Love X Stereo – Dead Beat Generation – Video

It has been just over a year since the electro-dance South Korean outfit Love X Stereo last featured.

Love X Stereo - Photo by Jinny Park

Love X Stereo – Photo by Jinny Park

An almost continual stream of new tracks is balanced with very regular live performance.

A live version of Dead Beat Generation.

We Love We Leave, Pt. 2 (Deluxe Edition) – EP – Love X Stereo is available on iTunes.*

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Southway – Human Touch – Video

Southway, the England / South Korea split electro-dance duo were first introduced back in 2013.

Southway - photo credit David Wagner

Southway – photo credit David Wagner

In something of a full circle, when first introduced Southway were based in England, then moved to South Korea and now – their final gig in South Korea has been scheduled for the 16th of December before returning once again to England.

From their forthcoming, as yet untitled LP – Human Touch.

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Southway – Here & Now – Video

The South Korean EDM duo Southway are putting together a new LP.

Southway - Photography by 좋은인상 (Good Impression)

Southway – Photography by 좋은인상 (Good Impression)

The first track to be released from the album – Here & Now finds Southway doing what they do best – ramping up the party mood.

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Super Borgboy – One Boy, One Mount – Audio

The South Korean based EDM-gaze creator Super Borgboy released the LP Kill Alpha Male on the 17th.

Super Borgboy

Super Borgboy

Available as either an eight track digital release (bandcamp link) or as a ten track cassette ( a different bandcamp link) Kill Alpha Male is an LP to embrace to the heart and display proudly as it pulverises the plaster on the walls in shimmering jack-hammers of pulsing electronics which demand that the speakers are stretched to breaking point.

My pick of the iterations only appears as the penultimate track on the Cassette – you know which of the two I think is worth the delve – but with some fortune, if you elect for the digital version – here is your bonus track – One Boy, One Mount.

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Southway – Sirens – Audio

The South Korea based EDM duo Southway have occasionally featured since 2013.

Southway - Sirens

Southway – Sirens

To arise most recently is a track that takes Southway in to pastures new, a field they chew on happily as the emphasis of electronic sympathetica is replaced by a more crunchy sound in Sirens as the duo replace the lead configuration of warming synths with pulsing electronic drum beats which find the listener swaggering across the dance-floor in première danseuse mode.

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