Энеона Виток (Eneona Vitok) – Регенерация (Regeneration) – Audio

The Russian lo-fi creator Энеона Виток (Eneona Vitok) released the LP Маршрут построен (Route Calculated) on the 13th.

Энеона Виток (Eneona Vitok) - Маршрут построен (Route Calculated) - Cassette

Энеона Виток (Eneona Vitok) – Маршрут построен (Route Calculated) – Cassette

There is a certain joy to communicating with musicians around the globe as things can be learnt – Маршрут построен is the common phrase on Russian Satnav devices when the route for a journey has been calculated, but rather than learning about Russian SatNav systems you probably opened this post to learn more about the music…

Маршрут построен is an approximately twenty four minutes eight track LP (available via Pomogite Community on bandcamp for either the digital version or the ten track limited run cassette version) – that flows through a psychedelic journey of compositions that hold a fascinating grip on the listener. A haunting soft vocal sweeps through tracks of fuzzy psychotropic keyboard, slippery percussion and whirling guitar.

My selection from the release is the sixth Регенерация (Regeneration), though to not dwell in the full release is to do yourself a disservice.

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MITYA – Omen Over Sky – Audio

The Russian indie-dance project of Mitya Burmistrov –  MITYA released the EP Monument on the 12th.



Treading lightly – as though navigating bare-feet through broken glass –  MITYA doesn’t attempt to be what it isn’t. The easy stepping sounds are flighty on the ears, though intriguingly derived.

Having spent some time travelling through various Turkic regions across the Russian Federation on returning to Kazan the collection of traditions and music laid upon the mind and from this travelogue – Monument (available on bandcamp) is a reinterpretation of those memories – set to distinctly 2010s’ techniques and synthetics.

Omen Over The Sky is the first of the five tracks.

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Tony Krunk – The Occult – Audio

Tony Krunk is a Russian Drum’n’Bass creator.

Tony Krunk

Tony Krunk

Within the past twenty hours his latest track – The Occult surfaced.

As intimated by the title, it is a dark and eerie number – extending for five and one third minutes.

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наадя (Naadia)- альпы (Alps)- Video

наадя (Naadia) is a Russian dream-wave band.

наадя (Naadia) - photo by Евгения Анисимова (Eugene Anisimov)

наадя (Naadia) – photo by Евгения Анисимова (Eugene Anisimov)

Their latest track to surface альпы (Alps) – is an approximately four and a half minute luxurious carpet of dreamy textures.

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Band Of The Month – November 2016 – Editors’ Choice

Once again my thanks go to all the music creators around the world and please keep on making the world a better place through your endeavours.

Хартыга (Hartyga) - band of the month November 2016

Хартыга (Hartyga)

With only limited time only a few of the bands who make contact are ever featured, do rest assured music is far from a dying concept and it is a delight to be able to showcase some of the best emerging musicians from around the globe. The Editors’ Choice for Band Of The Month for November 2016 is the Russian band Хартыга (Hartyga).

From the LP Агитатор (Agitator) a live version of Кокей – Ноян (Kokey – Noran)

Agitator (feat. Albert Kuvezin) – Hartyga is available on iTunes.*

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