Montes Jura – Lies – Audio

The Australian trippy-rock quartet Montes Jura released the LP Tempest on the 14th.

Montes Jura

Montes Jura

Melting shoegaze, psychedelia and blues in to their output Montes Jura deliver music which slips the listener in to a hypnotic trance as the slowly revolving hazy echoes and reverbs circle through the room.

The eight track album (available on bandcamp) has a jam session feel to it and my pick of the release is the third – Lies.

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Leroy Francis – Carry Me – Single Review

The Australian garage-rocker Leroy Francis released the début single Carry Me on the 8th.

Leroy Francis - Carry Me - artwork

Leroy Francis – Carry Me – artwork

Mewling out of the speakers like a scalded-cat the blurry guitar is chased by a fiery drum-kit which batters the walls with pock-marks as the muzzled vocal spins though the ears. The extended notes held by the voice gives the impression of a track that is being played on a record player with a slipping belt-drive with, delighteldy, the song (which only lasts for two and one quarter minutes) resets the timing mechanism mid-way through.

Other than play Carry Me loudly my only thought is – when is the next track going to be released?

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Paprika Jones – Playpen Profile – Audio

The New Zealand trippy-rock outfit Paprika Jones released the single Playpen Profile today.

Paprika Jones - Photo credit - Shelton Leong

Paprika Jones – Photo credit – Shelton Leong

Playpen Profile (available on bandcamp) is an intriguing combination of mathematical-rock angularity nestled alongside jazz-influences and rounded out by shimmering reverberation and echoes giving the song a sense of simultaneously tripping-out on acid whilst buzzing on speed – a combination Paprika Jones handle with aplomb and leaves the listener looking forward to hearing more material in the near future.

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Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra – Birdnest Hair – Audio

Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra is an experimental multi-instrumentalist solo project from Australia.

Matt Hsu's Obscure Orchestra - photo credit Aimee Catt Photography

Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra – photo credit Aimee Catt Photography

The latest track to surface – Birdnest Hair – features Ashleigh Djokic with rap vocal – and is a just over four and two thirds minutes tracks of many elements and moods in which there is good humour, abstract thought and strong contrasts – resulting in a song that will have the listener either running for the hills or reaching forward for the continuous loop to enjoy the random texturing – the fact I am asking you to spend time in its company indicates I am in the latter camp.

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LIGHT – This Is How It Feels – Audio

The Australian dark-melody creator Luke de Zilva who performs under the sobriquet LIGHT teamed up with the Australian noir-drone creator Henry Lloyd Wilson to release an LP earlier this month.

LIGHT - photo by Patrick Ewing

LIGHT – photo by Patrick Ewing

LIGHT / Henry Lloyd Wilson – an eight track album that is available on bandcamp which distils dark shrouding shadows through the room  – though rather than reaching for a noose the listener finds themselves enraptured by the lugubrious soundtrack that wraps around the ears as it undergoes sublimation.

The opening song is This Is How It Feels.

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