURISTIC – I Want You – Audio

FVTURISTIC is an Australian nu-bass producer.



I Want You is the début solo reveal by FVTURISTIC in a just under three and three quarter minutes track that buzzes off the walls as jazz inspired key chords are warped by a saw-toothed electronica which gives the composition a jagged rawness that tickles the eardrum.

Merely turn up the volume, set sub-woofers to bulging settings and enjoy.

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Blindmunkee – Prey – Video

The Australian agit-rockers Blindmunkee recently revealed a new track.

Blindmunkee - Prey


With scathing comment on the world around, Prey combines tightly packed rock-riffs with their signature half-rapped lyric, which in this instance is also set to a hip-hop tempo, giving the song a furious temper, which is best heard with speakers wide open as the soundwaves rattle the window frames.

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Circle – Thylacine – Video

It was back in 2012 that the agit-psychedelia band from Australia Circle first appeared and over two years since last featured.

Circle - Thylacine - artwork

Circle – Thylacine – artwork

Agit-psychedelia – you may be thinking there is an oxymoron in itself, allow me to elucidate further… their latest track, which surfaced earlier in the month Thylacine is a revolving composition which folds within itself as the acerbic lyrical content sears through the moral turpitude of societal construct as the backdrop of recorded commentary justifies widespread slaughter of the Tasmanian Devil, in the same vein in which the execution of Badgers, here in England and Wales is served as an idea of probity, whilst the song reflects of how socio-political reflection deems those ‘not worthy’ are the parasitic enemy.

I merely hope it is long before 2019 our paths cross once again.

Thylacine – Circle is available on iTunes.*

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