Mount Defiance – Teamwork – Audio

The Australian new-wave quartet Mount Defiance release the EP Yankee Flat on the 4th of August.

Mount Defiance

Mount Defiance

From the EP – Teamwork is a delightful combination of guitar strings that are slapping against the floor, muzzy-fuzzy garage and a superbly pitched vocal that sounds so begrudging in accompaniment you can feel the disdain of a teenage tantrum snapping around the room – whilst simultaneously delivered as music to enjoy whilst revelling in its cleverly placed sarcastic humour.

It is this juxtaposition that makes me urge you to grab hold of the release as soon as you are able – and – if you happen to be in Melbourne (Australia) on the 28th of July – you can get it more quickly than the rest of us at the launch show at The Workers Club in Brunswick Street.

Mount Defiance is a band I look forward to coming back to later in the year.

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Marlinspike – Into The Deep – Audio

The Australian trippy-rock band Marlinspike released the EP Time Capsule yesterday.

Marlinspike - Photo by J'aime Fazackerley Photography

Marlinspike – Photo by J’aime Fazackerley Photography

Floating around the room on extended delayed fuzz Marlinspike deliver music that hangs around on the air, like the scent of patchouli oil, long after the notes have drifted to silence. The combinations of garage rock blended with a mushroom tea infusion gives the material a slightly psychedelic impression without the listener feeling as though they are set to see dragons walking on the ceiling, rather be left in a relaxing slightly muzzy-headedness.

My selection from the five track EP (available on bandcamp) is the penultimate (and atypical of the release with its jogging beat, particularly given the text above) Into The Deep.

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Drown This City – BEND/BREAK – Video

Drown This City is an Australian melodic-metal quintet.

Drown This City

Drown This City

Slamming through the speakers, their latest single, BEND/BREAK claws chunks out of the mortar as the music roars through the room in hurtling tempo. Drown This City keep tight reign on the resulting output and are effortlessly able to shift the dynamics of the track with unexpected bridges of melodies and softness slowing down proceedings.


Bend/Break – Single – Drown This City is available on iTunes.*

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Crepes – Sexyland – Audio

The Australian synth-gaze quintet Crepes are planning to release an LP later in the year.

Crepes - photo by @leticiaalmeida

Crepes – photo by @leticiaalmeida

Within the past nine hours – Sexyland – from the forthcoming album bubbled to the surface.

Hard to believe that in Australia it is heading towards the sharp end of winter as the summer evening vibe spills through the room. Even here where the temperature is currently just over 25 degrees Centrigrade I can feel the office getting warmer as the luscious tones drift through the room.

Lay back and feel the suns rays with Sexyland.

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ZERRIN – Strange Wasteland – Single Review

ZERRIN is an avant-garde project from Australia.



There is a luscious darkness to the undertow of the latest track to surface – Strange Wasteland – as the stunning vocals soar through the room to the surrounding compression and expansion of keys and strings which enmesh the listener in barbed wire in a composition that reflects on the detritus that soils the globe, whilst others spout glib words pretexting of ‘environmental concerns’.

ZERRIN, in Strange Wastelands, offers both a challenge and invective that casts scathing pall through the room in an aural descriptor of the reality of good intent and lax personal responsibility.

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